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05-Aug-20 Changed Name RBG Bar and Restaurant (UB7, was Bravo! Bravo!)
30-Jul-20 Added Name Lordship Park Tavern (Lordship Pk N16)
15-Jun-20 Added Record Anspach and Hobday Tap Room (CR0); BeerKat (W5); Behind This Wall (E8); Cavalieri (W5); Craft Metropolis (SE20); Electric Shuffle (E14); Exale Brewing Taproom (E17); German Kraft (W1); Hop Inn (RM11); Market Hall West End Bar (W1); Mother Kelly's (E9); Mother Kelly's (E20); Mother Kelly's (N16); No. 35 Mackenzie Walk (E14); Redemption Brewing Taproom (N17); RM5 Lounge (RM5); Spotlight Bar and Restaurant (SM5); Studio 8 Cafe and Bar (W6); Tap In (SE17); Vagabond (E14); Watergate (SE8); Windjammer (E16); 640 East (E2); 640 East (E14)
15-Jun-20 Changed Name Alchemist (E14, was Smollensky's); Alpaca (N1, was New Rose); Apple Tree (CR0, was Goat); Be at One (Upper St N1, was Nag's Head); Burlock (W1, was Bar Termini Centrale); Daffodil Mulligan (EC1, was Nuala); Flying Frenchman (N16, was Gate); Goresbrook (RM9, was Me'an O'Brien's); Guildford Arms (SE10, was Guildford); Heritage Kitchen and Bar (TW4, was Beaver); Juniper (NW6, was Cock Tavern); Kings Gate (N14, was Wishing Well); Kitchen 79 (NW6, was Caldo); Lockside (NW1, was Lockside Lounge); Myshish (E17, was Empire Lounge); Observatory (SE10, was Harvester); ORA Brewing Taproom (N17, was Brewheadz Tap Room); Phoenix (RM13, was Phoenix at Rainham); Piano Bar II (N13, was Efestio); Rusty Bike (E4, was Station House); Spice Klub (HA3, was Everest Lounge); Village Green (N10, was John Baird); WindRush (N16, was Pequeno)
15-Jun-20 Changed Status Ale Bar (SE14, now closed); Apple Tree (CR0, now open); Balls Brothers (W1, now closed); Be at One (Upper St N1, now closed); Blue Eyed Maid (SE1, now closed); Boleyn (E6, now closed); Brodie's Bar (E14, now closed); Bull and Last (NW5, now open); Cart and Horses (E15, now closed); Chalkpit (SW16, now closed); Chapel Down Gin Works (N1, now closed); Constitution (NW1, now closed); Daffodil Mulligan (EC1, now open); Ealing Park Tavern (W5, now closed); Elm (W14, now open); First Edition (E14, now closed); Flying Frenchman (N16, now open); George and Dragon (Cleveland St W1, now open); Hennessy's (NW9, now closed); Heritage Kitchen and Bar (TW4, now open); Jewel (W1, now demolished); Jolly Sailor (SE25, now closed); Kings Gate (N14, now open); Kitchen 79 (NW6, now closed); Load of Hay (UB8, now open); Long Wave (SE17, now closed); Lord Nelson (N22, now closed); Matthews Yard (CR0, now closed); Mirth, Marvel and Maud (E17, now closed); Mo-Bo's (E4, now closed); Monarch (Chalk Farm Rd NW1, now closed); Montague Arms (SE15, now closed); New Inn (NW8, now open); Obia (CR0, now closed); Olive Branch (N17, now open); Orbit Beers London Tap Room (SE17, now closed); Palmerston (SM5, now open); Perseverance (NW1, now closed); Resident (E2, now closed); Royal George (SE8, now open); Rusty Bike (E4, now open); Safari Club Bar (N12, now demolished); Shaker and Company (NW1, now closed); Six Yard Box (SE17, now closed); South Beats (CR0, now closed); Star (HA2, now closed); Suchard (SE1, now closed); Takeover (W1, now closed); UBREW Taproom (SE16, now closed); Welcome Inn (CR7, now closed); Workers' Arms (E2, now closed); 57 (SE10, now closed)
07-Jun-20 ADDED PAGE SW8
04-Apr-20 Changed Name Italian Job (E9, was Muller and Briggs); Loyal Tavern (SE1, was Village East); Slice of Blue (E5, was Elephant's Head)
04-Apr-20 Changed Postcode Italian Job (E9, was in postcode area E3)
04-Apr-20 Changed Status Crown and Castle (E8, now open); Duke of Wellington (Toynbee St E1, now open); Italian Job (E9, now open); Slice of Blue (E5, now open)
20-Mar-20 NOTE All pubs and bars should now be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so any status changes registered after this date are as the result of historic information
11-Feb-20 Changed Name Bohemia House (NW6, was Czech and Slovak Bar)
30-Jan-20 Changed Name Alexander Hay (SE1, was Balls Brothers); Meeting Point (E6, was Overdraft Tavern); Prince Arthur (W13, was Ashby's); Smyth Arms (N19, was Prince Alfred); Stores (N1, was Wine Stores); Two Bridges (SE1, was Bridge Lounge)
30-Jan-20 Changed Status Builders' Arms (E15, now closed); China Hall (SE16, now closed); Grove House (SE5, now open); Simmons (St John St EC1, now closed); White Bear (St John St EC1, now open)
16-Jan-20 Added Name British Carman (Cleveland St E1)
16-Jan-20 Added Record Cabin (E2)
16-Jan-20 Changed Name Rose and Crown (E8, was incorrectly listed as Cambridge)
10-Jan-20 Added Record Prairie Fire (W12)
10-Jan-20 Changed Name BrewDog AF (EC1, was Draft House)
10-Jan-20 Changed Status Sol's Arms (NW1, now demolished)
08-Jan-20 Changed Status Elephant's Head (E5, now closed)
07-Jan-20 Added Record Napier's Cabin (N19); Norfolk Hero (N19); Royal Oak (Highgate Hi N19)
07-Jan-20 Changed Status Angel and Crown (E2, now open)
06-Jan-20 Added Record Bricklayers' Arms (N19)
31-Dec-19 Added Record Barley Mow (N7); Hare and Hounds (N7); [Beer house] (Hornsey Rd N7)
30-Dec-19 Added Record Walmer Castle (N7)
23-Dec-19 Added Record Dorset Arms (N7); Victoria (N7)
20-Dec-19 Added Record Hope and Anchor (N7); Victory (N7)
20-Dec-19 Changed Name Copenhagen House (N7, was incorrectly listed as Copenhagen Arms)
19-Dec-19 Added Record Donovan Bar (W1); She (W1)
19-Dec-19 Changed Name Martha's (W1, was Jackson and Rye); Overproof Croydon (CR0, was Babylon Inn)
19-Dec-19 Changed Photo Martha's (W1)
19-Dec-19 Changed Status Overproof Croydon (CR0, now open)
17-Dec-19 Added Photo Leyton Star (E15)
17-Dec-19 Added Record Hammerton Brewery Taproom (N7)
17-Dec-19 Changed Name Palm (N15, was Lord Palmerston); Station House (N15, was Dutch House)
17-Dec-19 Changed Photo Great Central Bar and Restaurant (NW1); Hart (N14); Lyttelton Arms (NW1); Near and Bar (NW1); Pack and Carriage (NW1); Station House (N15)
17-Dec-19 Changed Status Maze Inn (Chase Side N14, now demolished)
02-Dec-19 Added Record Blue Anchor (SE10); Duke of Gloucester (SE10)
29-Nov-19 Added Photo Beer + Burger (E8); Brew Club Taproom (E8); Collab (E17); Shep's (E8); Workers' Cafe (E8)
29-Nov-19 Added Record Draughts (Kingsland High St E8); Nottingham Castle (SE1); Pamela (E8); Royal Oak (Maid La SE1); Three Sheets (E8)
29-Nov-19 Changed Name Balls Brothers (W1, was Mayfair Exchange); Haverstock Tavern (NW3, was Belrose)
29-Nov-19 Changed Photo Balls Brothers (W1); BrewDog (N16); Duke of York (Downham Rd N1); Good Mixer (NW1); Junction House (E8); Poet (N1); Queen's Arms (E17); Rupert Street (W1)
29-Nov-19 Changed Status Draughts (Acton Mews E8, now closed); Eat 17 (E9, now closed); Elm (W14, now closed); Haverstock Tavern (NW3)
28-Nov-19 ADDED PAGE SE10
26-Nov-19 Added Record Boxcar Brewery and Taproom (E2); Clapton Craft (N4); Company Below (W1); Crafty Fellas (EC3); Earth Tap (N22); Goodness Brewing Company Tap (N22); Grin and Beer It (N5); Horseshoe Inn (SE8); Taproom by Brixton Village (SW9)
26-Nov-19 Changed Name Basecamp Taproom (SE16, was Fourpure Brewing Taproom); Bloody Bens (SW18, was Ben's Canteen); Bury Court (EC3, was Balls Brothers); City Bar and Lounge (EC3, was Isis Bar and Lounge); Coach and Horses (Old Compton St W1, was Compton Cross); Corn Exchange (EC3, was Balls Brothers); Duke of York (Downham Rd N1, was Beef and Brew); Escape Bar West (W12, was Server); Essex House (N1, was BrewDog); Grace (N5, was General Store); Hello Darling (SE1, was Waterloo Bar and Kitchen); Loading (N16, was Scenario); Miraflores (SE1, was Southwark Rooms); Pineapple (Elephant and Castle SE1, was Mamuska); Ram Inn (SW18, was Brewery Tap); Rehab (E9, was Machine No. 3); Store (CR0, was Joker)
26-Nov-19 Changed Status Archway Tavern (N19, now open); Arsenal Tavern (N4, now open); Black Horse (Tabard St SE1, now closed); Cambria (SE5, now closed); Crown and Treaty (UB8, now open); Gunmakers (W1, now open); Hello Darling (SE1, now open); London Apprentice (EC1, now closed); Lord Nelson (Manchester Rd E14, now open); Loz Lounge (NW2, now closed); Miraflores (SE1, now open); New Inn (NW8, now closed); Pineapple (Elephant and Castle SE1, now open); Ram Inn (SW18, now open); Red Bull (SE15, now open); Rehab (E9, now closed); Runway (UB8, now closed); Star and Garter (SE14, now closed)
15-Nov-19 Changed Name Bangkok Inn (CR0, was Keg and Grill)
15-Nov-19 Changed Status Belrose (NW3, now closed)
05-Nov-19 Added Record Shipwrights' Arms (SE13)
22-Oct-19 Added Photo Bombay Grab (E3); Galvanisers Union (E3); Imperial Crown (E3); Pearly King (E3); Priory Tavern (E3); Queen Victoria (Gillender St E3)
21-Oct-19 Added Photo Depot (SE3)
21-Oct-19 Added Record Alchemist (EC1); Bianca Road Brew Co. Taproom (SE16); Brew Club Taproom (E8); Chez Maiss (W6); Collab (E17); Greenhouse (E9); Kindred (W6); Little Creatures (N1); Lock and Barrel (BR1); Munich Cricket Club (E14); Pigeon (SE5); Simmons (EC3); South-West Saloon Bar (SW9); Taproom by Bethnal Green (E2); Untraditional Pub (E17)
21-Oct-19 Changed Name All Good Beer (E8, was Autumn Yard); Be at One (W1, was Fifty 9); Bierschenke (EC3, was Bavarian Beerhouse); Beer Hawk (SE1, was Bottle Shop); Brixton Brew Bar (SW9, was Brixton Port Authority); Colours (N1, was Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen); Crofton Park Tavern (SE4, was Jam Circus); Crosswall (EC3, was Jamie's); Dabbers (EC3, was Zebrano in the City); Deer's Rest (RM3, was Bear); Dicey Reilly's (N18, was Talbot); Flight Club (N1, was Alphabet); Frankfort Arms (W9, was Kenrick's Bar); Fusion Vibes (HA7, was Doolan's); Hackney Heart (E8, was Heart of Hackney); Jakata (W1, was Zebrano); King of Prussia (N3, was Dignity); Leather Saddle (W13, was Hennessy's); Matchbox (E1, was Juno); Mediterranean Kitchen (W13, was Pasha Kitchen); Moniker (EC3, was Corney and Barrow); Nelson's (E2, was Nelson's Head); Phoenix (E1, was Dragon); Seven (HA3, was Seven Balls); Shepherd's Inn (E6, was Tollgate Tavern); Simmons (Golden Sq W1, was Graphic Bar); Soho Residence (W1, was O Bar); Steam Packet (W4, was Dome); Sundays Brew Co. Taproom (E2, was Redchurch Brewery Bar); Tito's (SW9, was La Fonda de Maria); Trude (SE25, was Alliance); Upper House (N1, was Dead Dolls House); Westwood Pub and Kitchen (W12, was Maple); Wingman's (NW6, was Kilburn Ironworks); Wun's Tea Room and Bar (W1, was Tea Room at Bun House)
21-Oct-19 Changed Photo Bar Soho (W1); Cafe Boheme (W1); Canteen (SE1); Clarette (W1); Coach and Horses (Gt Marlborough St W1); Cork and Bottle (NW3); George (D'Arblay St W1); Gipsy Queen (NW5); Soho Residence (W1); Tank and Paddle (W1); Wingman's (NW6); Wun's Tea Room and Bar (W1)
21-Oct-19 Changed Status Abbey Arms (SE2, now open); Alibi (E8, now closed); All Good Beer (E8, now open); Army and Navy (E13, now closed); Audley (W1, now closed); Bad Apple (CR0, now closed); Bear on the Barge (UB9, now open); Beer Hawk (SE1, now closed); Belgo (NW1, now closed); Bianca Road Brew Co. Taproom (SE1, now closed); Bierschenke (EC3, now open); Blanca Bar (W1, now closed); Bree Louise (NW1, now demolished); Brew Club Taproom (E5, now closed); BrewDog (N16, now open); Broad Green Tavern (CR0, now open); Common Room (W5, now closed); Crofton Park Tavern (SE4, now open); Duke of York (W4, now closed); Durham Arms (E16, now closed); Durham Arms (RM1, now closed); Ekcovision (SW9, now closed); Elmhurst (N17, now closed); Frankie and Benny's (IG11, now closed); Good Ship (NW6, now demolished); Happy Man (N4, now closed); Haunt (N16, now closed); Hollydale Tavern (SE15, now closed); Hop and Rye (BR1, now closed); Horton Lounge (UB7, now closed); II AD (EC3, now demolished); Indo (E1, now closed); Intimate Island Inn (N3, now closed); Jewel (W1, now closed); Jolly Anglers (N22, now closed); Jolly Fisherman (IG11, now closed); King of Prussia (N3, now open); King's Arms (Gt Titchfield St W1, now closed); Levante (E14, now closed); Lounge 33 (EC1, now demolished); Michael's Den (N1, now closed); Mount (E4, now open); Muller and Briggs (E3, now closed); New Rose (N1, now open); Odd Shoe (CR0, now demolished); Palmerston (SM5, now closed); Royal George (SE8, now closed); Scream Lounge (CR0, now closed); Seven (HA3, now open); Steam Packet (W4, now open); Tank and Paddle (W1, now closed); Trude (SE25, now open); View 94 (SW18, now closed); Wallace (NW11, now closed); Wellington (N8, now closed); Windsor Castle (Lanark Pl W9, now closed); Wingman's (NW6, now open); Woodman (N13, now open)
14-Aug-19 Added Photo Beer + Burger (N1); Chapel Down Gin Works (N1); Curious Pig (N1); King's Arms (Mitchell St EC1); King's Head (Mitchell St EC1); Lost Rivers Bar and Kitchen (EC1); Red Lion (Laystall St EC1); Supermax (N1)
14-Aug-19 Added Record Serata Hall (EC1)
14-Aug-19 Changed Name Dame Alice Owen (EC1, was Blacksmith and the Toffeemaker); Sports Bar and Grill (EC1, was William Blake)
14-Aug-19 Changed Photo Bar and Block (N1); Foxglove (N1); Little Bat (N1); Sports Bar and Grill (Old St EC1)
14-Aug-19 Changed Status Be at One (N1, now closed)
07-Aug-19 Added Photo Brigstock (CR7); Duke of Cornwall (CR0); Draughts (E8); Railway Telegraph (CR7); Signature Brew Taproom and Venue (E8); Tropics '68 (CR7); Victoria (CR7); Victoria Cross (CR7); Victory (CR7)
07-Aug-19 Added Record Deviant and Dandy Taproom (E9)
07-Aug-19 Changed Name Tropics '68 (CR7, was GMZ Bar and Restaurant)
07-Aug-19 Changed Photo Empire Bar (E8); Hackney Church Brew Co. Taproom (E8); Map Maison (E8); Plough (Homerton High St E9); Spread Eagle (E9); Tabu Lounge (CR0)
07-Aug-19 Changed Status Tropics '68 (CR7, now open)
06-Aug-19 Added Photo Atlas (E2); Bridge and Tunnel (E2); Casa Blue (E2); Devon Arms (E2); Duke of Clarence (Hackney Rd E2); Dun Horse (E2); Earl Grey (E2); Highballer (E2); Nola (E2); Old Mail Coach (E2); Old Pitt's Head (E2); Old Street Brewery and Taproom (E2); Renegade (E2); Rifle Volunteer (E2); Star and Garter (E2); Star of the East (E2); T.T. Liquor (E2); Victory (Goldsmiths Row E2); Waggon and Horses (E2); Whittington and Cat (E2); Wildcats (E2); Yarmouth Arms (E2)
06-Aug-19 Added Record Craftndraft (E2); Fugitive Motel (E2)
06-Aug-19 Changed Photo Bethnal Green Tavern (E2); Birdcage (E2); Coupette (E2); Glory (E2); King's Arms (Buckfast St E2); Mikkeller Bar (E2); Shelter (E2); Sun Tavern (E2); Virgin Queen (E2)
05-Aug-19 Added Photo Juju's Bar and Stage (E1)
05-Aug-19 Added Record Mechanic Brewing Co. Taproom (E1)
05-Aug-19 Changed Name Juju's Bar and Stage (E1, was Corbet Place)
05-Aug-19 Changed Photo Buxton (E1); Goose Island Brewpub (E1); 93 Feet East (E1); Stable (E1)
05-Aug-19 Changed Status Buxton (E1, now open); Stable (E1, now closed)
18-Jul-19 Changed Status Arsenal Tavern (N4, now closed); Artist Marie Lloyd (N1, now demolished)
21-Jun-19 ADDED PAGE CR7
13-Jun-19 Added Record Old Fox (DA17); Queen Elizabeth (DA17)
12-Jun-19 ADDED PAGE DA17
12-Jun-19 Changed Name Poet (N1, was Baring Arms)
07-Jun-19 Added Record Princess Alexandra (SE2)
06-Jun-19 ADDED PAGE SE2
06-Jun-19 Changed Name Fiddler (NW6, was Kingdom); Grosvenor Arms (SW9, was Grosvenor)
06-Jun-19 Changed Status Duchess of Kent (Prebend St N1, now closed); Fiddler (NW6, now open); Grosvenor Arms (SW9, now open); Safari Club Bar (N12, now closed)
05-Jun-19 ADDED PAGE SE28
05-Jun-19 Added Record Clarendon (SE15)
31-May-19 ADDED PAGE E3
22-May-19 Added Photo Azzurro (SE1); Bedales (SE1); Bermondsey Bar and Kitchen (SE1); Brigade (SE1); Canteen (SE1); El Vino (SE1); Green Dragon (Bermondsey St SE1); Nine Lives (SE1); Tanner and Co. (SE1)
22-May-19 Changed Name Bermondsey Bar and Kitchen (SE1, was Bermondsey Yard Cafe)
22-May-19 Changed Photo Bridge Tap (SE1); Draft House (SE1); Raven (SE1); Telephone Exchange (SE1)
22-May-19 Changed Status Raven (SE1, now open)
13-May-19 Added Record Depot (SE3)
13-May-19 Changed Name Craft Beer Co. (W6, was Yardbird)
13-May-19 Changed Status Craft Beer Co. (W6, now open)
30-Apr-19 Added Record Bottles (E1); CircusXO (W1); Cocteleria (W1); Hide Below (W1); Nola (E2); Supermax (N1); T.T. Liquor (E2)
30-Apr-19 Changed Name Diogenes the Dog (SE17, was Rose and Crown); Lyaness (SE1, was Dandelyan)
30-Apr-19 Changed Status Diogenes the Dog (SE17, now open)
25-Apr-19 Changed Name Plough (Homerton High St E9, was BrewDog)
25-Apr-19 Changed Status Plough (Homerton High St E9, now open)
11-Apr-19 Changed Name Buxton (E1, was Archers); Loz Lounge (NW2, was Heritage Inn)
11-Apr-19 Changed Status Buxton (E1, now closed); Loz Lounge (NW2, now open)
05-Apr-19 Added Photo Alma Tavern (CR0); Arkstar (N7); Art and Craft CR0 (CR0); Barrel Project (SE1); Bedford Tavern (CR0); Bohem Brewery Tap Room (N22); Cricketers (Addiscombe Rd CR0); Crouch End Picturehouse (N8); Five Miles (N15); Gin and Beer (SE8); Heights (N10); Leslie Arms (CR0); Lino (EC1); Little Nan's Bar (Deptford Market Yd SE8); London Calling Sweden (SE16); Naturalist (N4); Nickel (N8); One Bourbon Tavern (N8); Shout (N22); Stockton (SE8); Tabac (NW5); Taproom SE8 (SE8); Urban Xchange (CR0); Villages Brewery Tap Room (SE8); Whistlers Bar (CR0); 73 Enid Street (SE16)
05-Apr-19 Added Record Ale Bar (SE14); Bar and Block (E1); Beer + Burger (N1); Bergen House (N16); BrewDog (SW9); Chalkpit (SW16); Golden Ark (CR2); Hop Burns and Black (SE8); Horton Lounge (UB7); Kiln Theatre Bar (NW6); Lock Dining Bar (N17); Stokey (N16); Tav (N8); Wolfpack (NW6)
