O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in E4 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Ace Wine Bar New York's; Stopples Wine Bar 107 Old Church Road, E4 6ST
O Bojangles Mount Terrace; Chantz; Birdcage Bar; Bar PA; Prince Albert 1 Old Church Road, E4 6SJ
C Bull on the Green Bull and Crown; Molly K's; Bull and Crown; Slug and Lettuce; Bull and Crown; Crown Hotel; Bull's Head; Bull; Black Bull 1 The Green, E4 7ES
O County Arms County Arms Hotel; Trust House 420 Hale End Road, E4 9PB
D Crooked Billet Old Crooked Billet; Crooked Billet Chingford Road, E4 8SP
O Dovecote Sirloin; Forest Edge; Sirloin Friday Hill, E4 6EL
O Essex House Fountain 152 Station Road, E4 6AN
C Fairways Walthamstow Avenue, E4 8TA
C Fountain 51 Sewardstone Road, E4 7PU
C Fox and Hounds Sewardstone Road, E4 7SD
O Frankie and Benny's 175 New Road, E4 9EY
C Freddie's Royal Oak (Venners); Royal Oak Sewardstone Road, E4 7RG
O Front Room Room 124 Station Road, E4 6AB
O Function Room Signal Box; Bar Avenue; Birdy's Bar 3 The Avenue, E4 9LB
C Gardener's Arms 18 Burnside Avenue, E4 8YJ
O Greene Man Green Man 195 Old Church Road, E4 6RB
D Greyhound 2 Silver Birch Avenue, E4 8QS
C King Edward VII 2b Winchester Road, E4 9LN
O King's Ford 250-252 Chingford Mount Road, E4 8JL
O King's Head King's Head Hotel; King's Head 2b Kings Head Hill, E4 7EA
D King's Head Sewardstone Road, E4
O Larkshall 205 Larkshall Road, E4 6NT
O Larkswood Chingford Unit 5 Larkswood Leisure Park, 175 New Road, E4 9EY
C Mo-Bo's Loco Lounge; McQueen's; Lush; Gio's 160 Station Road, E4 6AN
O Mount Obelisk; Mount; Coppermill 30-32 Old Church Road, E4 8DD
O Old Hall Tavern 200 Hall Lane, E4 8EY
O One Twenty 120 Station Road, E4 6AB
O Plough Sewardstone Road, E4 7RJ
D Prince of Wales 71 Hatch Lane, E4 6LP
O Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth Hotel; Queen Elizabeth 95 Forest Side, E4 6BA
O Royal Forest Hotel Forest Hotel Rangers Road, E4 7QH
O Royal Oak 219 Kings Head Hill, E4 7PP
C Royston Arms 83 Chingford Mount Road, E4 8LU
O Rusty Bike Station House; Thomas Willingale 134-138 Station Road, E4 6AN
D Wheelwrights Horseless Carriage; Manor Hotel; Manor Arms; Dun Cow Hotel; Dun Cow 94 Hatch Lane, E4 6LQ
O Winters Bar 225 Chingford Mount Road, E4 8LP
O Wishing Well Artisan; Wishing Well 11 Hall Lane, E4 8HH
D Woodman Woodman's Arms Sewardstone Green, E4

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