05-Apr-19 Changed Name BA.RN (SE8, was J5); Chapel Down Gin Works (N1, was Filling Station); Crown (W4, was Carvosso's at 210); Crown of Bromley (BR2, was Crown and Pepper); Empire Lounge (E17, was Cyprus Empire); Hart (N14, was White Hart); Homeboy (N1, was London Cocktail Club); Miller's Tap (UB8, was Slug and Lettuce); Moretown Belle (E1, was Cape); Pasha Kitchen (W13, was Freddy's); Phoenix at Rainham (RM13, was Phoenix); Rising Sun (RM12, was George II); Slug and Lettuce (Minories EC3, was Abbey; was incorrectly listed as Randy's Wing Bar); Vale (SW16, was Mitcham Mint); Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store (E17, was Wild Card Brewery Tap Bar); W12 Studios (W12, was Feast Bar and Kitchen); 80-84 Market Place (RM1, was Retailery)
05-Apr-19 Changed Photo Annie Twomey's (N3); Balabam (N15); BA.RN (SE8); Be at One (Beak St W1); Central Restaurant (N3); Finchley Tavern (N12); Finsbury (N4); Fitzroy Tavern (W1); Furlong (N10); Golden Sands Bar (N15); Intimate Island Inn (N3); Job Centre (SE8); Joiners (N3); Junction Tavern (NW5); Lady Hamilton (NW5); Kiss the Sky (N8); Maynard Arms (N8); Mr Fox (CR0); Nag's Head (N22); Phoenix (N22); Starting Gate (N22); Tally Ho (N12); True Craft (N15); Turnpike House (N16); Village Square (N6)
05-Apr-19 Changed Status Bavarian Beerhouse (EC1, now closed); Bear on the Barge (UB9, now closed); Beer Hawk (EC1, now open); Bok Bar (W1, now closed); Canteen (SE1, now closed); Denmark Arms (E6, now open); Gun (Brushfield St E1, now open); Havering Well (RM7, now open); Moretown Belle (E1, now open); Mount (E4, now closed); Nuala (EC1, now closed); Pack and Carriage (NW1, now open); Phoenix at Rainham (RM13, now open); Star of the East (Commercial Rd E14, now open); Station House (E4, now closed); Victualler (E1, now closed); Water Poet (E1, now closed); White Noise (EC1, now closed); Woodman (N13, now closed)
19-Mar-19 Changed Name Be at One (Beak St W1, was Gem); BrewDog (N16, was Birthdays); Hackney Church Brew Co. Taproom (E8, was St John at Hackney Brewery Taproom); Hercules (SE1, was Madigan's); Islington Sports Bar and Grill (N7, was Filthy's); Limehouse (E14, was Fine Line); Nikki's (N1, was Electricity Showrooms); Red Hand (N16, was Barden's Boudoir); Telephone Exchange (SE1, was London Bridge Pub and Bar); Three Falcons (NW8, was Richmond Arms); Tourian Lounge (N19, was Old Crown)
19-Mar-19 Changed Status BrewDog (N16, now closed); Hercules (SE1, now open); Islington Sports Bar and Grill (N7, now open); Nikki's (N1, now open); Three Falcons (NW8, now open); Tourian Lounge (N19, now open)
08-Mar-19 ADDED PAGE EN7; EN8
08-Mar-19 Changed Name Raven (SE1, was Bridge House)
08-Mar-19 Changed Status Bavarian Beerhouse (EC3, now closed); Lord Nelson (Manchester Rd E14, now closed)
05-Mar-19 Added Photo Auberge (SE1); Balls Brothers (SE1); Barrel Vault (N1); Cut (SE1); Dover Castle (Westminster Bridge Rd SE1); EV (SE1); Jack's (SE1); Natural Kitchen (SE1); Rose and Crown (Drummond St NW1); Salt Bar (HA2); Savannah (NW1); Shawl Bar (HA2); Spectrum (SE1); Star (HA2); Tonight Josephine (SE1); Topolski (SE1); White Horse (HA2)
05-Mar-19 Added Record Mamuska (Addington St SE1); Near and Far (EC1); Unwined in Waterloo (SE1)
05-Mar-19 Changed Name Namco Funscape (SE1); Near and Far (NW1, was Made in Brasil Boteco); Pong (N1, was Surya); TCR Bar (W1, was TCR Lounge Bar)
05-Mar-19 Changed Photo Brewhouse and Kitchen (EC1); Crown and Anchor (Drummond St NW1); Crown and Cushion (133 Westminster Bridge Rd SE1); Cubana (SE1); Duke of Sussex (SE1); Fitzrovia Belle (W1); Jackalope (W1); Lore of the Land (W1); Pong (N1); Shipwrights' Arms (SE1); Signal Box (NW1); TCR Bar (W1); Vaulty Towers (SE1); Walrus (SE1); Windmill (The Cut SE1)
05-Mar-19 Changed Status Crescent (NW1, now closed); Crowndale (NW1, now closed); Dispensary (E1, now closed); Grill on the Market (EC1, now closed); Jam Circus (SE4, now closed)
08-Feb-19 Added Record Alfred's Head (NW1); 23 Gt James St (NW1); 4 Lisson Gro (NW1); 10 Park Rd (NW1)
08-Feb-19 Changed Name Beer Hawk (EC1, was Charterhouse); Draft House (EC1, was Grand Union); Whitecross Tap (EC1, was Trader)
08-Feb-19 Changed Status Earl Haig Hall (N8, now closed); 5b Urban Bar (E14, now closed); Greenwich Pensioner (E14, now open); Lore of the Land (W1, now open); Luna (CR0, now closed); Royal Charlie (E14, now demolished)
06-Feb-19 Added Record 30 Bell St (NW1)
06-Feb-19 Removed Record Royal Standard Cocoa House (NW1, coffee house)
05-Feb-19 Added Record Hope (Stephen St NW1)
05-Feb-19 Changed Postcode Devonshire Arms (Carlisle St NW1, was in incorrect postcode area NW8)
04-Feb-19 Added Record Regent's Park Hotel (NW1)
16-Jan-19 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2019 pubs
16-Jan-19 Added Record Beer Hawk (SE1); Ignition Brewery Taproom (SE26); Karamel (N22); Ladies and Gentlemen (NW1); No. 17 Dickens Yard (W5); Signature Brew Taproom and Venue (E8); Stockton (SE8); Tabac (NW5); Workers' Cafe (E8)
16-Jan-19 Changed Name Beef and Brew (N1, was Duke's Brew and Que); Bridge Tap (SE1, was Slug and Lettuce); Duchess (W6, was Duchess of Cambridge); Duke of Hamilton (NW3, was Hampstead Lounge and Jazz Club); Gabeto (NW1, was Cuban); Heads + Tails (NW6, was Lately); Oliver Cromwell (TW3, was Snug); Sportsman (E15, was Goose on the Broadway); Tracks and Records (E1, was Wringer and Mangle); Trinity Bell (EC3, was Creechurch Pub and Bar)
16-Jan-19 Changed Status Angel and Crown (E2, now closed); Beef and Brew (N1, now open); Bull and Last (NW5, now closed); Goose Island Brewpub (E1, now open); Havering Well (RM7, now closed); Jackalope (W1, now open); Joker (CR0, now open); New Rose (N1, now closed); Paddington Packet Boat (UB8, now closed); Prince of Wales (Harlington Rd UB8, now closed); Richmond Arms (NW8, now closed); Sam Maguire (HA3, now demolished); Theatre Workshop Bar (E15, now closed); Walpole (SE14, now open); Windsor Castle (E5, now closed)
07-Jan-19 Added Record Arkstar (N7)
07-Jan-19 Changed Name Empire Bar (E8, was Stage 3); Foxglove (N1, was Cured); Joiners (N3, was Joiners' Arms); Lady Hamilton (NW5, was Camden's Daughter); Phoenix (N22, was Alexandra Palace Bar and Kitchen); Randy's Wing Bar (EC3, was Abbey); Signal Box (NW1, was Britannia); Village Square (N6, was Blue Vegas)
07-Jan-19 Changed Status Jetlag (W1, now demolished); Lady Hamilton (NW5, now open); Ruskin Arms (E12, now closed); Signal Box (NW1, now open)
07-Jan-19 Removed Record Bricklayers' Arms (UB10, same as Tamara Lounge)
27-Nov-18 Added Photo Ealing Park Tavern (W5); Newcomer Wines (E8); Untitled (E8)
27-Nov-18 Added Record Barley Mow (NW1); Drop (N1); Vermuteria (N1)
27-Nov-18 Changed Photo Molly Bloom's (E8); Pembury Tavern (E8); Wenlock Arms (N1)
23-Nov-18 Added Record Engineer (Ferdinand St NW1)
14-Nov-18 Added Record 73 Enid Street (SE16)
08-Nov-18 Added Record [Beer house] (College Pl NW1); [Beer house] (Kentish Town Rd NW1)
08-Nov-18 Changed Name Mikkeller Bar (E2, was George and Dragon); Smoking Goat (E1, was White Horse)
08-Nov-18 Changed Photo Smoking Goat (E1)
08-Nov-18 Changed Status Camden's Daughter (NW5, now closed); Smoking Goat (E1, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
01-Nov-18 Added Record Cumberland Arms (NW1)
31-Oct-18 Added Photo Anglesey Arms (BR1); Belgo (BR1); Bromley's (BR1); Compass (BR1); Crown and Anchor (BR1); Duke's Head (BR1); 1st Avenue (BR1); Freelands Tavern (BR1); Greyhound (BR1); Henry's (BR1); Metropolis (BR1); O'Neill's (BR1); Railway Tavern (BR1); Red Lion (BR1); Richmal Crompton (BR1); Slug and Lettuce (BR1); Swan and Mitre (BR1); White Horse (BR1)
31-Oct-18 Changed Photo Barrel and Horn (BR1); Mascots (BR1); Star and Garter (BR1)
31-Oct-18 Changed Status Mascots (BR1, now closed)
30-Oct-18 Added Photo Bedrock (BR2); Bitter End Bar (BR2); Bricklayers Arms (BR2); Crown and Pepper (BR2); Humble Grape (N1)
30-Oct-18 Added Record BrewDog (E14)
30-Oct-18 Changed Photo Alphabet (N1); BeatBox (E1); BrewDog (N1); Laki Kane (N1); Martello Hall (E8); Simmons (Essex Rd N1); Sir Colin Campbell (NW6)
23-Oct-18 Added Record William IV (NW1)
23-Oct-18 Changed Status Barrel Vault (N1, now open)
18-Oct-18 Added Record Black Diamond (NW1); Crown (Clarence Gdns NW1)
18-Oct-18 Removed Record Windsor Castle (Park St NW1, same as N.W.1)
11-Oct-18 Added Record Craft Beer Cabin (SE25); Dr O'Driscoll's (UB7); Maple (W12); Naturalist (N4); Obia (CR0); Old Street Brewery and Taproom (E2); Regent's Bar and Kitchen (NW1)
11-Oct-18 Changed Name Agile Rabbit (SE24, was Milkwood); Alphabet (N1, was Rattlesnake); Junction House (E8, was Hysteria); Lamb and Trotter (EC1, was Le Paris Grill); True Craft (N15, was West Green); Urban Xchange (CR9, was Lansdowne Lounge Bar)
11-Oct-18 Changed Status Agile Rabbit (SE24, now open); Alphabet (N1, now open); Carlton (E1, now closed); Cork and Bottle (NW3, now open); Crown (SE16, now demolished); Earl of Eldon (CR2, now closed); Fox (N13, now closed); Highgate Winestore (N6, now closed); Lamb and Trotter (EC1, now open); Odd Shoe (CR0, now closed); Olive Branch (N17, now closed); Perseverance (NW1, now open); True Craft (N15, now open)
09-Oct-18 Added Record El Segundo (SE15); El Vermut (SE15)
09-Oct-18 Changed Name Bethnal Green Tavern (E2, was Misty Moon)
09-Oct-18 Changed Status Bethnal Green Tavern (E2, now open); Denmark Arms (E6, now closed); Duke of Wellington (Toynbee St E1, now closed)
08-Oct-18 Changed Name Abbey Tap (E15, was Langthorne); Goose Island Brewpub (E1, was Drunken Monkey)
08-Oct-18 Changed Status Case Is Altered (HA3, now open); Goose Island Brewpub (E1, now closed); Phoenix (RM13, now closed); Sandrock (CR0, now closed); Stag and Hounds (CR2, now demolished); Waterloo Bar and Kitchen (SE1, now closed); Whelans (CR2, now open); Yardbird (W6, now closed)
23-Sep-18 Added Record Hawk (NW1); Hit or Miss (NW1); Prince of Wales (Euston Rd NW1); Rose and Crown (Drummond St NW1); Southampton Arms (Euston Rd NW1)
17-Sep-18 Added Record Anchor (Euston St NW1); Coronation (NW1)
07-Sep-18 Added Name Queen's Arms (Charlotte St W1)
07-Sep-18 Added Record Barrel Vault (N1)
07-Sep-18 Changed Name Genuine Liquorette (W1, was Black Horse); Jackalope (W1, was Dover Castle); Joker (CR0, was Txt Bar); Laki Kane (N1, was Be at One); Lore of the Land (W1, was Lukin)
07-Sep-18 Changed Photo Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals (W1)
07-Sep-18 Changed Status Lore of the Land (W1, now closed); Mason and Company (E20, now closed); Old Crown (N19, now closed)
23-Aug-18 Added Photo Banana Store (SE1); Boro Bistro (SE1); Borough Distillery (SE1); Butts (SE1); Crown (Borough High St SE1); Crown and Anchor (London Rd SE1); German Kraft (SE1); Horseshoe (Newington Causeway SE1); Italian Job (SE1); Mamuska (SE1); Old Tabard (SE1); Paladar (SE1); Stanley Tavern (SE1); Whiskey Ginger (SE1)
23-Aug-18 Added Record Bottles and Battles (SE1); Passyunk Avenue (W1); Veeno (CR0)
23-Aug-18 Changed Name Paladar (SE1, was Cyder Stores)
23-Aug-18 Changed Photo Albert Arms (SE1); BeatBox (CR0); Belushi's (SE1); Blue Eyed Maid (SE1); Blues Kitchen (NW1); Crescent (NW1); Duke of Clarence (London Rd SE1); Mudlark (SE1); Northern Soul (N19); Ship (Borough Rd SE1)
23-Aug-18 Changed Status Mamuska (SE1, now closed); Paladar (SE1, now open)
20-Aug-18 Added Record Clarendon Arms (NW1); Crown and Anchor (West St NW1); Hampden Arms (NW1); Masons' Arms (NW1); Prince of Wales (Chapel St NW1)
17-Aug-18 Added Record Brill (NW1); Dreadnought (NW1); Independent (NW1); Triumph (NW1); Wheatsheaf (NW1)
17-Aug-18 Removed Record 32 Brill Row (NW1, off licence)
14-Aug-18 Added Record Beer + Burger (E8); BrewDog (N1); Experiment (E8); London Calling Sweden (SE16); St John at Hackney Brewery Taproom (E8); Two Tribes Taproom (N7)
14-Aug-18 Changed Name Cork and Bottle (NW3, was White Horse); Great Central Bar and Restaurant (NW1, was twotwentytwo); Keg and Cask (TW4, was Earl Haig); Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals (W1, was Newman Street Tavern); Simmons (Essex Rd N1, was Prague)
14-Aug-18 Changed Photo Hop Locker (SE1); Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals (W1)
14-Aug-18 Changed Status Brent Tavern (NW2, now closed); Bridge House (Tower Bridge Rd SE1, now closed); Crown and Treaty (UB8, now closed); George and Dragon (Cleveland St W1, now closed); Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider House (E7, now closed); Kingdom (NW6, now closed); Milkwood (SE24, now closed); Mr Fogg's House of Botanicals (W1, now open); Pack and Carriage (NW1, now closed); Pillars of Hercules (W1, now open); Seven Balls (HA3, now closed); Sir Robert Peel (SE17, now closed); Slater's Arms (RM7, now closed); White Bear (St John St EC1, now closed)
13-Aug-18 Added Photo Backyard Bar (E2); Duke of Argyll (EC1); Feast Bar and Kitchen (W12); Henry's (E1); Highbury Library (N5); Orbit Beers London Tap Room (SE17); Resident (E2); Yield (N16)
13-Aug-18 Added Record Authentique Epicerie and Bar (NW5); Bussey Rooftop Bar (SE15); London Cocktail Club (E2); Rye Wax (SE15); Speakeasy (E8)
13-Aug-18 Changed Name Highbury Library (N5, was Hot Wok)
13-Aug-18 Changed Photo Army and Navy (N16); Belrose (NW3); Be-Bop-a-Lula (N16); Camden Assembly (NW1); Che (N7); Drayton Park (N5); Made in Brasil Boteco (NW1); Magdala Tavern (NW3); Marquis of Lansdowne (N16); Monarch (NW1); No. 8 (N15); Owl and Hitchhiker (N7); Ruby's Bar and Lounge (N16); Sindercombe Social (W12)
13-Aug-18 Changed Status Belrose (NW3, now open)
06-Aug-18 Added Record Ace Wine Bar (E4); Art and Craft CR0 (CR0); Chiquito (RM9); Feast Bar and Kitchen (W12); Gidea Park Micropub (RM2); Husk Brewing Taproom (E16); Moncada Brewery Tap Room (NW2); Park Fever (SE13); Pie and Pint Bar (BR2)
06-Aug-18 Changed Name Autumn Yard (E8, was Russet); BeatBox (CR0, was BoxBar); Crescent Cafe (NW1, was Winnicott); Finchley Tavern (N12, was Pub); Kohinur (HA2, was Pinner Lounge); Lewisham Tavern (SE13, was White Horse); McCafferty's (HA2, was Broadwalk Bar); Retailery (RM1, was Hush); Rocket by Balls Brothers (E14, was Rocket); Slug and Lettuce (RM1, was Missoula); Sophie's (W1, was Grace)
06-Aug-18 Changed Status Alexander's (UB11, now closed); All Bar One (NW1, now closed); Autumn Yard (E8, now closed); Bell Inn (RM13, now closed); BrewDog (EC3, now open); Brickyard Bar and Grill (RM1, now closed); British Queen (SE5, now demolished); Crescent (NW1, now open); Curious Pig (N1, now closed); Drum and Monkey (CR0, now closed); Foxlow (W4, now closed); Grove House (SE5, now closed); Gunmakers (W1, now closed); Hornsey Tavern (N8, now closed); Keg and Grill (CR0, now open); Kilburn Ironworks (NW6, now closed); Load of Hay (UB8, now closed); Lord High Admiral (NW8, now open); Mitre (SE20, now closed); Morris Dancer (RM3, now closed); Oak (RM1, now closed); Oval Lounge (SW9, now closed); Pinewoods (RM5, now demolished); Retailery (RM1, now open); Sophie's (W1, now open); Southwark Rooms (SE1, now closed); Taj Mahal Lounge (UB8, now closed); Tommy Flynn's (UB10, now demolished); Trade Union (E1, now closed); White Horse (E6, now demolished); White House (UB11, now closed)
02-Aug-18 Added Record Bitter End Bar (BR2); Boathouse Cafe and Bar (IG11); Pretty Decent Beer Co. Taproom (E7)
02-Aug-18 Changed Name Creechurch Pub and Bar (EC3, was Jamie's); London Bridge Pub and Bar (SE1, was Jamie's); Simmons (Charterhouse St EC1, was Smithfield Tavern); Whelan's (CR2, was Baskerville)
02-Aug-18 Changed Status Black Bull (W6, now closed); Compton Arms (N1, now open); Electricity Showrooms (N1, now closed); Gipsy Moth (CR0, now closed); Newman Arms (W1, now open); Simmons (Charterhouse St EC1, now open); Sir Richard Steele (NW3, now open); Squirrel (W9, now closed)
31-Jul-18 Added Photo 184 Hackney Road (E2); Mother Kelly's (E2); Satan's Whiskers (E2)
30-Jul-18 ADDED PAGE E2
30-Jul-18 Added Record Queen's Head (E9)
11-Jul-18 Changed Name Cricketers (Addiscombe Rd CR0, was Miss P's)
09-Jul-18 Changed Name George and Monkey (EC1, was Amwell Arms); Northern Soul (N19, was Hideaway)
09-Jul-18 Changed Photo Northern Soul (N19)
09-Jul-18 Changed Status Fox (E8, now closed); George and Monkey (EC1, now open)
22-Jun-18 Added Photo High Cross (N17)
22-Jun-18 Changed Name Belrose (NW3, was Load of Hay Tavern); Michael's Den (N1, was Halliford House)
22-Jun-18 Changed Photo Beer + Burger (NW2); Owl and Hitchhiker (N7)
22-Jun-18 Changed Status Compton Arms (N1, now closed); George (N7, now closed); King's Head (Church St E15, now closed)
15-Jun-18 Added Record High Cross (N17)
15-Jun-18 Changed Name Bluecoats (N17, was Pride of Tottenham)
24-May-18 Added Photo Mirth, Marvel and Maud (E17); Rose and Crown (Tottenham Ct Rd W1); Smiths of Smithfield (EC1); Talbot (W1); Wood Green Tavern (N22)
24-May-18 Added Record Beavertown Brewery Taproom (N17); Pressure Drop Brewing Taproom (N17)
24-May-18 Changed Name Nag's Head (N22, was Goose)
24-May-18 Changed Photo Nag's Head (N22); Oriole (EC1); Queen Charlotte (W1); Sutton Arms (Carthusian St EC1)
23-May-18 Added Record Old Ship (Brick La E1)
23-May-18 Changed Name Owl and Hitchhiker (N7, was Edward Lear); Rook's Nest (W6, was Flynn's); Server (W12, was O'Donoghue's)
23-May-18 Changed Status Duke of Richmond (E8, now open)
21-May-18 Added Record Globe and Friends (E1)
14-May-18 Changed Name Duke of Richmond (E8, was Richmond); Elephant's Head (E5, was Bonneville); House (N19, was Centurion); Oxford Tavern (NW5, was Oxford); Seveney (N1, was Hops and Glory)
14-May-18 Changed Status Duke of Richmond (E8, now closed); Edgar's (E8, now closed); Hero of Maida (W9, now open); House (N19, now open); Old Suffolk Punch (W6, now open); Oxford Tavern (NW5, now open)
02-May-18 Changed Status Manor of Walworth (SE17, now open)
01-May-18 Changed Status Latin Corner (N7, now demolished)
23-Apr-18 Changed Status Good Mixer (NW1, now open); Green Dragon (Bermondsey St SE1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Unicorn (NW1, now open)
09-Apr-18 Added Photo Bodega (EC3); Charlotte (SE1); Crown (Dolben St SE1); Distillery (SE1); Duke of York (Blackfriars Rd SE1); Eebria Taproom (SE16); Fox and Goose (SE1); Hop Pole (SE1); Moor Vaults (SE16); Omeara Cantina (SE1); Prince Arthur (SE1); Refinery (NW1); Shavers' Arms (SE1); Trufflesecco (NW1)
09-Apr-18 Added Record Affinity Brew Co. Tasting Room (SE16); Partizan Brewing Bar (SE16)
09-Apr-18 Changed Name Flynn's (E8, was Tommy Flynn's); N Restaurant and Bar (NW1, was Nelson); Spartan Brewery Taproom (SE16, was Partizan Brewing Bar)
09-Apr-18 Changed Photo Britannia (Kipling St SE1); Crowndale (NW1); Draft House (NW1); Flynn's (E8); Fountain and Ink (SE1); King's Arms (Newcomen St SE1); Kino Bermondsey (SE1); Leather Exchange (SE1); Lin's Restaurant and Bar (SE1); Lord Nelson (Union St SE1); MC and Sons (SE1); N Restaurant and Bar (NW1); Sama (SE1); Spartan Brewery Taproom (SE16); Thirsty Bear (SE1); Union Street Bar (SE1)
09-Apr-18 Changed Status Priory Tavern (NW6, now open)
06-Apr-18 Added Photo Black Dog (SM5); Coach and Horses (SM5); Fox and Hounds (SM5); Greyhound Hotel (SM5); Palmerston (SM5); Porterhouse Steak Bar (SM5); Racehorse (SM5); Railway Tavern (SM5); Rose (SM5); Sun (SM5); Swan (SM5); Wigmore (Langham Pl W1); Windsor Castle (SM5); Woodman (SM5)
06-Apr-18 Added Record Beer Merchants Tap (E9)
06-Apr-18 Changed Name Black Bull (W6, was Ravenscourt Arms); Kilburn Arms (NW6, was Prince of Wales); Tank and Paddle (W1, was Strawberry Moons)
06-Apr-18 Changed Photo Hideaway (N19)
06-Apr-18 Changed Status Lion and Lamb (N1, now open); Porterhouse Steak Bar (SM5, now closed)
27-Mar-18 Added Photo Soldier's Return (UB10)
27-Mar-18 Changed Photo Home Bar and Kitchen (UB10)
26-Mar-18 Added Record BrewDog (EC3)
22-Mar-18 Changed Status Oxford (NW5, now closed); Priory Tavern (NW6, now closed)
15-Mar-18 Added Photo Call Me Mr Lucky (SE1); City Sports Pub and Grill (EC3); Fox and Hounds (SE1); Hiver Beers Taproom (SE1); Union Street Bar (SE1); Vault (SE1)
15-Mar-18 Added Record Bar20 at Birley's (EC3)
15-Mar-18 Changed Name Absurd Bird (E1, was Bar 54); Jam and Rye (N1, was Buffalo Bar); MBER (EC3, was incorrectly listed as Ember); Thirty Four (CR0, was We'reHouse)
15-Mar-18 Changed Photo Absurd Bird (E1); Alchemy (CR0); Arnos Arms (N11); Axe (N16); Cherry Tree (SE25); Claret and Ale (CR0); Croham Arms (CR2); Exit (E1); Great Guns Social (SE1); Great Northern Railway Tavern (N8); Green Dragon (CR0); Jam and Rye (N1); London Cocktail Club (EC3); Lord Clyde (SE1); Market Tavern (CR0); MBER (EC3); Old Fox and Hounds (CR0); O'Neill's (SE3); Oval Tavern (CR0); Phoenix (CR0); Porter and Sorter (CR0); Portland Arms (SE25); Queen's Head (Commercial St E1); Sheaf (SE1); Simmons (Widegate St E1); Southwark Rooms (SE1); Ten Bells (E1); Thirty Four (CR0); Victoria Tavern (N7); Wringer and Mangle (E1)
15-Mar-18 Changed Status Absurd Bird (E1, now open); Bar 2012 (E1, now closed); Jam and Rye (N1, now open)
15-Mar-18 Removed Record Gladstone (CR0, same as Gladstone Tavern)
14-Mar-18 Changed Name City Bar and Kitchen (E1, was One Sixty); Lilly's (E1, was Gun Tavern)
14-Mar-18 Changed Status Lilly's (E1, now closed; was incorrectly marked demolished); Little Star (E1, now demolished); Yates's (TW3, now closed)
13-Mar-18 Added Record Deptford Esquire (SE8); Evans and Peel Pharmacy (W4); Humble Grape (N1); Lady Godiva (SE15); Manetta's Bar (W1); Mountgrove Bothy (N5); Near and Far (SE15); Newcomer Wines (E8); Nickel (N8); Omeara Cantina (SE1); Waeska (W1)
13-Mar-18 Changed Name BeatBox (E1, was Cotton's Rhum Shack); Comptoir Cafe and Wine (W1, was Red Lion); Hester's Hideout (EC1, was Paesan Underground); Shep's (E8, was Raccoon); Weino BIB (N1, was Anchor)
13-Mar-18 Changed Status Comptoir Cafe and Wine (W1, now open); Shep's (E8, now open); Weino BIB (N1, now open)
13-Mar-18 Removed Record Victoria Hotel (E1, was in incorrect postcode area)
12-Mar-18 Added Name Chiswell Street Vaults (Whitecross St EC1)
12-Mar-18 Added Record Joint and Gem (EC1); Liquid Lab (EC1); School Dinners (EC1)
12-Mar-18 Changed Name Baring Arms (N1, was Baring); Nuala (EC1, was Rotary); Victoria Tavern (N7, was Liquor Works)
12-Mar-18 Changed Status Browns (N1, now closed); Electric Flamingo (EC1, now closed); Ember (EC1, now closed); Greyhound (SE26, now open); Horseshoe (Newington Causeway SE1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Marlborough Arms (SE1, now demolished, was incorrectly marked as closed); Nuala (EC1, now open); Victoria Tavern (N7, now open)
09-Mar-18 ADDED PAGE SM5
06-Mar-18 Added Record Black Horse (HA7); Fountain (HA7); King's Head (HA7); Load of Hay (HA7); Queen's Arms (HA7); Red Lion (HA7); Royal Oak (HA7); William the Fourth (HA7)
06-Mar-18 Changed Status Miller and Carter (N10, now open)
28-Feb-18 Changed Name Queen Charlotte (W1, was Draft House)
27-Feb-18 ADDED PAGE SE1
27-Feb-18 Added Record Moor Vaults (SE16)
27-Feb-18 Changed Status Bree Louise (NW1, now closed); Pillars of Hercules (W1, now closed)
26-Feb-18 Changed Status Stag and Hounds (CR2, now closed)
19-Feb-18 Changed Name Super Lyan (N1, was White Lyan)
19-Feb-18 Changed Status Gowlett (SE15, now open)
05-Feb-18 Changed Name Coach (EC1, was Coach and Horses); Cockney Gent (RM3, was William the Conqueror); Franco (W1, was Victory); Hero of Maida (W9, was Truscott Arms); Queen's Head (W4, was Smokehouse); Red Lion (E6, was Hammers); Runway (UB8, was Grand Union)
05-Feb-18 Changed Status Blue Posts (Rupert St W1, now open); Coach (EC1, now open); Duke of Argyll (W1, now open); Franco (W1, now open); Good Mixer (NW1, now closed); Greyhound (W12, now closed); Victory (NW1, now demolished)
24-Jan-18 Added Photo Every Cloud (E9); Plough (N17); Sourced Market (EC1)
24-Jan-18 Added Record Island Grocer (E14); Running Horse (E1); Spiritland (N1)
24-Jan-18 Changed Photo BrewDog (E9); Ca's Bar (E14); Craft Beer Co. (E14); Craft Beer Co. (Old St EC1); Farley Macallan (E9); Ice Wharf (NW1); Lord Duncan (E8); Market Cafe (E8)
15-Jan-18 Changed Name Spread Eagle (E9, was Jackdaw and Star)
12-Jan-18 Changed Status Load of Hay Tavern (NW3, now closed); Sir Richard Steele (NW3, now closed)
04-Jan-18 Changed Name Sekforde (EC1, was Sekforde Arms)
04-Jan-18 Changed Status Falcon (W9, now closed); Old Suffolk Punch (W6, now closed); Salt House (NW8, now closed); Sekforde (EC1, now open)
02-Jan-18 Changed Name Bell Inn (NW1, was Sun Trap); Keg and Grill (CR0, was Edge)
02-Jan-18 Changed Status Buffalo American Bar and Grill (CR0, now closed); Chilli Room (CR0, now closed); Keg and Grill (CR0, now closed); Perseverance (Shroton St NW1, now closed); Prince Alfred (NW1, now demolished); Tabu Lounge (CR0, now closed); Unicorn (NW1, now closed)
21-Dec-17 Added Record Refinery (NW1)
15-Dec-17 Added Record Acacia (NW8); Apollo (HA2); Best Western Palm Hotel (NW2); Brewery Tap (SE20); Brick Lane Brews (E16); Brockley Brewing Company Taproom (SE4); Canova Hall (SW9); Cheeky Chappie (SW9); Circle Lounge (HA3); Club KTM (HA3); Crown Bar and Cafe (N7); Crow's Nest (SE8); Efestio (N13); Forest Road Brewery Taproom (E8); Garden Gate (BR1); Henry's (W14); Indiebeer (N7); Leadbelly's (SE16); Netil360 (E8); Parlez (SE4); Piggie's Wine Bar (SW18); Punters (SW18); RE Bar (W12); Shoreditch Grind (EC1); Shout (N22); Six Yard Box (SE17); Sourced Market (EC1); Taproom SE8 (SE8); White Noise (EC1); Wood Green Tavern (N22)
15-Dec-17 Changed Name Balabam (N15, was Crowe Bar); Be-Bop-a-Lula (N16, was Winnicott); Black Leaf Lounge (NW9, was King's Lounge); Blue Vegas (N6, was Caipirinha); Brave Sir Robin (N4, was Hopsmiths); City Bar (E16, was Bar Ten 28); Cyprus Empire (E17, was Empire E17); Duke of York (Hanworth Rd TW4, now closed); Everest Lounge (HA3, was Papa J's); Farrago's (SE8, was United Friends); Garratt Tavern (SW18, was GJ's Bar); Grove House (SE5, was Grand Union); Highgate Winestore (N6, was All Bar One); Hop and Rye (BR1, was Beech Tree); Intimate Island Inn (N3, was 85th Central); K&F Bar (SE5, was T Bar); Kelly's (NW4, was Gallery); London Cocktail Club (EC3, was Corney and Barrow); Manzil Lounge (TW3, was Windmill); Maya Pub (HA2, was Eclipse); Merchant (E14, was Tea Merchant); Miss P's (CR0, was Cricketers); NW Wine Bar (NW2, was Liffey); Old Hat (W13, was Flynn's Bar and Diner); Patch (EC3, was Pause); Pilots Bar and Kitchen (E16, was Trattoria Bar); Pointers (SE13, was Two 8 Six); Pub (N12, was Tommy Flynn's); Rabbit Hole (SW16, was Greyhound); Railway Tavern (BR1, was Railway Hotel); Salt Bar (HA2, was Half Moon); Sipping Room (E14, was Henry's); Small Beer (N8, was Henry Reader); Suttons Radio (SE13, was Market Tavern); Tatreez Cafe (N16, was Monkey Bar); White Hart (SE14, was White Hart Hotel); Wringer and Mangle (E1, was Pipeline)
15-Dec-17 Changed Status Aston's (E14, now closed); Avenue (W13, now closed); Barge (E16, now demolished); Bear (SE5, now closed); Be-Bop-a-Lula (N16, now open); Beehive (SE25, now closed); Brave Sir Robin (N4, now open); Brickmakers (UB7, now closed); Case Is Altered (HA3, now closed); Central (E6, now closed); Central Restaurant (N3, now closed); City Sports Pub and Grill (EC3, now closed); Come Dine (HA3, now closed); Crown (Brandon St SE17, now demolished); Dirty South (SE13, now open); Downham Tavern (BR1, now open); Duke of York (W4, now open); Duke's Brew and Que (N1, now closed); Fernandez (NW4, now demolished); Globe (N18, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Goat (CR0, now closed); Good Ship (NW6, now closed); Gowlett (SE15, now closed); Hampstead Lounge and Jazz Club (NW3, now open); Hare's Foot Inn (W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Harringay Arms (N8, now open); Highgate Winestore (N6, now open); Holly Tree (SE13, now closed); Inn on the Green (UB9, now demolished); Intimate Island Inn (N3, now open); Jhankaar (E15, now demolished); K&F Bar (SE5, now closed); Letchford Arms (HA3, now demolished); Manzil Lounge (TW3, now open); Matrix (HA2, now demolished); Nova (W4, now closed); NW Wine Bar (NW2, now closed); Oak (BR1, now open); Ordnance Arms (E16, now demolished); Peacock (EC3, now closed); Portmanor (SE25, now closed); Princess Victoria (W12, now open); Queen's Head (SW9, now open); Raw Spice (NW9, now demolished); Riverside (N8, now closed); Rose and Crown (Tottenham Ct Rd W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Royal Standard (Hillingdon St SE17, now demolished); Sahara (CR0, now closed); Salt Bar (HA2, now open); Shannon's (TW3, now demolished); Sipping Room (E14, now open); Spinnaker (E14, now closed); Sugar Cane (N22, now closed); Suttons Radio (SE13, now open); Talbot (W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); TJ's Sports Bar (HA3, now open); Turk's Head (Green Bank E1, now open); Valentino's (N17, now demolished); White Horse (White Horse Rd E1, now closed); White Horse (SE13, now closed); White Lion (Brook St W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Windsor Castle (TW3, now demolished)
15-Dec-17 Removed Record London House (SW18, same as Halfway House); Wheatloaf (SW18, same as Wheatsheaf)
16-Nov-17 Added Photo Furanxo (E8)
16-Nov-17 Changed Photo Twelve Pins (N4); Zelman Drinks (N4)
06-Nov-17 Added Photo Barons Arms (SE16); Duke of Suffolk (SE16); Duke of York (SE13); Yellow House (SE16)
06-Nov-17 Changed Photo Anchor (SE13)
03-Nov-17 Added Photo Full Nelson (SE8); Long Wave (SE17)
03-Nov-17 Changed Name J5 (SE8, was Anedo)
03-Nov-17 Changed Photo Brookmill (SE8); J5 (SE8)
03-Nov-17 Changed Status J5 (SE8, now closed)
02-Nov-17 Changed Photo Brouhaha (N4); Cirque (EC1); Craft Beer Co. (Old St EC1); Landseer Arms (N19); Neighbour (NW5); North by Northwest (N1); Old Ale Emporium (N4); Old St Records (EC1); Prince Alfred (Locksley St E14); Three Crowns (East Rd N1)
01-Nov-17 Added Photo Biddy Mulligan's (W9); Duke of Clarence (W9); Hatchett's Hotel and Tavern (W1); No. 99 (W9); Prince Alfred (W9); Real Ale (W9); Royal George (W9); Tea Room at Bun House (W1); Truscott Arms (W9); Warwick Castle (W9); Waterway (W9); Windsor Castle (Lanark Pl W9)
01-Nov-17 Added Record Kill the Cat (E1); Naughty Burger and Sports (W1); Wild Card Brewery Lockwood Tap Bar (E17)
01-Nov-17 Changed Photo Compton Cross (W1); Eagle (W9); LV Lounge (W9); Mermaid (E5); Seven Stars (Brick La E1); Squirrel (W9); Union Tavern (W9)
31-Oct-17 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2018 pubs
31-Oct-17 Changed Name Hallowed Belly (SW18, was Mel's)
24-Oct-17 Changed Status Bull's Head (Carnaby St W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Farley Macallan (E9, now closed); Pregnant Man (W1, now demolished); Royal Albert (E16, now demolished); White Horse (E1, now closed)
20-Oct-17 Added Record Coach and Horses (Brandon St SE17)
19-Oct-17 Added Record Real Ale (W9)
19-Oct-17 Changed Status Baskerville (CR2, now closed); Still and Star (E1, now closed); Winnicott (N16, now closed)
29-Sep-17 Added Record Tea Room at Bun House (W1)
29-Sep-17 Changed Name Bar Termini Centrale (W1, was Apres); Sisu (W1, was Notch)
26-Sep-17 Changed Name Exhibit B (SW16, was Brighton Way); Clarence Tavern (N16, was Stoke Newington Tea House); Leigham Well (SW16, was Leigham Arms)
26-Sep-17 Changed Status Craft Beer Co. (Old St EC1, now open)
11-Sep-17 Added Record Little Green Dragon (N21)
11-Sep-17 Changed Name Draft House (NW1, was Grand Union); Hampstead Lounge and Jazz Club (NW3, was Duke of Hamilton)
11-Sep-17 Changed Status Duke of York (W4, now closed); Hampstead Lounge and Jazz Club (NW3, now closed); Harringay Arms (N8, now closed); Lord Palmerston (N15, now open)
18-Aug-17 Changed Name Craft Beer Co. (Old St EC1, was Canvas Bar)
14-Aug-17 ADDED PAGE E13
14-Aug-17 Changed Area Duke of Connaught (E13, was incorrectly listed as E16)
09-Aug-17 Added Photo British Oak (SE3); Chart Bar (SE3); Flame Bar (SE3); Rose and Crown (Southwark Pk Rd SE16); Royal Standard (SE3); Sun in the Sands (SE3); Two Brewers (SE16); UBREW Taproom (SE16); White Hart (SE3)
09-Aug-17 Added Record Bohem Brewery Tap Room (N22); Brewheadz Tap Room (N17); Brixton Brewery Tap Room (SW9); Clarkshaws Tap Room (SW9); Five Miles (N15); Green Room (NW6); Le Bouchon (SE3); London Beer Lab Tap (SW9); 40FT Brewery Tap (E8)
09-Aug-17 Changed Name Che (CR0, was Hut); Clarette (W1, was Tudor Rose); Furlong (N10, was Keenan's); Halliford House (N1, was Oxford Arms); Home Bar and Kitchen (UB10, was Fox and Geese); King's Arms (SW18, was Grand Union); Larkswood (E4, was Chingford); Mount (E4, was Obelisk); Neighbour (NW5, was Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar); Ordnance Arms (NW8, was Ordnance); Talbot (N18, was Bull)
09-Aug-17 Changed Photo Crown (SE3); Gregorian (SE16); Hare and Billet (SE3); Morden's (SE3); Princess of Wales (SE3); St James of Bermondsey (SE16); Winnicott (SE16); Zerodegrees (SE3)
09-Aug-17 Changed Status BrewDog (E9, now closed); Cape (E1, now closed); Clarette (W1, now open); Crown and Greyhound (SE21, now open); Cured (N1, now open); Earl of Eldon (CR2, now open); Eastcote Arms (HA2, now demolished); Furlong (N10, now open); George (Leather La EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Halliford House (N1, now open); Illusions (W5, now closed); Kensington (W14, now demolished); Lord Palmerston (N15, now closed); Mount (E4, now open); Peaches (HA3, now closed); Rising Sun (Spa Rd SE16, now demolished); White Horse (NW3, now closed)
03-Aug-17 Added Record Brickfields (SE4); Chiquito (UB8); Frankie and Benny's (UB8); Frosty's (HA3); Furanxo (E8); Ghost Whale (SW9); Whistlers Bar (CR9); Wigmore (Langham Pl W1)
03-Aug-17 Changed Name Bokor (NW6, was Betsy Smith); General Store (N5, was MiniBar); Golden Sands Bar (N15, was Nile); Memory Box (CR0, was Hub); Mere Scribbler (SW16, was Bank); Miller and Carter (HA3, was Leefe Robinson QC); Miller and Carter (N10, was O'Neill's); Power's Bar (NW9, was Reid's Bar); Rebel Inn (SW16, was Standard)
03-Aug-17 Changed Photo Dartmouth Arms (NW5); General Store (N5); House of Hammerton (N7); Liquor Works (N7); Lord Palmerston (NW5); Meat House London (N1); Wine Stores (N1)
03-Aug-17 Changed Status Crown (Colham Green Rd UB8, now closed); Earl of Eldon (CR2, now closed); Golden Sands Bar (N15, now open); Grace (W1, now closed); Liquor Works (N7, now closed); Mere Scribbler (SW16, now open); Miller and Carter (N10, now closed); One Bourbon Tavern (N8, now closed); Pride of Tottenham (N17, now open); Soho Kitchen and Bar (W1, now closed); Soul Store West (NW6, now open); Three Six Six (SW18, now closed); Winnicott (NW1, now closed); Winnicott (SE16, now closed)
06-Jul-17 Changed Name Cured (N1, was Hop and Berry); Drunch (NW8, was Star); Greene Man (NW1, was Green Man); House of Hammerton (N7, was Wig and Gown); Little Bat (N1, was Public House); Three Crowns (N1, was Hill and Szrok)
06-Jul-17 Changed Status Alexandra (SE20, now open); Castle (NW11, now demolished); Cricketers (Addiscombe Rd CR0, now closed); Dartmouth Arms (NW5, now open); Half Moon (SE24, now open); Lord High Admiral (NW8, now closed); Molly Moggs (W1, now open); Princess Victoria (W12, now closed)
06-Jul-17 Added Record White Bear Inn (W1); White Horse Inn (W1)
06-Jun-17 Added Record Curzon Aldgate (E1)
06-Jun-17 Changed Photo Crown (SE3)
02-Jun-17 Changed Status Axe (N16, now open); Canvas Bar (EC1, now closed); Clissold Park Tavern (N16, now open); Landseer Arms (N19, now open); Royal Charlie (E14, now closed); Royal Duchess (E1, now demolished)
02-Jun-17 Changed Name Landseer Arms (N19, was Landseer); Market Tavern (CR0, was Goose on the Market)
18-May-17 Added Record Castle Inn (N1); Colebrooke Arms (N1)
18-May-17 Changed Name We'reHouse (CR0, was SLVR)
18-May-17 Changed Status Amwell Arms (EC1, now closed); Clifton (NW8, now open); Simmons (EC1, now open)
08-May-17 Added Photo Cricketers Arms (CR0); Matthews Yard (CR0); Ruby's Bar and Lounge (N16); Shepherd Market Wine House (W1)
08-May-17 Added Record Fontaine's (N16); Forks and Corks (N19); Zelas (N6)
08-May-17 Changed Name Farley Macallan (E9, was Kino); Prince of Peckham (SE15, was Clayton Arms); Simmons (EC1, was Well)
08-May-17 Changed Photo Bull's Head (CR0); Corner Flag (N19); Dice (CR0); Dog and Bull (CR0); Kilburn Ironworks (NW6); Luna (CR0); North London Tavern (NW6); Railway (NW6); SLVR (CR0); White Hart (N16)
08-May-17 Changed Status Farley Macallan (E9, now open); Plaquemine Lock (N1, now open); Simmons (EC1, now closed)
28-Apr-17 Added Photo Albion (E7); Artillery Tavern (E1); Bar Monastery (E7); Duke of Cumberland (NW3); Duke of Fife (E7); Eagle (E7); Enoteca Super Tuscan (E1); Forest Glen (E7); Forest Tavern (E7); Fox and Hounds (E7); Galvin Hop (E1); Gatsby (E7); Hawk (NW3); Holly Tree (E7); Hudson Bay (E7); Leman Street Tavern (E1); Live and Let Live (E7); Mahogany Bar (E1); 1001 (E1); Railway Bell (E7); Rising Sun (E7); Simpson's (E7); Spotted Dog (E7); Three Tuns (NW3); Truscott Cellar (NW3); Waggon and Horses (E7); Wanstead Tap (E7); Welcome Inn (N14)
28-Apr-17 Added Record Burgess and Hall Wines (E7); Four Quarters (E20); Golden Pineapple (E1); Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider House (E7)
28-Apr-17 Changed Photo Astronomer (E1); Bill Murray (N1); Black Horse (Leman St E1); Britannia (Cable St E1); Castle (Commercial Rd E1); Culpeper (E1); Enterprise (NW3); Grocer (E1); Mossy Well (N10); Number 90 (E9)
27-Apr-17 Added Name Happy Go Lucky (Glengall Rd E14)
27-Apr-17 Added Record Heights (N10)
27-Apr-17 Changed Status Minstrel Boy (N10, now closed); Victoria Stakes (N10, now open)
24-Apr-17 Changed Status Duke of York (Harrowby St W1, now open); Horns (St John St EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
24-Apr-17 Removed Record Cobbled Fighter (N1, no evidence for existence aside from Pubs Galore)
21-Apr-17 Added Photo Cavalier (N20); Freddy's (W13); Greystoke (W5); N20 (N20); Players (W13); Sapphire Lounge (N20); Three Horseshoes (N20); York Arms (N20)
21-Apr-17 Added Record Brew Club Taproom (E5); Draughts (E8); Eebria Taproom (SE16); Pillars Brewery Tap (E17); Pinner Lounge (HA2); Rocket (E14); Sara's (HA2); Smiths of Smithfield (EC1); Simmons (Kentish Town Rd NW1); Sourced Market (W1); TGI Friday's (NW7); Trade Union (E1); Villages Brewery Tap Room (SE8)
21-Apr-17 Changed Name Babette (SE15, was Duke); Bar and Block (N1, was Waiting Room); Broadwalk Bar (HA2, was JD's Lounge); Claret and Ale (CR0, was Claret); Crispy Dosa Lounge (UB7, was De Burgh Arms); 85th Central (N3, was Infinity); Geo Bar (HA5, was RE Bar); Gio's Bar (TW3, was Bar 113); Holmesdale (SE25, was White Horse); Lounge 33 (EC1, was Brookes Brothers); One Bourbon Tavern (N8, was St James); One Bourbon Tavern (NW6, was One Sixty); Sequoia (N20, was Stone Marquee); Simmons (Widegate St E1, was Champagne Cult); Snug (TW3, was Tommy Flynn's); Stable (E1, was Rhythm Factory); Taj Mahal Lounge (UB8, was Brushwood Inn); TJ's Sports Bar (HA3, was Forde's)
21-Apr-17 Changed Photo Bohemia (N12); Duke's Head (N6); Forester (W13); Griffin (N20); O'Brien's (W13); Sequoia (N20); Swift (W1); Tommy Flynn's (N7); Tommy Flynn's (N12); Woodstock (W1)
21-Apr-17 Changed Status Babette (SE15, now open); Beehive (Crawford St W1, now open); Blues Bar (UB7, now closed); Canal 125 (N1, now closed); Cart (N9, now closed); Case Is Altered (HA3, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Cock Tavern (E17, now closed); Duke of Argyll (W1, now closed); Evolution (NW2, now closed); Geo Bar (HA5, now open); Hemingway's (EC3, now closed); Henry's (BR1, now closed); Keenan's (N10, now closed); Le Paris Grill (EC1, now closed); Malt and Hops (N12, now closed); Militia Canteen (UB8, now closed); Molly Moggs (W1, now closed); Neuvo (RM6, now demolished); Newman Arms (W1, now closed); 100 Wardour Street (W1, now open); O'Sullivan's (HA3, now closed); Pride of Tottenham (N17, now closed); Prince of Wales (UB8, now open); Raw Spice (NW9, now closed); Southern Belle (W6, now closed); Stable (E1, now open); Taj Mahal Lounge (UB8, now open); TJ's Sports Bar (HA3, now closed); Two Sportsmen (W1, now closed); Txt Bar (CR0, now closed); Victory (Brendon St W1, now closed); View (CR2, now closed)
31-Mar-17 ADDED PAGE W5; W13
31-Mar-17 Changed Status Clissold Park Tavern (N16, now closed)
31-Mar-17 Changed Name Axe (N16, was Jan's); Clissold Park Tavern (N16, was Robinson Crusoe)
23-Mar-17 Changed Name Depot (N7, was Shillibeer's); Martello Hall (E8, was London Fields); Pagination (E14, was Corney and Barrow)
23-Mar-17 Changed Status Landseer (N19, now closed); Martello Hall (E8, now open)
10-Mar-17 Added Photo Bay Tree (E15); Boulevard (CR2); Cronx Bar (CR0); Greyhound (E15); King's Head (E15); Theatre Workshop Bar (E15); Tom and Jerry (E15)
10-Mar-17 Added Record BoxBar (CR0)
10-Mar-17 Changed Name Theatre Workshop Bar (E15, was Theatre Royal Bar)
10-Mar-17 Changed Photo Baskerville (CR2); Crown and Sceptre (CR2); Earl of Eldon (CR2)
07-Mar-17 ADDED PAGE E15
07-Mar-17 Changed Name Liquor Works (N7, was Beer Kat); Plaquemine Lock (N1, was Prince of Wales); Whelan's (UB8, was Crown and Sceptre)
07-Mar-17 Changed Status Liquor Works (N7, now open); Whelan's (UB8, now open)
28-Feb-17 Added Record Castle Inn (N6); First Aid Box (SE24); Shepherd Market Wine House (W1)
28-Feb-17 Changed Status Beer Rebellion (SE26, now closed); Corner Flag (N19, now open)
21-Feb-17 ADDED PAGE E7
21-Feb-17 Added Record Flapper's (E20); Ray's Bar (E8); Untitled (E8)
21-Feb-17 Changed Name Soul Store West (NW6, was Love and Liquor); Vestry (EC1, was Tart)
14-Feb-17 Added Photo Adriatico (EC3); Anokha (EC3); Auberge (EC3); Barcelona (Lime St EC3); Bedales Wine Bar (EC3); Bodean's (EC3); Bunch of Grapes (EC3); Caffe Vergnano 1882 (EC3); Camino (EC3); Caravaggio (EC3); Cheese at Leadenhall (EC3); Corney and Barrow (Fenchurch Ave EC3); Craft Beer Co. (EC3); Davy's (EC3); Dion (EC3); Dirty Martini (Minories EC3); Ember (EC3); Emperor (EC3); Factory House (EC3); Fen (EC3); FT's (EC3); Green Dragon (Bulls Head Passage EC3); Il Locale (EC3); Keepers (EC3); Minster Court (EC3); One Under Lime (EC3); Orpheus (EC3); Ortega (EC3); Planet of the Grapes (EC3); Revolution (America Sq EC3); Rose and Crown (Aldgate High St EC3); Royal Exchange Grand Cafe and Bar (EC3); Sterling (EC3); Tank and Paddle (EC3); 37 Jewry (EC3); TK's Restaurant and Bar (EC3)
14-Feb-17 Added Record Alchemist (EC3); Bootlegger (EC3)
14-Feb-17 Changed Name Brouhaha (N4, was Garden Ladder); City Flogger (Mark La EC3, was Ruskin's); Dirty Martini (Minories EC3, was Mary Jane's); Ember (EC3, was Fuego Bar and Tapas); Laurel Lounge (EC3, was Harpers); Minster Court (EC3, was Minster Exchange); Number 177 (N1, was Made in the Shade); Tank and Paddle (EC3, was Agenda)
14-Feb-17 Changed Photo Alice (EC3); City Flogger (Mark La EC3); Crosse Keys (EC3); Jamie's (Creechurch La EC3); Laurel Lounge (EC3); Peacock (EC3); Three Lords (EC3); Three Tuns (Jewry St EC3); Willy's Wine Bar (EC3); Windsor (EC3)
14-Feb-17 Changed Status Brouhaha (N4, now open); City Flogger (Fen Ct EC3, now demolished); Ember (EC3, now open); Emperor (EC3, now closed); Hop and Berry (N1, now closed); Laurel Lounge (EC3, now open); Number 177 (N1, now open); Orpheus (EC3, now closed); Red Lion (Laystall St EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); TK's Restaurant and Bar (EC3, now closed); Victoria (N6, now closed); Victory (Newington Green Rd N1, now demolished, was incorrectly marked closed)
31-Jan-17 Added Record Trufflesecco (NW1)
31-Jan-17 Changed Name Portland Arms (SE25, was Oceans Apart); Swift (W1, was Lab)
31-Jan-17 Changed Status Charterhouse (EC1, now closed); Portland Arms (SE25, now open); Tiger (E9, now open)
27-Jan-17 Added Record Bat and Ball (E20)
25-Jan-17 Changed Name Other Euston Tap (NW1, was Euston Cider Tap)
24-Jan-17 Added Photo Doctor Kluger's Olde Towne Tavern (E14)
24-Jan-17 Added Record Whitechapel Refectory and After Hours (E1)
24-Jan-17 Changed Photo Beer Kat (N7); Edward Lear (N7); Fox on the Green (N1); Scottish Stores (N1); Tea Merchant (E14)
24-Jan-17 Changed Status Glamorgan (CR0, now closed)
19-Jan-17 ADDED PAGE E12
13-Jan-17 ADDED PAGE SE3
13-Jan-17 Changed Status Boatman (SE16, now demolished)
10-Jan-17 Changed Status Davy's at White City (W12, now closed)
09-Jan-17 ADDED PAGE SE16
09-Jan-17 Changed Area Red Lion (Lower Rd SE8, was incorrectly listed as SE16); White Hart (Plough Rd SE16, was incorrectly listed as SE8)
19-Dec-16 Added Record Cronx Bar (CR0); Douglas Fir (SE20); Dukes Meadows Cafe and Bar (W4); Fairfield Tavern (CR9); La Tavernetta (SE5)
19-Dec-16 Changed Name Askew (W12, was Tommy Flynn's); Beer + Burger (NW2, was McGowan's); Bombay Central (HA3, was Weald Stone Inn); Che (N7, was El Comandante); Evolution (NW2, was McGowan's); Golden Goose (SE5, was Bar Lenuccia); Lambo Bar and Restaurant (NW2, was Tavern); Lion (EC3, was White Horse); Whelan's (NW2, was Ox and Gate); Zelman Drinks (N4, was Silver Bullet)
19-Dec-16 Changed Photo Golden Goose (SE5); Lion (EC3)
19-Dec-16 Changed Status Bird (CR0, now closed); Blue Posts (Rupert St W1, now closed); Bombay Central (HA3, now open); Cock Tavern (NW6, now open); Craft Beer Co. (E14, now open); Duke of Cambridge (CR0, now demolished); Evolution (NW2, now open); Falcon (W9, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Hope (Cowcross St EC1, now open); Lambo Bar and Restaurant (NW2, now open); La'Pearl (SE24, now demolished); London Fields (E8, now closed); Love and Liquor (NW6, now closed); One Two Five Church Street (N16, now closed); Ravensbourne Arms (SE13, now closed); Royal Standard (SE8, now open); Shelverdine Goathouse (SE25, now open); Shrub and Shutter (SW9, now open); Star of the East (E14, now closed); Zelman Drinks (N4, now open)
13-Dec-16 Changed Status Chequers (NW4, now closed); Good Samaritan (E1, now open); Greenwich Pensioner (E14, now closed)
05-Dec-16 Changed Status Victoria Stakes (N10, now closed)
05-Dec-16 Removed Links Removed all Fancyapint, London Eating and Qype links
02-Dec-16 ADDED PAGE SW16
02-Dec-16 Changed Status BrewDog (E9, now open)
29-Nov-16 Added Name York Arms (12 Weston Pl N1)
29-Nov-16 Changed Name Wine Stores (N1, was Backpackers Bar)
29-Nov-16 Changed Status BeerKat (N7, now closed); Pregnant Man (W1, now closed)
22-Nov-16 Added Record Olive Branch (N1); Red Cow (N1); Royal Oak (St Johns Rd N1); 7 Charles Pl (N1); 8 Mill Row (N1); 11 St Johns Rd (N1)
22-Nov-16 Changed Name BrewDog (E9, was Plough)
18-Nov-16 Added Record Champion (Essex St N1)
17-Nov-16 Added Record Beehive (Rushton St N1); Carvers' Arms (N1); Eaglet (N1); Garibaldi (N1); Wellington Arms (N1)
17-Nov-16 Removed Record 108 Hoxton St (N1, off licence)
16-Nov-16 Added Record Abyssinian (N8); King's Head (King St N1)
15-Nov-16 Added Name Blue Coat Boy (New Charles St EC1)
15-Nov-16 Changed Name Bill Murray (N1, was Mucky Pup); Havelock (N7, was General Havelock); Lord Lyon (CR2, was incorrectly listed as Lord Ryan)
15-Nov-16 Changed Status Bill Murray (N1, now open)
15-Nov-16 Removed Record Robin Hood (16 Whitmore Pl East N1, same as Robin Hood and Little John)
10-Nov-16 Added Record Every Cloud (E9)
10-Nov-16 Changed Name Mermaid (E5, was Verden)
02-Nov-16 Added Record Block Tap (N1); Perseverance (N1); 2 Sturt St (N1)
28-Oct-16 Changed Name Chiswell Street Dining Rooms (EC1, was St Paul's Tavern); Dead Dolls House (N1, was incorrectly listed as Dolls House)
28-Oct-16 Changed Status Chiswell Street Dining Rooms (EC1, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Dignity (N3, now closed); Fitzroy Tavern (W1, now open)
27-Oct-16 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2017 pubs
27-Oct-16 Added Record Beer Asylum (HA5); BXT Frat House (SW9); Crouch End Picturehouse (N8); Essex House (E4); Full Nelson (SE8); Galvin Hop (E1); Haunt (N16); Little Nan's Bar (Deptford Market Yd SE8); Long Wave (SE17)
27-Oct-16 Changed Name Annie Twomey's (N3, was Inkies); Brookmill (SE8, was Cranbrook); Crane (SW18, was Armoury); Empire E17 (E17, was RS Lounge); Lamb (RM1, was Mulligan's); Map Maison (E8, was De Beauvoir Tavern); Mo-Bo's (E4, was Loco Lounge); Takeover (W1, was Miabella); View 94 (SW18, was Ferm)
27-Oct-16 Changed Photo Prince (N22)
27-Oct-16 Changed Status Barking Arms (IG11, now closed); Bradwell's (RM1, now closed); Cock Tavern (NW6, now closed); Coopers' Arms (RM6, now closed); Duke of York (Harrowby St W1, now closed); Falcon (W9, now closed); George (Canterbury Rd CR0, now closed); Glass Works (N1, now closed); Harpers (EC3, now closed); Hopsmiths (N4, now closed); Kaff (SW9, now closed); Lala (W6, now closed); Leighton (N7, now closed); Little Nan's Bar (Deptford Broadway SE8, now closed); Marius (SW18, now closed); Mourinho's (E14, now closed); Nile (N15, now closed); Number 22 (SE24, now closed); Obelisk (E4, now closed); Piccadilly (W1, now closed); Pinewoods (RM5, now closed); Proof (E8, now closed); Pumphouse (EC3, now demolished); RE Bar (HA5, now closed); Rhythm Factory (E1, now closed); White Swan (Commercial Rd E14, now closed)
19-Oct-16 Changed Status Gilpin's Bell (N18, now open)
04-Oct-16 Added Record Lighterman (N1)
04-Oct-16 Changed Name Meat House London (N1, was Bistro de la Gare); Sir Sydney Smith (E1, was Pepper Pot House); Sun Trap (NW1, was Bell House)
04-Oct-16 Changed Status Islington Town House (N1, now open)
28-Sep-16 Changed Status Crown (St John St EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Dover Castle (W1, now closed)
12-Sep-16 Added Record Foresters' Arms (N1); Old Anglers (N1); Royal Oak (Windsor St N1); 7 Britannia Row (N1); 53 Graham St (N1); 26 Popham Rd (N1); 62 South St (N1)
12-Sep-16 Changed Name Camden Assembly (NW1, was Barfly)
12-Sep-16 Changed Status Hope (EC1, now closed)
26-Aug-16 Added Record Graham Arms (N1); 36 Greenman St (N1)
25-Aug-16 Added Record Ship (N1)
24-Aug-16 Changed Name Craft Beer Co. (E14, was Railway Tavern)
24-Aug-16 Changed Status Craft Beer Co. (E14, now closed); Tudor Rose (W1, now closed); Windsor Castle (W1, now closed)
17-Aug-16 Added Record 12 Morton Rd (N1); 149 Shepperton Rd (N1)
16-Aug-16 Added Record Lord John Russell (N1)
12-Aug-16 Added Record Savannah (NW1)
12-Aug-16 Changed Name Burger and Lobster (E14, was Via); Caraway Lounge (RM1, was Parkside); Ca's Bar (E14, was Jack's Bar); Cherry Tree (SE25, was Cherry Trees); Chicago Ribshack Bar and Kitchen (NW1, was Market Bar); Harpers (EC3, was Gilt); L'Affaire (SW18, was Wandle Trail); Nova (W4, was 18 20); No. 8 (N15, was Woodberry Tavern); No. 8 (N17, was Bell and Hare); Piano (EC1, was Dab); Queen's Tavern (W12, was Springbok); Six Storeys (W1, was Soho Square); Tea Merchant (E14, was Cat and Canary); T.E. Dingwall Building (NW1, was Lock 17); 37 Jewry (EC3, was Corney and Barrow)
12-Aug-16 Changed Status Adelaide (NW3, now demolished); Banana's Bar (SE17, now closed); Bar 54 (E1, now closed); Beech Tree (BR5, now open); Caraway Lounge (RM1, now open); Duke of Wellington (Crawford St W1, now closed); Durham Arms (E16, now open); Elephant and Castle (W9, now demolished); George (Gt Portland St W1, now closed); Golden Lion (SE20, now closed); Good Samaritan (E1, now closed); Harpers (EC3, now open); Henry's (E14, now closed); II AD (EC3, now closed); Indulgence (EC1, now closed); Inn on the Green (N13, now closed); Lion and Lamb (N1, now closed); Live and Let Live (W14, now closed); Nova (W4, now open); Ortega (EC3, now closed); Pompadours (RM3, now closed); Raduno (EC1, now closed); St James (N8, now closed); Silver Bullet (N4, now closed); Sloe Bar Cafe (NW1, now closed); Truscott Arms (W9, now closed); Truscott Cellar (NW3, now closed); West Green (N15, now closed); 37 Jewry (EC3, now open)
08-Aug-16 Added Record Canterbury Arms (N1); Victory (N1)
04-Aug-16 Added Record Doctor Kluger's Olde Towne Tavern (E14); 17 Camden Passage (N1); 11 Little Cross St (N1); 36 Swanley St (N1)
04-Aug-16 Changed Name Islington Town House (N1, was 'Round Midnight); Star of the East (E14, was incorrectly listed as Star of East)
04-Aug-16 Changed Status Dockmaster's House (E14, now closed)
28-Jul-16 Added Record Blakeney's Head (N1); Three Hats (N1)
26-Jul-16 Added Record Dog House (W1); Mirabell Wine Bar (W14); Notch (W1); Soho Sky Terrace (W1); Suffolk Arms (N1); 42 Cloudesley Rd (N1)
26-Jul-16 Changed Name Astronomer (E1, was Shooting Star); Platform 3 (TW3, was North Star)
26-Jul-16 Changed Photo Ferry House (E14)
26-Jul-16 Changed Status Ferry House (E14, now open)
08-Jul-16 Changed Status Pontefract Castle (W1, now closed); Prince (N22, now open)
04-Jul-16 Added Photo Mason & Company (E20)
04-Jul-16 Changed Name Edgar's (E8, was Stories)
04-Jul-16 Changed Status King's Arms (Mitchell St EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); King's Head (Mitchell St EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished)
20-Jun-16 Changed Name Old St Records (EC1, was Cafe El Paso)
17-Jun-16 Added Name New Blue Coat Boy (Liverpool Rd N1)
15-Jun-16 Added Record Admiral Napier (N1); Duke of Edinburgh (N1); Lord Clyde (Pentonville Rd N1); Trinity Arms (N1)
14-Jun-16 Added Record Coachmakers' Arms (NW1); Mason & Company (E20)
13-Jun-16 Changed Name Canonbury Tavern (N1, was Canonbury); Fox on the Green (N1, was Slug and Lettuce)
10-Jun-16 Added Name Scotch Stores (Chapel St N1)
10-Jun-16 Added Photo Beehive (N9); Cocktail Trading Co. (E1); Stag and Hounds (N9)
10-Jun-16 Added Record Norfolk Arms (Half Moon Cres N1); Robin Hood (Calshot St N1); Two Brewers (N1); White Horse (White Lion St N1)
10-Jun-16 Changed Name Bloc Bar (NW1, was Stillery); Blue Lion (N1, was incorrectly listed as Blue Inn)
10-Jun-16 Changed Photo Bloc Bar (NW1)
10-Jun-16 Changed Status Bloc Bar (NW1, now open)
10-Jun-16 Removed Record Vernon Arms (N1, same as Lord Vernon Arms)
01-Jun-16 Changed Name Beer Kat (N7, was 12 Bar Club); Edward Lear (N7, was Quays)
01-Jun-16 Changed Status Beer Kat (N7, now open); Metro (N7, now demolished)
31-May-16 Added Record Bedford Arms (N1)
31-May-16 Changed Name Corner Bar (EC1, was Bull's Head); Flyer's Bar (NW9, was Flyer's Last Stand); Shelverdine Goathouse (SE25, was William Stanley)
25-May-16 Changed Status Broad Green Tavern (CR0, now closed)
24-May-16 Added Record Lord High Admiral (N1); Talbot Inn (N1); 18 Upper Cambridge St (N1); 12 Weston Pl (N1); 2 Weston St (N1)
23-May-16 Added Record Denison's Arms (N1); Friend at Hand (N1); Royal Oak (Suffolk St West N1); Royal York (N1); Salisbury Arms (N1)
20-May-16 Changed Area Duke of Clarence (Pancras Rd N1, was NW1); Earl Russell (N1, was NW1); Freemasons' Arms (N1, was NW1); Nottingham Castle (N1, was NW1); Perseverance (N1, was NW1)
19-May-16 Added Record Albion (York Rd N1)
17-May-16 Added Photo Albion (Overstone Rd W6); John the Unicorn (SE15); Maltman and Shovel (W6); Victoria Stores (W6)
17-May-16 Added Record Draft House (EC1); 7 Tales (EC1)
17-May-16 Changed Name Cave Bar (NW5, was Knowhere Special); Flynn's (W6, was Egerton)
17-May-16 Changed Photo Archers (E1); Cave Bar (NW5); Clayton Arms (SE15); Copper Tap (SE15); Devonshire Arms (W8); Draft House (W6); Flynn's (W6); Old Suffolk Punch (W6); Thatched House (W6); White Lion (N4)
17-May-16 Changed Status Devonshire House (N8, now closed); William Stanley (SE25, now closed)
13-May-16 Added Record Chicken House (NW3); Crown (NW3); Duke of Cumberland (NW3); Haunch of Venison (NW3); Hawk (NW3); King's Arms (NW3); Sun (NW3); Three Tuns (NW3); Upper Flask (NW3); White Hart (NW3)
13-May-16 Changed Status Bird Cage (N16, now open)
09-May-16 Added Record Cocktail Trading Co. (E1); Perseverance (SE15)
09-May-16 Changed Name Old China Hand (EC1, was Olde China Hand)
09-May-16 Changed Status Cocktail Trading Co. Development Bar and Table (W1, now closed); Harcourt (W1, now open); Mango Shack (NW1, now closed); Victory (NW1, now closed); Westferry Arms (E14, now closed)
26-Apr-16 Added Photo Big Easy (E14); Sports Bar and Grill (E14); Tonic and Remedy (EC1)
26-Apr-16 Added Record Chai Ki (E14); Notes (E14)
26-Apr-16 Changed Name Crowndale (NW1, was Purple Turtle); Load of Hay Tavern (NW3, was Hill); No 197 Chiswick Fire Station (W4, was All Bar One)
26-Apr-16 Changed Photo Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings (EC1); Coin Laundry (EC1); Elderfield (E5); Hill and Szrok (N1); 68 and Boston (W1)
26-Apr-16 Changed Status Canterbury Arms (SW9, now demolished); Crowndale (NW1, now open); Gilpin's Bell (N18, now closed); Jetlag (W1, now closed); Mucky Pup (N1, now closed); No 197 Chiswick Fire Station (W4, now open)
12-Apr-16 Added Record Beefeater (UB8); Buster Mantis (SE8)
12-Apr-16 Changed Name Junction (RM14, was Essex Yeoman)
12-Apr-16 Changed Status British Queen (SE5, now closed); Cavali (NW1, now demolished); Cuckoo (N1, now open); Perseverance (Shroton St NW1, now open); Plough (UB9, now demolished); Rose and Crown (SE17, now closed); Winchester (N6, now closed); Windsor Castle (Bath Rd TW3, now open)
12-Apr-16 Removed Record White Hart (Windmill St W1, same as Windmill)
11-Apr-16 Added Record Big Easy (E14); Curious Pig (N1); Leman Street Tavern (E1); Out of the Brew (SE14); Sports Bar and Grill (E14); Upminster Taproom (RM14); Yield (N16)
11-Apr-16 Changed Name ArtHouse (N8, was Music Palace); Badger Kelly's (HA3, was Angie's V); Bradwell's (RM1, was Bentley's); Clery's Clock (NW9, was McGowan's); Copper Tap (SE15, was Red Cow); Fizz Sports Bar (HA3, was Masters); Lady Mildmay (N1, was Dissenting Academy); One Sixty (E1, was Slug and Lettuce); Red Lion (N16, was Lion); Smiths of Spitalfields (E1, was Luxe); Zebrano in the City (EC3, was Duke's)
11-Apr-16 Changed Photo ArtHouse (N8)
11-Apr-16 Changed Status ArtHouse (N8, now open); Clayton Arms (SE15, now open); Copper Tap (SE15, now open); Crooked Billet (RM6, now demolished); Duke of Gloucester (CR0, now demolished); Hansbury's (SE13, now closed); King's Head (NW6, now demolished); Man in the Moon (HA7, now closed); Maze Inn (Chase Side N14, now closed); Medcalf (EC1, now closed); Neuvo (RM6, now closed); Parkside (RM1, now closed); Plough (E9, now closed); Powerhaus (N4, now demolished); Royal Duchess (E1, now closed); Smiths of Spitalfields (E1, now closed); South Beats (CR0, now open); Stokey Stop (N16, now closed); 12 Bar Club (N7, now closed); Zebrano in the City (EC3, now open)
04-Apr-16 Added Record Bedrock (BR2); Bonnie's (BR1)
04-Apr-16 Changed Status Compass (BR1, now closed)
10-Mar-16 Added Record Blondie's (E5)
10-Mar-16 Changed Name Fat Walrus (SE14, was Old Haberdasher); Hill and Szrok (N1, was Three Crowns); White Lion (N4, was White Lion of Mortimer)
10-Mar-16 Changed Status Railway Tavern (Kingsland High St E8, now closed); White Lion (N4, now open)
22-Feb-16 Added Photo Alibi (E8); Brewer's Bar (E8); Crown (Central St EC1); Crown (Sekforde St EC1); Eat 17 (E9); London Fields Brewery Tap Room (E8); Look Mum No Hands! (E8); Machine No. 3 (E9); Northumberland Arms (EC1); NT's (E8); Patterson's Hotel (EC1); Russet (E8); Victoria (Shacklewell La E8); Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities (E8); White Swan (St Johns La EC1); Wringle and Mangle (E8); 12 Brett Rd (E8)
22-Feb-16 Added Record Bounce (Old St EC1)
22-Feb-16 Changed Name Amwell Arms (EC1, was Simmons); Cirque (EC1, was Modern Love); Clerkenwell and Social (EC1, was Bear)
22-Feb-16 Changed Photo BrewDog (EC1); Clerkenwell and Social (EC1); Floirin (N19); Gibson (EC1); Gun (E9); Kingsland (E8); Market Cafe (E8); Oslo (E8); Soho Square (W1); Stories (E8); Vinoteca (EC1)
22-Feb-16 Changed Status Aberfeldy (E14, now demolished); Magdala Tavern (NW3, now closed); Prince Alfred (W9, now open)
18-Feb-16 Changed Name Soho Square (W1, was Edge)
10-Feb-16 Added Photo Casterton Arms (E8); Dalston Eastern Curve Garden Cafe (E8); De Beauvoir Tavern (E8); Drake & Morgan at King's Cross (N1); Duke of Marlborough (E8); German Gymnasium (N1); Lord Stanley (E8); Marion Arms (E8); Pinch (E8); Proof (E8); Rotorino (E8); Silk Stockings (E8)
10-Feb-16 Added Record Momento Lounge Bar (E1); Waitrose Wine Bar (N1)
10-Feb-16 Changed Name Winnicott (NW1, was Etrusco Bar)
10-Feb-16 Changed Photo Bar 512 (E8); Heart of Hackney (E8); Molly Bloom's (E8); Old Ship (E8); Stage 3 (E8); Three Compasses (E8)
10-Feb-16 Changed Status Duke of Wellington (N1, now closed); New Inn (CR0, now demolished); Winnicott (NW1, now open)
02-Feb-16 Changed Name Fox and Pie (N16, was Fox Reformed); Grocer (E1, was Scarlet.); Luna (CR0, was Reflex)
02-Feb-16 Changed Status Fox and Pie (N16, now open); Gun (E1, now demolished); L.A. (E8, now demolished, was incorrectly marked closed)
25-Jan-16 Changed Status Tiger Tiger (CR0, now closed); White Lion of Mortimer (N4, now closed)
20-Jan-16 Added Record Silk Stockings (E8)
19-Jan-16 Added Record Ruby's Bar and Lounge (N16)
19-Jan-16 Changed Status Charlie Wright's International Bar (N1, now demolished)
19-Jan-16 ADDED PAGE W9
12-Jan-16 Added Record William Wells and Company (Britannia Brewery) (Breweries)
12-Jan-16 Changed Status All Bar One (W4, now closed); Archangel (W8, now closed); Beehive (Crawford St W1, now closed); White Lion (EC1, now closed); 18 20 (W4, now closed)
23-Dec-15 ADDED PAGE E8
23-Dec-15 Added Record Hope and Anchor (E9); North Star (E9); Waggon and Horses (N1)
23-Dec-15 Changed Name Stoke Newington Tea House (N16, was Daniel Defoe)
15-Dec-15 Added Photo Bar Termini (W1); Chotto Mate (W1); Les Couilles du Chien (W1); Duke's Head (Frith St W1)
15-Dec-15 Added Record Mirth, Marvel and Maud (E17)
15-Dec-15 Changed Name Bar 300 (E17, was Soul); Baskerville (CR2, was Folly); Be at One (Greek St W1, was Moonlighting); Earl of Derby (NW6, was Earl Derby); Kelly's Sports Bar and Grill (E17, was Market Inn); Scottish Stores (N1, was Flying Scotsman); 100 Wardour Street (W1, was Carom)
15-Dec-15 Changed Photo Be at One (Greek St W1); Ship (Wardour St W1); Simmons (Bateman St W1); 68 and Boston (W1)
15-Dec-15 Changed Status Bar 300 (E17, now open); Baskerville (CR2, now open); Carom (W1, now closed); Coin Laundry (EC1, now open); Floridita (W1, now closed); Lord Brooke (E17, now closed); Scottish Stores (N1, now open); Seymour's Parlour (W1, now open)
09-Dec-15 Added Record Welcome Inn (N14)
09-Dec-15 Changed Status BrewDog (EC1, now open); Corrib Rest (NW6, now closed); Greyhound (SE26, now closed, had been incorrectly marked demolished); Waggon (N14, now closed)
03-Dec-15 Added Record Beer Rebellion (SE26); Bush Theatre Cafe Bar (W12); Drake & Morgan at King's Cross (N1); German Gymnasium (N1); Machine No. 3 (E9)
03-Dec-15 Changed Name Artful Dodger (NW7, was Swiss House); B's Bar and Lounge (NW7, was Inn Crowd); Inkies (N3, was Gertie Brownes); Oriole (EC1, was Cock Tavern); Phonox (SW9, was Plan B); Simmons (W1, was Soho Rocks); Wood House (SE26, was Dulwich Wood House)
03-Dec-15 Changed Status Angel and Crown (NW7, now demolished); B's Bar and Lounge (NW7, now closed); Brushwood Inn (UB8, now closed); Crown and Sceptre (UB8, now closed); Flying Scotsman (N1, now closed); Griddles (UB8, now closed); Hollywood East (SE20, now closed); Hospital Tavern (E9, now demolished); Metro (N7, now closed); Olive Branch (N17, now open); Oriole (EC1, now open); Robin Hood and Little John (SE5, now demolished); Spotted Dog (UB9, now closed); Stag (CR2, now demolished, was incorrectly marked open); Top o' the Morning (E9, now demolished); Woodman (CR2, now closed)
02-Dec-15 Added Photo Vetro (W1)
02-Dec-15 Changed Photo Be at One (Wimpole St W1); BrewDog (W1); Flying Horse (W1); Grace (W1); Two Sportsmen (W1)
30-Nov-15 Added Photo Dirfo (N4)
30-Nov-15 Changed Name Be at One (NW1, was Beatrice); Dirfo (N4, was Halfway House); Mossy Well (N10, was Village)
30-Nov-15 Changed Photo Be at One (NW1); Camden's Daughter (NW5); Park Tavern (N4); Robinson Crusoe (N16); Winnicott (N16); World's End (N4)
25-Nov-15 Added Record Vetro (W1)
25-Nov-15 Changed Name Barge House (N1, was Ribeira); BrewDog (EC1, was Match); Gibson (EC1, was Il Cicchetto)
25-Nov-15 Changed Status Queen's Head (SW9, now closed)
24-Nov-15 Added Record White Horse (Pitfield St N1); 6 Provost St (N1)
20-Nov-15 Added Record Coopers' Arms (Hyde Rd N1); Crown (Lynedoch St N1)
19-Nov-15 Added Record Kimberley Arms (E9)
19-Nov-15 Changed Status Steamship (E14, now closed)
18-Nov-15 Added Record General Gordon (E9)
17-Nov-15 Changed Name Camden's Daughter (NW5, was O'Reilly's)
17-Nov-15 Changed Status Camden's Daughter (NW5, now open)
12-Nov-15 Changed Name Pocket Watch (W12, was British Queen)
12-Nov-15 Changed Photo Oak W12 (W12); O'Donoghue's (W12); Prince (W12)
10-Nov-15 Changed Name Prince of Wales (SW9, was Prince)
10-Nov-15 Changed Photo Prince of Wales (Brixton Rd SW9); Windsor (SE15)
05-Nov-15 Added Photo Albion (Lewisham High St SE13); Fleadh (HA3); Pisco Embassy (N1)
05-Nov-15 Changed Name Junction (SE5, was Coast Bar); Rambles (SE13, was Swan); 12 Bar Club (N7, was Phibbers); Work (N1, was Anam)
05-Nov-15 Changed Photo Amaryllis (SE5); Arsenal Tavern (N4); Dirty Martini (N1); Dolls House (N1); Doric Arch (NW1); Duke (SE8); Hopsmiths (N4); Junction (SE5); Lamb (N7); Rambles (SE13); Taproom (N1); 12 Bar Club (N7); White Horse (SE13); Work (N1)
05-Nov-15 Changed Status Junction (SE5, now open)
04-Nov-15 Changed Name BrewDog (W1, was B-Soho)
02-Nov-15 Added Record Les Couilles du Chien (W1)
02-Nov-15 Changed Name Craft Beer Co. (EC3, was Trident); Foxlow (W4, was Sam's Brasserie and Bar); South Beats (CR0, was Half and Half)
02-Nov-15 Changed Status George IV (Ida St E14, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); South Beats (CR0, now closed)
28-Oct-15 Added Record Caffe Vergnano 1882 (EC3)
27-Oct-15 Added Photo Fable (EC1); Howling Hops Tank Bar (E9); Pond (N16)
27-Oct-15 Added Record Etc (N16); Grow (E9); Mother's Ruin Gin Palace (E17); Number 90 (E9); Victory Mansion (N16)
27-Oct-15 Changed Name Pearl and Feather (EC1, was Empress of Russia)
27-Oct-15 Changed Photo Chequers (E17); Crate (E9); Dalston Social (N16); Goose (E17); High Water (N16); Inn of Court (EC1); Le Paris Grill (EC1); Nag's Head (E17); Original Sin (N16); Pearl and Feather (EC1); Princess of Wales (E5); Scenario (N16); Shakespeare (2 Goswell Rd EC1); White Swan (Commercial Rd E14)
27-Oct-15 Changed Status Pearl and Feather (EC1, now open)
26-Oct-15 Added Photo Jamie's (Philpot La EC3); Number 25 (EC3); Red Lion (EC3); Sir John Falstaff (Eastcheap EC3); Tanner's Hall (EC3); 1 Lombard Street (EC3)
26-Oct-15 Changed Name Dirty Martini (EC3, was Clause); 68 and Boston (W1, was Green Carnation)
26-Oct-15 Changed Photo Bar Locks (E1); Castle (Commercial Rd E1); Dickens Inn (E1); Dirty Martini (EC3); Forge (EC3); Frying Pan (E1); Hydrant (EC3); Silk and Grain (EC3); Slug and Lettuce (E Smithfield E1)
26-Oct-15 Changed Status Dirty Martini (EC3, now open); Hydrant (EC3, now open); White Horse (NW3, now open)
20-Oct-15 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2016 pubs
20-Oct-15 Changed Name Fifty 9 (W1, was Babble); Thatched House (W6, was Butcher's Hook); Three Six Six (SW18, was Bar 366); Winnicott (N16, was Monarch)
20-Oct-15 Changed Status Alma (N1, now open); Cavali (NW1, now closed); Winnicott (N16, now open)
01-Oct-15 Changed Photo Lord Palmerston (NW1)
21-Sep-15 Changed Status Job Centre (SE8, now open); Perseverance (NW1, now closed)
11-Sep-15 Changed Status Alma (N1, now closed); Fitzroy Tavern (W1, now closed); Kino (E9, now closed); Mahogany Bar (E1, now open); Purple Turtle (NW1, now closed); Stillery (NW1, now closed); Truscott Cellar (NW3, now open)
26-Aug-15 Changed Photo Chesham Arms (E9); Gun (E9); Hector and Noble (E9); Jackdaw and Star (E9); Kenton (E9); Lauriston (E9); People's Park Tavern (E9)
26-Aug-15 Changed Status Magdala Tavern (NW3, now open)
24-Aug-15 Changed Name Dirty Martini (N1, was XOXO); Phoenix (CR0, was Gypsy Tavern)
24-Aug-15 Changed Status Ferry House (E14, now closed)
14-Aug-15 Added Photo Perkin Reveller (EC3)
14-Aug-15 Changed Name Nile (N15, was Nile Bar)
11-Aug-15 Changed Name Simmons (EC1, was Fountain); Simmons (E1, was City of Carlisle)
11-Aug-15 Changed Photo Simmons (E1)
11-Aug-15 Changed Status Coach and Horses (Ray St EC1, now closed); Sekforde Arms (EC1, now closed); Simmons (E1, now open)
07-Aug-15 Changed Name Flying Horse (W1, was Tottenham); Hopsmiths (N4, was Noble); Milkwood (SE24, was Poet); Robinson Crusoe (N16, was Tommy Flynn's); Starting Gate (N22, was Gate)
04-Aug-15 Added Record Blue Lion (EC1); Chequers (EC1); Coach and Horses (Cross St EC1); Horseshoe Brewery Tap (EC1); Three Jolly Butchers (EC1); Union Tavern (EC1); White Horse (Gt Saffron Hi EC1)
04-Aug-15 Changed Name Bodega (EC1, was Hole in the Wall); Piano Works (EC1, was Ghost)
04-Aug-15 Changed Status Piano Works (EC1, now open)
04-Aug-15 Removed Record Sun (Gt Saffron Hi EC1, same as One Tun)
31-Jul-15 Added Record Cape of Good Hope (EC1); City Arms (Liquorpond St EC1); Rising Sun (Back Hi EC1); Sun and Punch Bowl (Ray St EC1); White Horse (Ray St EC1)
31-Jul-15 Changed Name Winchmore (N21, was Willow)
31-Jul-15 Changed Status Albert (NW1, now closed); Winchmore (N21, now open)
30-Jul-15 Added Record Cobham's Head (EC1); Half Moon (Portpool La EC1); Prince of Orange (EC1); Sir John Oldcastle (Coldbath Fields EC1); Three Golden Cans (EC1)
30-Jul-15 Changed Status Duke of Argyll (EC1, now closed, was possibly incorrectly marked as demolished)
28-Jul-15 Added Record Crown (Sekforde St EC1)
28-Jul-15 Changed Name Magdala Tavern (NW3, was Magdala)
28-Jul-15 Changed Status Mahogany Bar (E1, now closed)
27-Jul-15 Added Record Cherry Tree (Bowling Green La EC1); Coopers' Arms (Rosoman St EC1); Green Man and Still (Coppice Row EC1); King's Arms (Exmouth St EC1); Magpie and Stump (Silver St EC1); 7 Yardley St (EC1); 40 Corporation Row (EC1)
24-Jul-15 Changed Name Two Sportsmen (W1, was Sports Bar and Grill)
24-Jul-15 Changed Status Fino (W1, now closed)
22-Jul-15 Added Photo Ninth Ward (EC1)
22-Jul-15 Added Record League (EC1); 27 Rawstorne St (EC1); 33 Rawstorne St (EC1)
22-Jul-15 Changed Photo Griffin (EC1)
21-Jul-15 Added Record Blue Last (19 Compton St EC1); Carpenters' Arms (Berry St EC1); 40 Percival St (EC1)
21-Jul-15 Changed Status White Horse (NW3, now closed)
16-Jul-15 Added Photo Bar W6 (W6); Blue Boat (W6); Curtains Up (W14); Function Room (E4); Kensington Arms (W8); Latymer's (W6); Martin's Wine Bar (W6); Royal Oak (Woodman St E16); Sourced Market (N1); Wild Card Brewery Tap Room (E17)
16-Jul-15 Added Record Brixton Port Authority (SW9); Ninth Ward (EC1); Seymour's Parlour (W1); 22 St Johns La (EC1)
16-Jul-15 Changed Name Ekcovision (SW9, was Atlantis Bar); Yardbird (W6, was Trout)
16-Jul-15 Changed Photo Ekcovision (SW9); Yardbird (W6)
16-Jul-15 Changed Status Dice (CR0, now open)
10-Jul-15 Added Record Red Lion (White Horse Alley EC1); White Horse (St John St EC1)
09-Jul-15 Added Record Hare and Hounds (EC1); Star (Jerusalem Passage EC1); White Swan (St Johns La EC1)
08-Jul-15 Added Record Castle (Greenhills Rents EC1); Castle and Falcon (EC1); Flying Horse (EC1)
07-Jul-15 Added Record Roebuck (EC1)
07-Jul-15 Changed Name Coin Laundry (EC1, was Cotton's); Hydrant (EC3, was Fine Line)
07-Jul-15 Changed Status Hydrant (EC3, now closed)
03-Jul-15 Added Record Bull's Head (Peter St EC1); Cart and Horse (EC1); Coach and Horses (Turnmill St EC1); Horse and Groom (Turnmill St EC1); Northumberland Arms (EC1)
03-Jul-15 Changed Status Chesham Arms (E9, now open); Dice (CR0, now closed)
30-Jun-15 Added Record Angel Inn (EC1); Nottingham Castle (EC1); Queen's Arms Tavern (EC1); Red Lion (King Edward St EC1); Salisbury Arms (EC1); Three Tuns (W Smithfield EC1); White Hart (King Edward St EC1)
29-Jun-15 Added Photo Barking Arms (IG11); Case Is Altered (HA5); Frankie and Benny's (IG11); King's Lounge (IG11); Mango Shack (NW1); Michael Nadra Restaurant, Martini Bar and Garden (NW1); Victoria (IG11); Zim-Bar (IG11)
29-Jun-15 Added Record Bar Original (IG11); Chains (IG11); Greyhound (W Smithfield EC1); King's Head (Newgate St EC1); Nine Stiles (UB9); Number Seven (EC1); Rainbow Hotel (EC1); Salutation and Cat (EC1)
29-Jun-15 Changed Name Bear on the Barge (UB9, was St James at The Horse and Barge); Inn of Court (EC1, was Melton Mowbray); King's Lounge (IG11, was Barking Tap/Buzz Wine Bar); Zim-Bar (IG11, was Blarney Stone)
29-Jun-15 Changed Photo George (D'Arblay St W1); Old Tom and English (W1); Pembroke Castle (NW1); Soho Rocks (W1)
29-Jun-15 Changed Status Candy Bar (W1, now closed); Harrow (IG11, now demolished); Iyke Bar and Restaurant (IG11, now closed); Short Blue (IG11, now demolished); Tamworth Arms (CR0, now closed); Westbury Arms (IG11, now demolished)
26-Jun-15 Added Record Bell Inn (EC1); Bull's Head (W Smithfield EC1); George Tavern (EC1); Grapes (Newgate St EC1); Queen's Head (St Martins le Grand EC1)
26-Jun-15 Changed Status Cock Tavern (EC1, now closed)
25-Jun-15 Added Record Owen Glendower (EC1); Lamb (Long La EC1)
25-Jun-15 Changed Status Huntingdon Arms (E16, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
24-Jun-15 Added Record Ship (Glasshouse Yd EC1)
23-Jun-15 Added Photo Charleston's Wine Bar (NW11)
23-Jun-15 Added Record Cock and Crown (EC1); Full Stop (E1); George IV (New St EC1); Howling Hops Tank Bar (E9)
23-Jun-15 Changed Photo Brewhouse and Kitchen (N5); Cotton's Rhum Shack (E1); Papillion (NW11)
23-Jun-15 Changed Status Brewhouse and Kitchen (N5, now open)
23-Jun-15 Removed Record Golden Horse (EC1, same as City Boundary Tavern)
22-Jun-15 Added Photo 61 Grafton Rd (NW5)
22-Jun-15 Changed Name 28 West (E14, was Camino); Gipsy Queen (NW5, was Bluebell); Tommy Flynn's (N12, was Finchley Tavern)
22-Jun-15 Changed Photo Bull in a China Shop (E1); Gipsy Queen (NW5)
22-Jun-15 Changed Status 28 West (E14, now open); Gipsy Queen (NW5, now open)
18-Jun-15 Added Record Crown and Sceptre (EC1); 8 Golden La (EC1)
17-Jun-15 Added Record Bell (Red Lion Market EC1); Rum Puncheon (Old St EC1)
17-Jun-15 Changed Photo Wallace (NW11)
16-Jun-15 Added Photo Beer Rebellion (SE15); Cahoots (W1); Hope (Melon Rd SE15)
16-Jun-15 Added Record Angel and Porter (EC1); Fountain and Still (EC1)
16-Jun-15 Changed Photo Cocktail Trading Co. Development Bar and Table (W1); Duck and Rice (W1); Four Quarters (SE15); Greyhound (SE15); Red Cow (SE15)
16-Jun-15 Changed Status Red Cow (SE15, now closed)
10-Jun-15 Changed Name Kelly's (N9, was Crown and Horseshoes); Tudor Inn (N9, was Horse and Groom)
02-Jun-15 Added Name Prince of Wales (Norman St EC1); 94 Upper Whitecross St (EC1)
02-Jun-15 Added Record Uncle Tom's Cabin (EC1)
01-Jun-15 Added Photo White Horse (E14)
01-Jun-15 Added Record Duke of Gloucester (EC1)
01-Jun-15 Changed Name Be at One (Wimpole St W1, was Wimpole)
01-Jun-15 Changed Photo Warwick (W1)
01-Jun-15 Changed Status Albion (E9, now closed); Tiger (E9, now closed)
31-May-15 Added Record Diggers' Arms (E14)
29-May-15 Added Record Alton Ale House (EC1); 83 Old St (EC1)
28-May-15 Added Record Angle (EC1); Bricklayers' Arms (Ironmonger Row EC1); Carpenters' Arms (EC1); Dover Castle (EC1); 362 Old St (EC1)
27-May-15 Added Photo Falcon Inn (UB8); Red Filly (NW7)
27-May-15 Changed Photo Alex (N8); Cavali (NW1); Earl Haig Hall (N8); Mango Room (NW1); Newmarket Ale House (N7); Pack and Carriage (NW1); Sir John Balcombe (NW1); Vine (NW5); White Horse (NW3)
26-May-15 Added Record Dolphin (EC1); Grapes (Old St Rd EC1); Hop Pole (EC1)
26-May-15 Changed Status Crown and Anchor (SE13, now demolished); NW3 Bar and Kitchen (NW3, now closed)
26-May-15 Removed Record New Tariff (EC1, same as Jolly Butchers)
24-May-15 Added Record Orbit Beers London Tap Room (SE17)
24-May-15 Changed Name Come Dine (HA3, was McGowan's); Crazy London (HA7, was Crazy Horse); Fox and Geese (UB10, was Old Fox); Jono's (NW9, was Kingsbury Tavern); Old Fields (SW18, was Old Garage)
24-May-15 Changed Status Beehive (Crossford St SW9, now closed); Britannia (NW1, now closed); Come Dine (HA3, now open); Infinity (N3, now closed); Jono's (NW9, now open); Platform 7 (RM14, now closed); R&R's (CR0, now closed); William the Conqueror (RM3, now closed)
22-May-15 Added Record Rainbow (EC1); 201 Goswell Rd (EC1); 247 Goswell Rd (EC1)
22-May-15 Changed Name Lord John Russell (City Rd EC1, was incorrectly listed as Lord Nelson); Wandle Trail (SW18, was Purple Patch)
21-May-15 Added Record Bell (EC1); Crown (Central St EC1); Goldsmiths' Arms (EC1); Lord John Russell (Lever St EC1); Plough (Lever St EC1); 77 Central St (EC1); 117 Central St (EC1); 40 York St (EC1)
20-May-15 Added Record Lamb (EC1)
19-May-15 Added Record Neighbourhood (E20)
19-May-15 Changed Name Bar Italia (UB8, was Electric Lounge); Goldsmith's Arms (SE20, was Goldsmith's); Le Paris Grill (EC1, was Spectator); Sir John Balcombe (NW1, was Wood Marylebone)
19-May-15 Changed Status Brazen Head (NW1, now closed); Pig and Whistle (E17, now closed); Prince (N22, now closed); Prince Albert (UB8, now demolished); Ship (SE25, now closed); Windsor Castle (TW3, now closed)
18-May-15 Changed Name White Horse (SE13, was One)
18-May-15 Changed Status Alma Tavern (CR0, now open); Cock (N9, now closed); McGowan's (Cricklewood La NW2, now closed)
13-May-15 Added Photo Ferry Boat Inn (N17)
13-May-15 Added Record Belair House (SE21)
13-May-15 Changed Photo Bedford Tavern (N7); Crown (N19); William Butler Yeats (N4)
11-May-15 Added Record Bean and Hop (SW18); Patron (NW5)
11-May-15 Changed Name Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar (NW5, was Shebeen)
11-May-15 Changed Photo Bull and Gate (NW5); Joe's Southern Kitchen and Bar (NW5)
30-Apr-15 Added Record Cahoots (W1); Hope (Melon Rd SE15); Tonic and Remedy (EC1)
30-Apr-15 Changed Name Bull in a China Shop (E1, was White Swan); Dolls House (N1, was House of Wolf); Hector and Noble (E9, was Village Tap)
30-Apr-15 Changed Status Bull in a China Shop (E1, now open); Duck and Rice (W1, now open); Durham Arms (E16, now closed)
29-Apr-15 Added Record 10 Talbot Ct (EC3); Norfolk Hotel (EC3)
28-Apr-15 Added Record Alton Ale House (Eastcheap EC3); Colin Campbell (EC3); Margate Hoy (EC3); Tower (EC3)
28-Apr-15 Changed Name Soho Rocks (W1, was Carlisle Arms)
27-Apr-15 Changed Name Harriers (SE24, was Herne Arms); Pack and Carriage (NW1, was Elixir Bar)
27-Apr-15 Changed Status Crown and Anchor (EC3, now demolished, was incorrectly marked open); Globe (Fish St Hill EC3, now demolished, was incorrectly marked open); Portal (EC1, now closed); Smithfield Tavern (EC1, now closed); Yates's (CR0, now closed)
22-Apr-15 Added Photo Divas (N1); Golden Cross (N1); London Cocktail Club (N1)
22-Apr-15 Added Record Percy and Founders (W1)
22-Apr-15 Changed Photo Chapel Bar (N1); Newman Arms (W1); Radicals and Victuallers (N1)
21-Apr-15 Added Record Divas (N1); London Cocktail Club (N1); Sourced Market (N1)
21-Apr-15 Changed Name Dome (N1, was Shakespeare); Ones (N1, was Southgate Arms); Pimlico Bar (N1, was Haberdashers' Arms); Radicals and Victuallers (N1, was O'Neill's)
21-Apr-15 Changed Status Bluu (N1, now closed); Green Dragon (N21, now closed)
20-Apr-15 Added Record Truscott Cellar (NW3)
20-Apr-15 Changed Name Blue Cat (N1, was Sutton Arms); One Two Five Church Street (N16, was incorrectly listed as 125 Church Street)
20-Apr-15 Changed Status Black Cap (NW1, now closed); Bull and Gate (NW5, now open); Carlton Tavern (NW6, now demolished); Fox Reformed (N16, now closed, was incorrectly marked open); Newman Arms (W1, now open); Patterson's Hotel (EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
02-Apr-15 Changed Status Filthy's (N7, now closed); Star (NW8, now closed)
27-Mar-15 Added Photo Ladies and Gents (NW5); Rose and Crown (NW5)
27-Mar-15 Added Record Blue Boat (W6); Notes (N1); Vinoteca (N1)
27-Mar-15 Changed Name One Inn the Wood (BR5, was Bradley's Wine Bar)
27-Mar-15 Changed Status Centurion (N19, now closed); Intrepid Fox (N19, now closed); Monarch (N16, now closed)
24-Mar-15 Added Record Adriatico (EC3); Boar's Head Inn (EC3); Camino (EC3); Factory House (EC3); Tanner's Hall (EC3)
24-Mar-15 Changed Status Bodega (Eastcheap EC3, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Sir John Falstaff (Eastcheap EC3, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
23-Mar-15 ADDED PAGE EC3
23-Mar-15 Changed Name Afrikiko (SE15, was incorrectly listed as Afrikaka); Brewhouse and Kitchen (N5, was Junction); Stillery (NW1, was Camden Rock)
23-Mar-15 Changed Photo Euston Flyer (NW1); Italian Job (W4); Rose (SE14); Spread Eagle (NW1); Stillery (NW1); Westbury (N22)
23-Mar-15 Changed Status Barnaby (SE15, now demolished); Brewhouse and Kitchen (N5, now closed); Stillery (NW1, now open)
19-Mar-15 Changed Name Singer Tavern (EC1, was No. 1 Sports Bar)
19-Mar-15 Changed Photo Angel (EC1); Singer Tavern (EC1)
16-Mar-15 Changed Name Draft House (W6, was Laurie Arms)
12-Mar-15 Changed Status Cotton's (EC1, now closed)
11-Mar-15 Changed Status Bluebell (NW5, now closed); Dartmouth Arms (NW5, now closed)
06-Mar-15 Changed Status Buffalo Bar (N1, now closed); Kilburn Ironworks (NW6, now open)
03-Mar-15 Changed Name Cecil Tavern (W1, was Sun)
27-Feb-15 Added Photo Bull on the Green (E4); Carlton (E1); Cricketers (Shirley Rd CR0); Crown and Sceptre (Ben Jonson Rd E1); Duke of Norfolk (E1); Fish and Ring (E1); Front Room (E4); Horn of Plenty (Globe Rd E1); King John (E1); King's Head (Kings Head Hill E4); Location (E1); Loco Lounge (E4); London Cocktail Club (E1); Manor House (N4); One Twenty (E4); Peacock (E1); Prince of Wales (Grafton St E1); Queen Elizabeth (E4); Royal Forest Hotel (E4); Shakespeare's Head (Jubilee St E1); Station House (E4)
27-Feb-15 Changed Name Front Room (E4, was Room)
27-Feb-15 Changed Photo Bell (Middlesex St E1); Canvas Bar (EC1); Castle (Commercial Rd E1); Castle (Cowcross St EC1); Charlie Wright's International Bar (N1); Fence (EC1); Hop and Berry (N1); Noble (N4); Sports Bar and Grill (EC1); Three Compasses (EC1)
27-Feb-15 Changed Status Light (E1, now closed)
24-Feb-15 Changed Status Gun (E1, now closed)
23-Feb-15 Changed Name Mascots (BR1, was TP's); Wallace (NW11, was Grove)
23-Feb-15 Changed Status Newman Arms (W1, now closed)
16-Feb-15 Added Record Bar Termini (W1); Pisco Embassy (N1)
16-Feb-15 Changed Name Cocktail Trading Co. Development Bar and Table (W1, was Central & Co.); Duck and Rice (W1, was Endurance); Inamo (W1, was Don Luigi Bar)
16-Feb-15 Changed Status Devonshire Arms (W4, now demolished); Harcourt (W1, now closed); Inamo (W1, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); LVPO (W1, now closed); La Perla (W1, now closed); Revolution (W1, now closed); 'Round Midnight (N1, now closed)
13-Feb-15 Changed Name 66 Berwick St (W1, was incorrectly listed as Crown)
09-Feb-15 Changed Name Italian Job (W4, was Pickwick's Wine Bar); Smokehouse (W4, was Hole in the Wall)
09-Feb-15 Changed Status Prince of Wales (UB8, now closed)
06-Feb-15 Added Record Narrow (E14)
06-Feb-15 Changed Name Barley Mow (Narrow St E14, was incorrectly listed as Narrow)
06-Feb-15 Changed Status O'Reilly's (NW5, now closed)
04-Feb-15 Changed Name Everest Spice (HA7, was Honeypot); George II (RM12, was OJ's); Parkside (RM1, was Squire); Raw Lasan (HA7, was Vine); Spice Rack (HA7, was Red Leopard); Tulse Hill Hotel (SE24, was Tulse Hill Tavern)
04-Feb-15 Changed Status Abercorn Bar and Restaurant (HA7, now closed); Bailey (N7, now closed); Beehive (Homer St W1, now closed); Dirty South (SE13, now closed); Monty's (W1, now closed); Parkside (RM1, now open); Raw Lasan (HA7, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Spice Rack (HA7, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
29-Jan-15 Changed Status Mimosa (N12, now closed); Resham (N12, now closed); Torrington House (N12, now closed)
28-Jan-15 Changed Name Fountain (W1, was Lion Tap); Pamphilon (W1, was incorrectly listed as Pamphilion)
28-Jan-15 Removed Record Plough (Rupert St W1, same as Prince Rupert)
27-Jan-15 Added Record Geneva Arms (W1); John O'Groat's (W1); Ladies and Gents (NW5)
27-Jan-15 Changed Name Original Sin (N16, was Ro Bar)
27-Jan-15 Changed Status Shebeen (NW5, now closed)
26-Jan-15 Added Record Black Horse (Coventry St W1); Britannia (Little Compton St W1); Cock (New St W1); Crown (Marylebone St W1)
26-Jan-15 Removed Record Nag's Head (Marshall St W1, same as Diamond Reign)
22-Jan-15 Changed Name Rose (SE14, was Hobgoblin)
21-Jan-15 Added Photo Mayfair Hotel (W1, was incorrectly attached to Sun and Falcon)
21-Jan-15 Changed Name Flyer's Last Stand (NW9, was Cheers); Mayfair Hotel (W1, was Marquis of Granby)
21-Jan-15 Removed Photo Sun and Falcon (W1, not the correct building)
19-Jan-15 Added Record Durweston Arms (W1); Lord Nelson (Upper Bryanston St W1); 28 Gt Quebec St (W1)
19-Jan-15 Changed Status Filling Station (N1, now demolished)
15-Jan-15 Added Record Prince of Wales (Spring St W1)
15-Jan-15 Changed Status Rose of Normandy (W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
14-Jan-15 Added Record Crown and Anchor (North St W1)
09-Jan-15 Added Record Bentinck Arms (W1); Sir Robert Peel (W1); 19 Barretts Ct (W1); 3 Blandford St (W1)
09-Jan-15 Changed Name Old Tom and English (W1, was Coal Vaults)
09-Jan-15 Changed Status Bedford Tavern (N7, now open)
07-Jan-15 Added Record Hope (James St W1)
06-Jan-15 Added Record Essex Arms (W1)
05-Jan-15 Added Record Coach and Horses (Welbeck St W1); King's Arms (Little Woodstock St W1)
05-Jan-15 Changed Name Function Room (E4, was Signal Box)
05-Jan-15 Changed Status Paul's Head (E16, now demolished); Tidal Basin Tavern (E16, now demolished)
27-Dec-14 Added Record Anchor (W1); Foley Arms (W1); King's Head (Gt Portland St W1); 32 Riding House St (W1)
27-Dec-14 Changed Name Oxford and Cambridge Stores (W1, was Merlin's Cave)
27-Dec-14 Removed Record Portland Hotel (W1, hotel)
24-Dec-14 Added Record King's Head (Wells Mews W1)
23-Dec-14 Added Record Welsh Harp (W1); 5 Brown St (W1); 17 London St (W1)
22-Dec-14 Added Record Cock (Tottenham Ct Rd W1); Crabtree (W1); Dog and Duck (Tottenham Ct Rd W1); Fox and Hounds (W1); Horseshoe Hotel (W1); Plasterers' Arms (Tottenham Ct Rd W1); Red Lion (Tottenham Ct Rd W1); Ship (Tottenham Pl W1)
22-Dec-14 Changed Name Soho Kitchen and Bar (W1, was Boheme Kitchen and Bar); Tottenham Distillery (W1, was Bull's Head)
22-Dec-14 Changed Status Duke's Head (Frith St W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Lion (N19, now closed); Living Room (W1, now closed); Pendulum (W1, now closed); White Lion (EC1, now open)
22-Dec-14 Removed Record Albemarle Club (W1, private club)
18-Dec-14 Changed Status Cafe Royal Bar (W1, now open, was incorrectly marked demolished)
17-Dec-14 Added Record Black Horse (Swallow St W1); Coopers' Arms (W1); Crown (Swallow St W1); Hit or Miss (W1); Nag's Head (Swallow St W1); Old George (Oxford St W1); Parr's Head (W1); Plough (Oxford St W1); Running Horse (Swallow St W1); Valiant Trooper (W1)
17-Dec-14 Changed Name London Cocktail Club (W1, was Noir Bar); White Swan (Oxford St W1, was incorrectly listed as Swan)
16-Dec-14 Added Photo 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen (W1); Beer Shop (SE15); Bounce (Holborn EC1); Luggage Room (W1)
16-Dec-14 Changed Name Chakana (W1, was Rose); Royal Oak (W1, was Temperance)
16-Dec-14 Changed Photo Bok Bar (W1); Cavendish (W1); Chakana (W1); Finery (W1); Marylebone (W1); Royal Oak (W1); Simmons (W1)
16-Dec-14 Changed Status Cavendish (W1, now open)
15-Dec-14 Changed Status Abrook Arms (UB8, now closed)
14-Dec-14 Added Record White Horse (S Audley St W1)
13-Dec-14 Changed Name King's Arms (Mount St W1, was incorrectly listed as King's Head); Swan (Park St W1, was incorrectly listed as White Swan)
12-Dec-14 Added Record Barley Mow (Mount St W1); Bell (Mount St W1); Grapes (Mount St W1); Green Man (Green St W1); Horse and Groom (George Yd W1)
11-Dec-14 Added Record Grapes (South Molton St W1); Hanover Tavern (W1); Plough (Brooks Mews W1); Portsmouth Arms (W1)
10-Dec-14 Added Record Crown (Heddon St W1); Horseshoe (Tichborne St W1)
10-Dec-14 Changed Name Quadrant Hotel (W1, was Hope)
09-Dec-14 Added Record Greyhound (W1); Griffin (W1); Hatchett's Hotel and Tavern (W1); Swan (Piccadilly W1); Three Kings (Piccadilly W1); Three Pigeons (W1); Two Brewers (W1)
08-Dec-14 Added Name Hop Pole (Carburton St W1); Phoenix (William St NW1); Portland Stores (Upper Marylebone St W1)
08-Dec-14 Added Record Beer Shop (SE15)
08-Dec-14 Changed Name Alex (N8, was Villiers Terrace); Anchor (SE13, was Bridge House); Finery (W1, was Old Explorer)
05-Dec-14 Changed Name High Water (N16, was Bar 23); Ye Olde White Bear (NW3, was Old White Bear)
04-Dec-14 ADDED PAGE E6
28-Nov-14 Changed Status Vibe Bar (E1, now closed)
25-Nov-14 Changed Status Crown and Greyhound (SE21, now closed); Escape (W1, now closed); Madame JoJo's (W1, now closed)
24-Nov-14 ADDED PAGE RM5; RM7
21-Nov-14 ADDED PAGE RM1; RM2; RM3
19-Nov-14 Added Record London Cocktail Club (E1)
19-Nov-14 Changed Name Modern Love (EC1, was Common); Simmons (W1, was Potion); 125 Church Street (N16, was White Rabbit)
19-Nov-14 Changed Status Golden Cross (N1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Simmons (W1, now open)
17-Nov-14 Added Record Vineyard (CR0)
14-Nov-14 ADDED PAGE RM4
12-Nov-14 Added Record Earlsfield (SW18); Pond (N16)
12-Nov-14 Changed Name Basement Sate (W1, was Player)
12-Nov-14 Changed Status Basement Sate (W1, now open)
11-Nov-14 Added Record [Beer house] (Paradise Row E14)
10-Nov-14 Added Record Bricklayers' Arms [Millwall] (E14); King's Arms [Millwall] (E14); [Beer house] (West Ferry Rd E14)
10-Nov-14 Changed Status Bird Cage (N16, now closed)
04-Nov-14 Changed Name Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings (EC1, was Leonard's); NW3 Bar and Kitchen (NW3, was Haverstock Arms); White Mustache (NW1, was Sovereign)
04-Nov-14 Changed Photo White Mustache (NW1)
04-Nov-14 Changed Status Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings (EC1, now open); NW3 Bar and Kitchen (NW3, now open); White Mustache (NW1, now open)
27-Oct-14 ADDED PAGE RM6
27-Oct-14 Changed Name Kilburn Ironworks (NW6, was Power's)
27-Oct-14 Changed Status Nambucca (N7, now open)
25-Oct-14 Changed Status Crocker's Folly (NW8, now open)
23-Oct-14 ADDED PAGE RM8
22-Oct-14 Added Record Royal Oak (RM9)
20-Oct-14 ADDED PAGE RM9; RM10
16-Oct-14 Changed Name Brewhouse and Kitchen (EC1, was Arc)
16-Oct-14 Changed Status Brewhouse and Kitchen (EC1, now open); Changa Bar (N8, now closed); Hampton Court Palace (SE17, now closed); Hope and Anchor (E14, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
16-Oct-14 Removed Photo Green Man [New Bond St] (W1, definitely not the same building)
01-Oct-14 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2015 pubs
01-Oct-14 Changed Name Bojangles (E4, was Mount Terrace); Dovecote (E4, was Sirloin); Williams Ale and Cider House (E1, was Williams)
01-Oct-14 Changed Status Royston Arms (E4, now closed)
29-Sep-14 Changed Name Butcher's Hook (W6, was Thatched House); Cavali (NW1, was Cape of Good Hope)
29-Sep-14 Changed Status Cavali (NW1, now open); Good Intent (N19, now demolished); Jan's (N16, now closed); White Horse (NW3, now open)
17-Sep-14 Added Photo Katherine Wheel (E1)
17-Sep-14 Added Record Bakers' Arms (NW1); Beach Road Cafe Bar (CR0); City Limits (CR0); City of Hereford (Blandford Pl W1); Lansdowne Lounge Bar (CR0); Matthews Yard (CR0)
17-Sep-14 Changed Name Bird (CR0, was Bird in Hand); Dice (CR0, was Bar Sport); Princess Royal (EC1, was incorrectly listed as Princes Royal)
17-Sep-14 Changed Photo Culpeper (E1); Dice (CR0); Gypsy Tavern (CR0)
17-Sep-14 Changed Status Admiral Mann (N7, now closed); Conchitas (CR0, now closed); Magdala (NW3, now closed); Mill (NW7, now demolished); Mullin's Bar (CR0, now closed); Shooshh... (CR0, now closed)
14-Sep-14 Added Photo Campden Arms (W8); Peel Arms (W8)
14-Sep-14 Changed Name Bar Smith (EC1, was Longroom)
14-Sep-14 Changed Photo Ask for Janice (EC1); Bar Smith (EC1); Beehive (N17); Centurion (N19); Eagle Tavern (N17); Hideaway (N19); St Bart's Brewery (EC1); Windsor Castle (W8)
09-Sep-14 Changed Name Cavendish (W1, was Fat of the Land); Hop and Berry (N1, was Barnsbury)
09-Sep-14 Changed Status Cavendish (W1, now closed); Etrusco Bar (NW1, now closed); Jackdaw and Star (E9, now open)
04-Sep-14 Changed Name William Butler Yeats (N4, was Fonthill)
04-Sep-14 Changed Status Arc (EC1, now closed); Canvas Bar (EC1, now open); Hope and Anchor (E14, now closed)
25-Aug-14 Changed Name Alchemy (CR0, was Victoria Island)
16-Aug-14 Added Record Beer Rebellion (SE15)
16-Aug-14 Changed Name Ask for Janice (EC1, was Stream); Pembroke Castle (NW1, was Pembroke)
16-Aug-14 Changed Status Ask for Janice (EC1, now open); Crayfish (BR5, now demolished); London Beer Dispensary (SE4, now open); Underbrook (W14, now closed)
14-Aug-14 Changed Status Half Moon (CR0, now demolished)
04-Aug-14 ADDED PAGE RM11; RM12
04-Aug-14 Changed Name Canvas Bar (EC1, was Nelson's Retreat)
04-Aug-14 Changed Status Lark in the Park (N1, now demolished); Made in the Shade (N1, now closed)
31-Jul-14 Added Record Bounce (Holborn EC1); Shrub and Shutter (SW9); Three Eight Four (SW9)
31-Jul-14 Changed Name Four Quarters (SE15, was Odd Fellows' Arms)
31-Jul-14 Changed Status Four Quarters (SE15, now open)
29-Jul-14 Added Record Curly's Bar (RM14)
29-Jul-14 Changed Name Old White Horse (RM14, was White Horse)
29-Jul-14 Changed Status Bar 3 Zero (RM14, now closed)
28-Jul-14 Added Record Platform 7 (RM14)
28-Jul-14 Changed Status Welcome Hand (RM13, now demolished)
25-Jul-14 Added Record Britannia (SE24); Criterion (SE24)
25-Jul-14 Changed Status Rose and Crown (NW5, now open)
24-Jul-14 Changed Name Centurion (N19, was New Brunswick)
24-Jul-14 Changed Status Bar Apogee (N8, now demolished)
18-Jul-14 Added Record Lloyd's Head (SE15); Mail Train (SE14); White Horse (SE14)
18-Jul-14 Changed Name Dublin Castle (SE15, was Star); Surrey Canal (SE15, was incorrectly listed as Surrey Tavern)
16-Jul-14 Changed Status Cape of Good Hope (NW1, now closed); Duke of St Alban's (NW5, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Hoot 'n' Annie's (NW5, now closed)
07-Jul-14 Added Name Britannia (Canterbury Rd SE15)
03-Jul-14 Added Record Allen's Head (SE15); Duke of Edinburgh [Lower Park Rd] (SE15); Linden Tavern (SE15)
02-Jul-14 Added Name Queen's Head (Rye La SE15)
02-Jul-14 Added Record Hope Brewery Tap (SE15)
02-Jul-14 Changed Name Gypsy Tavern (CR0, was Gipsy Tavern)
02-Jul-14 Changed Status Phoenix (E14, now demolished)
30-Jun-14 Added Record Albion [Hatcham Rd] (SE15); Eat 17 (E9)
26-Jun-14 Added Record Little Wonder [Basing Rd] (SE15); One Sixty (NW6)
26-Jun-14 Changed Name Jackdaw and Star (E9, was Jackdaw and Stump)
25-Jun-14 Added Record Horseshoe Tavern (SE15)
24-Jun-14 Added Record Albert Victor (SE15); Fox and Hounds (SE15); New Barge (SE15); Plough (SE15); Triangle Arms (SE15); Victoria Arms (SE15); Waterman's Arms (SE15); 205 Canterbury Rd (SE15); 2 Sunwell St (SE15)
23-Jun-14 Added Record Atwell Arms (SE15); Avondale Arms (SE15); Blue Anchor (SE15); Commercial Arms (SE15); Conquering Hero (SE15); Dapple Grey (SE15); Eagle [Bells Garden Rd] (SE15); Eton Arms (SE15); Fishmongers' Arms (SE15); Gardeners (SE15); Garibaldi (SE15); Grace Darling (SE15); Montpelier [Boathouse Walk] (SE15); Old Barge House (SE15); Palmerston (SE15); Queen's Head [Basing Rd] (SE15); Red Lion [Bird in Bush Rd] (SE15); Red Lion [Clifton Rd] (SE15); Rose and Thistle (SE15); Ship (SE15); Star (SE15); Swan [Stanton St] (SE15); Willowbrook Arms (SE15); 216 Commercial Rd (SE15); 24 Garsdale Rd (SE15); 7-8 Martins Rd (SE15)
23-Jun-14 Changed Name Intrepid Fox (N19, was Archway Tavern); Rose and Crown (NW5, was Torriano)
20-Jun-14 Changed Status Prince Edward (E9, now open); White Horse (NW3, now closed)
19-Jun-14 Added Record Windsor Castle (SE5); 97 Wells St (SE5)
19-Jun-14 Changed Name St Bart's Brewery (EC1, was Distillers)
18-Jun-14 Added Name A1 (Duckett St E1); Barley Mow (New Gravel La E1); Bedford Arms (Goswell Rd EC1); Bell (Garden St E1); Camden Arms (Berkley St EC1); Enterprise (Ossulston St NW1); Garibaldi (Bale St E1); Hare's Foot Inn (Goodge St W1); Hemsworth (Hemsworth St E16); Hope (Air St W1); Hope (Victoria Dock Rd E16); Hop Pole (Hillingdon St SE17); Lion (Lion St E14); Marquis of Lorne (Bancroft Rd E1); Perseverance (Wallis Rd E9); Princess Mary (Kerbey St E14); Queen's Head (Brandon St SE17); Red Lion (Hoy St E16); Reform (Central St EC1); Rose of Denmark (Lingham St SW9); Stacey Arms (Stephen St W1); White Swan (Bride St N7); Windsor Castle (Park St NW1)
18-Jun-14 Added Record Brunswick Arms (SE5); Duchess of Kent (SE5); Duke of Wellington (SE5); King's Arms (SE5); Little Wonder (SE5); Plough and Crown (SE5); Prince of Wales [Neate St] (SE5); Royal Oak [Neate St] (SE5); Skinner's Arms (SE5); 146 Wyndham Rd (SE5)
18-Jun-14 Changed Name Poet (SE24, was Escape Bar and Art); Prince of Wales (N1, was incorrectly listed as 71 Barnsbury Street)
18-Jun-14 Changed Status Bohemia (N12, now open)
18-Jun-14 Merged Records Cobden Arms (E9) with 28 Berger Rd
18-Jun-14 Removed Record 849 Old Kent Rd (SE15, off licence)
17-Jun-14 Added Photo Mitre (SE20)
17-Jun-14 Added Record Candela (E5); Fox (SE5); Ribeira (N1); 13 Diamond Row, Southampton St (SE5)
17-Jun-14 Changed Name Bonneville (E5, was Fitzgerald's); Stokey Stop (N16, was babble.jar); Verden (E5, was Cricketers)
17-Jun-14 Changed Photo Adam and Eve (E9); Bonneville (E5); Crooked Billet (E5); Empress (E9); Hemingway (E9); Kino (E9); Lauriston (E9); Plough [Homerton High St] (E9); Sir John Russell (E9); Stokey Stop (N16); Verden (E5)
17-Jun-14 Changed Status Bonneville (E5, now open); Jackdaw and Stump (E9, now closed); Verden (E5, now open)
16-Jun-14 Added Record Coach and Horses (SE5); Comical Fellows (SE5); Gardeners' Arms (SE5); Oddfellows' Arms (SE5); Ship (SE5)
16-Jun-14 Changed Status Cuba Libre and Bar Havana (N1, now closed); Torriano (NW5, now closed)
13-Jun-14 Added Record Beavertown Brewery [N17] (Breweries); Caldo (NW6); Wild Card Brewery Tap Bar (E17)
13-Jun-14 Changed Name Aston's (E14, was Waterfront); Solvay Society (Breweries, was Wild Card Brewery)
13-Jun-14 Changed Status Beavertown Brewery [E3] (Breweries, now closed); Brew Wharf (Breweries, now closed); Corrib Bar (SE5, now closed); Harp (SE8, now closed); Malt and Hops (SE4, now closed); Old Parr's Head (W14, now closed); Solvay Society (Breweries, now open)
11-Jun-14 Added Record Camberwell Tap (SE5); Carpenters' Arms (SE5); Eagle (SE5); Hope (SE5); Lion (SE5); Lord John (SE5)
11-Jun-14 Changed Name Robin Hood and Little John (Kenbury St SE5, was Robin Hood)
10-Jun-14 Added Record Cambridge (SE5); Draycott Arms (SE5); Horse and Groom (SE5); New Vauxhall Tavern (SE5); 20 Dugdale St (SE5)
09-Jun-14 Added Record Crown (Picton St SE5); Gardeners' Arms (SE5); Metropole (SE5); Star (SE5); 10 Cork St (SE5)
09-Jun-14 Changed Status Box Tree (HA3, now demolished)
08-Jun-14 Added Name Lady Franklin (Albany Rd SE5)
07-Jun-14 Added Record Camberwell Brewery Tap (SE5); Conqueror (SE5); George and Dragon (SE5); Good Intent (SE5); Lothian Arms (SW9); Plough (SE5); Rose and Crown (SE5); Surrey Arms Tavern (SE5); 186 Warham St (SE5)
07-Jun-14 Changed Status Wetherspoon's (NW3, now closed)
03-Jun-14 Added Name Army and Navy (Addington Sq SE5)
03-Jun-14 Added Record Rambler's Rest (SE5); Rose and Crown (SE5); Sports Bar and Grill (W1); Swan (SE5); 67 Albany Rd (SE5); 223 Albany Rd (SE5)
03-Jun-14 Changed Status White Lion (Central St EC1, now closed)
02-Jun-14 Added Photo Alexandra (SE20); Brick Brewery Taproom (SE15); Clifton Arms (SE25); Crooked Billet (SE20); Freemasons' Tavern (SE25); Golden Lion (SE20); Goldsmith's (SE20); Graces (SE20); Hop House (SE20); Kent House Tavern (SE20); London Tavern (SE25); Lord Palmerston (SE20); Maple Tree (SE20); Market Tavern (SE20); Moon and Stars (SE20); Pawleyne Arms (SE20); Peckham Pelican (SE15); Queen Adelaide (SE20)
02-Jun-14 Added Record Wild Card Brewery [Shernhall St] (Breweries)
02-Jun-14 Changed Name Graces (SE20, was Grace's); Joiners (SE5, was Joiners' Arms)
02-Jun-14 Changed Photo Camberwell Arms (SE5); Joiners (SE5); Stormbird (SE5); Sun of Camberwell (SE5)
02-Jun-14 Removed Record Bayshi (SE5, restaurant)
29-May-14 Changed Status Cicada (EC1, now closed); Potion (W1, now closed)
27-May-14 Added Name Prince of Wales (Grafton Rd NW5)
27-May-14 Added Photo Alexandra Hotel (SE25); Selhurst Arms (SE25); Sidney Arms (SE25); Two Brewers (CR0); White Horse (SE25)
27-May-14 Added Record Bear Hug Brewing (Breweries); Dragonfly Brewery (Breweries)
27-May-14 Changed Photo De Beauvoir Arms (N1); Hops and Glory (N1); Joker of Penton Street (N1); Narrow Boat (N1); Three Johns (N1)
27-May-14 Changed Status Charlie's Bar (E1, now demolished); North Pole (E14, now closed)
24-May-14 Added Photo Discount Suit Company (E1); Dover Castle (Sutton St E1); Duke of York (Myrdle St E1); Holland's (E1); Homeward Bound (E1); Lord Nelson (Commercial Rd E1); La Piazzetta (E1); Slug and Lettuce (Stoney La E1); 380 Commercial Rd East (E1)
24-May-14 Changed Photo Jamboree (E1)
21-May-14 Changed Status Castle (NW11, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Primrose Tavern (NW1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
16-May-14 Added Photo Jack's Bar (E14)
16-May-14 Changed Photo George Tavern (E1)
15-May-14 Added Record Prince of Wales (UB7)
15-May-14 Changed Name Britannia (UB7, was Rising Sun)
15-May-14 Changed Status Britannia (UB7, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
14-May-14 Added Record Queen's Head (UB10)
14-May-14 Changed Name Sindercombe Social (W12, was O'Neill's)
14-May-14 Changed Status Archway Tavern (N19, now open); Whittington and Cat (N19, now closed)
13-May-14 Added Record Fable (EC1); Lord Nelson (SE5)
13-May-14 Changed Name Purple Patch (SW18, was Rose and Crown); Three Steps (UB8, was Young Brunel); Windsor (SE15, was Breffni Arms)
13-May-14 Changed Status Alma Tavern (CR0, now closed); Dovecote (NW9, now closed); Farwig (BR1, now closed); Orange Peel Hotel (UB8, now closed); Rotary (EC1, now closed); Star (UB10, now demolished)
12-May-14 Added Record Club Imperial (N4); Hot Wok (N5); Vic Naylor (EC1); Zuccato (NW3)
12-May-14 Changed Name Culpeper (E1, was Princess Alice); Dartmouth Arms (E16, was incorrectly listed as Pier One, which is a club); Flacks (SE17, was Duchess of York); London Beer Dispensary (SE4, was incorrectly listed as Mr Lawrence); Mr Lawrence (SE4, was incorrectly listed as LDN Dispensary); Ram (E16, was incorrectly listed as Guvnor, which is a club)
12-May-14 Changed Photo Club Imperial (N7)
12-May-14 Changed Status Castle (NW11, now demolished); Culpeper (E1, now closed); Dartmouth Arms (E16, now closed); Duke of St Alban's (NW5, now demolished); Good Intent (N19, now closed); Kent House Tavern (SE20, now closed); Letchford Arms (HA3, now closed); Market Tavern (SE20, now closed); McGowan's (Streatfield Rd HA3, now closed); McGowan's (Cricklewood Broadway NW2, now closed); Olive Branch (N17, now closed); Ram (E16, now closed); R Bar (E1, now closed)
09-May-14 Added Record Hammerton Brewery [N7] (Breweries)
09-May-14 Changed Status Auberge (UB8, now closed)
08-May-14 ADDED PAGE UB8
08-May-14 Added Record LDN Dispensary (SE4)
08-May-14 Changed Status Player (W1, now closed)
06-May-14 Added Record Lord Nelson (UB7)
06-May-14 Changed Name Bluebell (NW5, was Westport Inn); Fountain (EC1, was Meat Lover); Tommy Flynn's (N16, was Robinson Crusoe)
06-May-14 Changed Status Bailey (N7, now open); Gloucester Arms (NW5, now demolished); Nelson's Retreat (EC1, now closed); NWC (NW3, now closed); Three Johns (N1, now open); Tommy Flynn's (N16, now open); Wig and Gown (N7, now open)
29-Apr-14 Changed Status Garden Ladder (N4, now closed)
28-Apr-14 Added Record Best Sellers Bar (UB7); Bravo! Bravo! (UB7); Discovery Bar (UB7); Moot (W4); Union (W4); Wings Bar (UB7)
28-Apr-14 Changed Status Red House (Park Rd NW8, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished)
25-Apr-14 Added Record Earl Douglas (SE8)
25-Apr-14 Removed Record Ship and Sailor (Effingham Pl SE8, same as Princess Royal)
23-Apr-14 Changed Name Admiral Denham (SE8, was incorrectly listed as Admiral Benham)
22-Apr-14 Removed Record Dolphin (Flagon Row SE8, same as King William IV)
16-Apr-14 Added Name Joiners' Arms (Deptford Church St SE8); White Lion (Comet St SE8)
16-Apr-14 Added Record Princess Alexandra (SE8); 3 Cross St (SE8); 27 New King St (SE8); 82 Prince St (SE8)
16-Apr-14 Removed Record Two Brewers (10 Ravensbourne St SE8, incorrect address)
15-Apr-14 Added Record Flying Dutchman (SE14); Golden Key (SE8); Windsor Castle (SE14); 132 New Cross Rd (SE14)
13-Apr-14 Added Photo Barley Mow (Commercial Rd E1); Bricklayers' Arms (Settles St E1); Dagmar Arms (E1); Duke of Gloucester (E1); Foresters' Arms (Myrdle St E1); Griff-Inn Student Bar (E1); Hare (E1); Hookah Lounge (E1); King's Head (Commercial Rd E1); Knowhere Special (NW5); Lion (Tapp St E1); Old Crown (E1); Old Red Lion (Whitechapel Rd E1); Somerset Arms (E1); 121 Commercial Rd East (E1)
13-Apr-14 Changed Name Millwall Docks Tavern and Hotel (E14, was Millwall Dock Hotel, correction)
13-Apr-14 Changed Status Bailey (N7, now closed); Music Palace (N8, now closed); Prince of Wales (Cambridge Gdns NW6, now open, was possibly incorrectly marked closed); Robinson Crusoe (N16, now closed)
12-Apr-14 Added Photo Coal Vaults (W1); Terrace Bar (W1); White Lion (Curzon St W1)
12-Apr-14 Added Record 100 Hoxton (N1); Proud Archivist (N1)
12-Apr-14 Changed Name Be at One (Upper St N1, was Wax Jambu); Three Johns (N1, was Fallen Angel)
12-Apr-14 Changed Photo Artist Marie Lloyd (N1); Be at One (Upper St N1); George (D'Arblay St W1); George and Vulture (N1); Grafton Arms (W1); Made in the Shade (N1); Mr Fogg's (W1); Three Johns (N1); White Lyan (N1)
12-Apr-14 Changed Status Be at One (Upper St N1, now open); Old Queen's Head (W1, now demolished); Warehouse Cafe Bar (CR0, now demolished); Yorkshire Grey (Brady St E1, now demolished)
08-Apr-14 ADDED PAGE SE26
08-Apr-14 Changed Name Camberwell Arms (SE5, was Recreation Ground); Made in the Shade (N1, was Bacchus Pub and Kitchen)
07-Apr-14 Added Record Gut House (E14)
07-Apr-14 Changed Status Power's (NW6, now closed); Tavern (NW2, now closed)
04-Apr-14 Changed Photo Slug and Lettuce (CR0); Surprise (CR0)
02-Apr-14 Added Photo Bell (Brick La E1); Carnivale (E1); Dolphin (Whitechapel Rd E1); Earl Grey's Castle (E1); King Charles II (E1); Lord Nelson (Whitechapel Rd E1); Market Tavern (E1); Old George (Whitechapel Rd E1); Pavilion (E1); Queen's Head (Whitechapel Rd E1); Scarlet. (E1); Shakespeare Arms (E1); Weavers' Arms (Vallance Rd E1); Ye Olde Angel (E1)
02-Apr-14 Added Record Blessing's (E1)
02-Apr-14 Changed Photo Lazy Bones (EC1); White Hart (Mile End Rd E1)
02-Apr-14 Changed Status Arkwright's (E1, now demolished); Brewer's Hall (E1, now demolished); Crown and Anchor (Nelson St E1, now demolished, was incorrectly marked as closed); Crown and Goose (NW1, now demolished); Railway Arms (Sutton St E1, now demolished)
01-Apr-14 Added Record Bricklayers' Arms (W4); Coopers' Arms (W4); Lifeguardsman (W4); Ship at Anchor (W4)
31-Mar-14 Added Photo Bell (Shoreditch High St E1); Duke of Wellington (Shoreditch High St E1); Eagle (Shoreditch High St E1); Hoi Polloi (E1); Ship (Wheler St E1)
31-Mar-14 Added Record Brick Brewery Taproom (SE15); Frank's (SE15); Hugo's (NW6); Mango Shack (NW1)
31-Mar-14 Changed Name London Apprentice (EC1, was 333 Mother)
31-Mar-14 Changed Photo London Apprentice (EC1); Trafik (EC1)
31-Mar-14 Changed Status Lord Palmerston (SE8, now closed)
28-Mar-14 Added Record Jack's Bar (E14); Terrace Bar (W1)
28-Mar-14 Changed Name Lazy Bones (EC1, was Puncheon); Reach (E16, was Gallions Hotel); William Morris (E17, was College Arms)
28-Mar-14 Changed Status George (D'Arblay St W1, now open); Lazy Bones (EC1, now open); Montague Arms (SE15, now open); Reach (E16, now open)
26-Mar-14 Added Photo Lord Stanley (E14); Princess of Wales (E14)
26-Mar-14 Added Record Knowhere Special (NW5)
26-Mar-14 Changed Photo Horseshoe (EC1); Victory (NW1); Wilmington (EC1)
26-Mar-14 Changed Status Westport Inn (NW5, now closed); 61 Grafton Rd (NW5, now closed, was possibly incorrectly marked as demolished)
25-Mar-14 Changed Status Sovereign (NW1, now closed)
18-Mar-14 Added Photo Apples and Pears (E1); Brewery Tap (E1); Champagne Cult (E1); E One Club (E1); Grapeshots (E1)
18-Mar-14 Added Record Discount Suit Company (E1)
18-Mar-14 Changed Name Slug and Lettuce (East Smithfield E1, was Living Room)
18-Mar-14 Changed Photo Hawksmoor (E1); Lane (E1); Monty's (E1)
18-Mar-14 Changed Status Aldgate Exchange (E1, now closed); Archway Tavern (N19, now closed); Magnet (N19, now closed); Nambucca (N7, now closed); Prince of Wales (N1, now closed); Prince Regent (Globe Rd E1, now demolished)
15-Mar-14 ADDED PAGE E1
11-Mar-14 Changed Status Albion (W6, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Maltman and Shovel (W6, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Oxford and Cambridge (W6, now demolished); Victoria Stores (W6, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished)
08-Mar-14 Changed Status White Lion (Curzon St W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked as demolished); Zenith Bar (N1, now closed)
07-Mar-14 Added Record Jackson and Rye (W1)
07-Mar-14 Changed Photo Bell House (NW1); Britannia (NW1); Devonshire Arms (NW1); Harcourt (W1); Lamb (N7)
03-Mar-14 Changed Status Alexandra (N2, now closed); Artist Marie Lloyd (N1, now closed); Cally (N7, now open); Coach and Horses (W4, now demolished); Swan and Edgar (NW1, now closed); Talbot (N1, now demolished)
02-Mar-14 Added Record Anspach and Hobday (Breweries); Brick Brewery (Breweries); Lost Brewing (Breweries)
02-Mar-14 Changed Name Laine's Brewery (People's Park Tavern) (Breweries, was Firkin Brewery (The Falcon and Firkin))
02-Mar-14 Changed Status Laine's Brewery (People's Park Tavern) (Breweries, now open)
27-Feb-14 Changed Status White Horse (IG11, now closed)
25-Feb-14 Added Photo Brackenbury (W12)
25-Feb-14 Added Record Peckham Pelican (SE15)
25-Feb-14 Changed Name Mailcoach Inn (W12, was incorrectly listed as Mail Coach); Prince (W12, was Raving Buddha); Tommy Flynn's (W12, was Angel and Askew)
25-Feb-14 Changed Status Futura (NW3, now closed); Lord Nelson (W14, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Prince (W12, now closed); Prince of Wales (Cambridge Gdns NW6, now closed); Smuts Bar (W12, now closed); Sun (W12, now demolished)
20-Feb-14 Added Photo Drakes Tabanco (W1)
20-Feb-14 Added Record Simmons (NW1)
20-Feb-14 Changed Photo Beatrice (NW1)
18-Feb-14 Changed Status Old White Bear (NW3, now closed)
17-Feb-14 Added Record Campden Arms (W8); Peel Arms (W8)
17-Feb-14 Changed Name Oak W12 (W12, was Grand Union)
17-Feb-14 Changed Status Oak W12 (W12, now open)
10-Feb-14 Changed Name Joker of Penton Street (N1, was Hundred Crows Rising)
10-Feb-14 Changed Status Cally (N7, now closed)
07-Feb-14 Added Photo Antwerp Arms (N17); Beehive (N17); Bell and Hare (N17); Bill Nicholson (N17); Bricklayers (N17); British Queen (N17); Coach and Horses (N17); Elbow Room (N17); Elmhurst (N17); Olive Branch (N17); Pride of Tottenham (N17); Ship (N17); Two Brewers (N17);Valentino's (N17); Victoria (N17)
07-Feb-14 Changed Status British Queen (N17, now closed)
06-Feb-14 Added Photo Bar Latina (N17); Bootlaces (N17); City Arms (N17); Cockerel (N17); Corner Pin (N17); Eagle Tavern (N17); Pride of the Lane (N17); Prince Arthur (N15); Prince of Wales (N17); Railway Tavern (N17); Red Lion (N17); Whitehall Tavern (N17)
06-Feb-14 Changed Photo Volunteer (N17)
06-Feb-14 Changed Status Mango Bar and Restaurant (N15, now closed)
30-Jan-14 Changed Name People's Park Tavern (E9, was Britannia)
30-Jan-14 Changed Status Big Mamma (CR0, now closed); Clifton (NW8, now closed)
14-Jan-14 Added Photo Crown and Sceptre (W12); Green Room (W12); Lounge (W12); Railway Arms (W12); Shebu (W12); Slug and Lettuce (W12)
14-Jan-14 Changed Name SLVR (CR0, was Rehab)
14-Jan-14 Changed Photo BrewDog (W12); White Horse (W12)
14-Jan-14 Changed Status Lounge (W12, now closed)
13-Jan-14 Added Photo Copper Cow (W4); Hope and Anchor (W6); Vinoteca (W4); White Bear (W6); Windsor Castle (W6)
13-Jan-14 Added Record Berners Tavern (W1); Cafe Royal Bar (W1); Vagabond (W1)
13-Jan-14 Changed Photo 18 20 (W4); Devonshire Arms (W4); Gunnersbury (W4); Lamb (W4); Mawson Arms/Fox and Hounds (W4)
07-Jan-14 Changed Name Lamb (W4, was Lamb Brewery)
03-Jan-14 Changed Status Eastnor Castle (NW1, now closed)
30-Dec-13 Changed Photo Cally (N7); Hoxley and Porter (N1); Kennedy's (N1); Meltdown (N1); Myddleton Arms (N1); Smokehouse (N1); Taproom (N1)
15-Dec-13 Changed Name Tommy Flynn's (TW3, was Wishing Well)
15-Dec-13 Changed Status Stone Marquee (N20, now closed)
11-Dec-13 Changed Name Central Restaurant (N3, was La Gogu); Loco Lounge (E4, was McQueen's); Signal Box (E4, was Bar Avenue)
11-Dec-13 Changed Status Alma (N1, now open); Central Restaurant (N3, now open); Nueva Costa Dorada (W1, now closed)
09-Dec-13 Changed Photo Archway Tavern (N19); Clapham North (SW9); Crowe Bar (N15); Leconfield (N16)
05-Dec-13 Added Photo Remedy (W1); Union (NW1)
05-Dec-13 Added Record All Bar One (NW1); White Hart (Mulligan's Brewery) (Breweries); Wild Card Brewery [Higham Hill Rd] (Breweries)
05-Dec-13 Changed Status Club Imperial (N7, now demolished)
02-Dec-13 Added Photo Cafe Cairo (SW9); Champagne and Fromage (SW9); Cross Keys (SW9); Prince of Wales (SE5); Wine Parlour (SW9); [Beer house] (Denmark Rd SE5)
02-Dec-13 Added Record Buena Vista (SW9)
02-Dec-13 Changed Name Atlantis Bar (SW9, was Brixton Bar and Grill); BrewDog (W12, was Melrose); Clarendon Arms (SE5, was Miliki Spot); La Fonda de Maria (SW9, was Las Brasas); Queen's Head (SW9, was incorrectly listed as QH 144)
02-Dec-13 Changed Photo Amaryllis (SE5); Atlantis Bar (SW9); Bar Lenuccia (SE5); Coast Bar (SE5); Clarendon Arms (SE5); Duke of Edinburgh (SW9); Kennington (SE5); La Fonda de Maria (SW9); Landor (SW9); Mucky Duck (SW9); Phoenix (SW9); Queen's Head (SW9); Sun of Camberwell (SE5)
02-Dec-13 Changed Status Alexandra (SE20, now closed); Archway Tavern (N19, now open); Half Moon (HA2, now closed); King George IV (HA5, now demolished); Wig and Gown (N7, now closed)
30-Nov-13 Added Record Laine's Brewery (Aeronaut) (Breweries); Brixton Brewery (Breweries); Fourpure Brewing Co. (Breweries); Hop Stuff Brewery (Breweries)
30-Nov-13 Changed Name Dice (CR0, was Bar Sport); Wishing Well (E4, was Artisan)
30-Nov-13 Changed Status Botanist Brewery (Breweries, now closed); Hospital Tavern (E9, now closed); Lamb Brewery (Breweries, now closed); Wheelwright's (CR0, now closed); Willie Gunn (SW18, now closed); Wishing Well (E4, now open)
27-Nov-13 Changed Name NWC (NW3, was D'Den Legacy); Wilmington (EC1, was Wilmington Arms)
27-Nov-13 Changed Status Alma (N1, now closed); Kaff (SW9, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
25-Nov-13 Added Record Champagne and Fromage (SW9); Wine Parlour (SW9)
22-Nov-13 Added Record Clarkshaws Brewing (Breweries)
22-Nov-13 Changed Status Brupond (Breweries, now closed)
19-Nov-13 Changed Status Black Sheep Bar (CR0, now closed); Wax Jambu (N1, now closed)
15-Nov-13 Removed Record Old Orleans (NW3, not a bar)
14-Nov-13 Changed Status Hope and Anchor (NW1, now closed)
11-Nov-13 Added Photo Alfred Herring (N13); Bird in Hand (N13); Chicken Shed Theatre Bar (N14); Durham Castle (N4); Fox (N13); Inn on the Green (N13); Kye's (N14); Oakwood Tavern (N14); Occasional Half (N13); O'Connor's (N13); Polski Bar Sportowy (N13); St James Tavern (N4); Waiting Rooms Cafe Bar (N13); Whole Hog (N13); Wishing Well (N13); Woodman (N13); Ye Olde Cherry Tree (N14)
11-Nov-13 Changed Name Cally (N7, was Eagle)
11-Nov-13 Changed Photo Beatrice (NW1); Fonthill (N4); Pineapple (NW5); Springfield Bar and Grill (N11)
11-Nov-13 Changed Status Cally (N7, now open); Kye's (N14, now closed)
08-Nov-13 Added Record Remedy (W1); Vinoteca (W4)
08-Nov-13 Changed Status Earl Haig Hall (N8, now open)
07-Nov-13 Changed Name Ballylane Inn (SE8, was Pilot); Bar Lenuccia (SE5, was Union Tavern); Leprechaun (SE5, was Anchor and Hope); Whelan's (SE5, was Admiral Codrington)
07-Nov-13 Changed Status Clayton Arms (SE15, now closed); Jam Circus (SE4, now open); Marlborough (SE5, now demolished); Oriwu Spot (SE5, now demolished); Prince of Wales (SE5, now closed); Red Deer (CR2, now closed); Star and Garter (SW18, now demolished); T Bar (SE5, now open)
05-Nov-13 Added Photo Callaghann's (E14); Festival Inn (E14); First Edition (E14); Manor Arms (E14); Moriarty's (NW1); Mourinho's (E14); One Canada Square (E14); Parlour (E14); Prince Regent (E14); Royal Charlie (E14); Smollensky's (E14)
05-Nov-13 Added Record Harry Gordon's Bar (W1); Old Fire Station (E14)
05-Nov-13 Changed Name Mourinho's (E14, was Pier Tavern)
05-Nov-13 Changed Photo Archer Street (W1); Clachan (W1); George (E14); Great Eastern (E14); Henry Addington (E14); Hope and Anchor (N8); Lord Nelson (E14); Piccadilly Institute (W1); Railway Tavern (E14); Riverside (N8); Royal Navy (E14); Ship (E14)
05-Nov-13 Changed Status Wonder Bar (W1, now closed)
04-Nov-13 Added Photo Aberfeldy (E14); Admiral (E14); Bogart's (E14); Canopy (E14); Chimes (E14); Coopers' Arms (E14); Cubitt Arms (E14); Foresters' Arms (E14); Galloway Arms (E14); Gambol's (E14); George IV (E14); Melaka (E14); Phoenix (E14); Prince Alfred (E14); Robert Burns (E14); Rose and Crown (Pennyfields E14); Rose and Crown (Salmon La E14); Sir John Franklin (E14); St Leonard's Arms (E14); Tradewinds (E14); Two Brewers (E14); Vulcan (E14); Wellington Arms (E14); Young Prince (E14)
04-Nov-13 Changed Name Callaghann's (E14, was incorrectly listed as Callaghan's); George IV (E14, was incorrectly listed as George IV Regency Hotel)
04-Nov-13 Changed Status Aberfeldy (E14, now closed); Duke of York (E14, now demolished, was incorrectly marked closed); George IV (E14, now closed, was incorrectly marked open); Prince of Wales (St Leonards Rd E14, now demolished, was incorrectly marked closed); Tradewinds (E14, now closed)
01-Nov-13 Changed Name Springfield Bar and Grill (N11, was Springfield Park Tavern)
29-Oct-13 Added Record 28-50 Wine Workshop and Kitchen (Maddox St W1); Bam-Bou Red Bar (W1); Coal Vaults (W1); Chotto Matte (W1); Drakes Tabanco (W1); Momentus (W1); One Canada Square (E14)
29-Oct-13 Changed Name Harcourt (W1, was Harcourt Arms); Paesan Underground (EC1, was $ Grills and Martinis); Ruski's Tavern (W8, was Bar Zaika)
29-Oct-13 Changed Status Paesan Underground (EC1, now open)
28-Oct-13 Changed Name Tabu Lounge (CR0, was Club)
28-Oct-13 Changed Status Camden Rock (NW1, now closed); Nightingale (N8, now closed); Tabu Lounge (CR0, now open)
25-Oct-13 Changed Name Arens Bar and Restaurant at the Woodman (HA5, was Woodman)
25-Oct-13 Changed Status Duke of York (N1, now demolished); Soul (E17, now closed)
24-Oct-13 Changed Name White Lyan (N1, was Hoxton White Horse)
24-Oct-13 Changed Status Asorock Palace Super Green Eagle Bar (N1, now closed); Gloucester Arms (NW5, now closed); Rattlesnake (N1, now closed); Walkabout (W12, now closed)
08-Oct-13 Changed Name Hoxley and Porter (N1, was Grand Union); Slug and Lettuce (CR0, was Bar Ten)
08-Oct-13 Changed Status Alphabet (W1, now closed); Apollo (W1, now demolished); White House (N5, now closed); Woodstock (W1, now closed)
03-Oct-13 Added Record Gipsy (N6)
03-Oct-13 Changed Name Devonshire Arms (NW1, was Hobgoblin)
03-Oct-13 Changed Status Bull and Gate (NW5, now closed)
25-Sep-13 Added Photo Brondesbury Arms (NW6); Drop Inn (NW6); Long Room (NW6); Malvern Tavern (NW6); McGlynn's (NW6); Papillion (NW11); Prince of Wales (Willesden La NW6); Priory Tavern (NW6)
25-Sep-13 Changed Name Earl Derby (NW6, was Golden Egg)
25-Sep-13 Changed Photo Cock Tavern (NW6); Earl Derby (NW6); Filthy's (N7); Queen's Arms (NW6)
25-Sep-13 Changed Status Glengall Tavern (SE15, now closed); Sir Robert Peel (NW6, now closed)
24-Sep-13 Changed Photo Bull (N1); Coach and Horses (W1); Dignity (N3)
23-Sep-13 Changed Status George (D'Arblay Street W1, now closed); Puncheon (EC1, now closed)
22-Sep-13 Added Record Admiral Napier (CR0); Cock (CR0); Union (NW1)
18-Sep-13 Added GBG Info Updated Good Beer Guide 2014 pubs
16-Sep-13 Changed Name Riverside (N8, was Kassaba); Scenario (N16, was Palatine)
16-Sep-13 Changed Status Bohemia (N12, now closed); Profile (W1, now closed); Punk (W1, now demolished); Riverside (N8, now open)
08-Sep-13 Added Record Filling Station (N1)
08-Sep-13 Changed Name Filthy's (N7, was Herbert Chapman); Plough (E9, was Plough BBQ House)
08-Sep-13 Changed Status Fallen Angel (N1, now closed); Filthy's (N7, now open); Phoenix (E14, now closed); Star of the East (E14, now open); Top o' the Morning (E9, now closed)
02-Sep-13 Added Photo Alexandra (N19); Alexandra Palace Bar and Kitchen (N22); Finsbury Arms (N22); Gangsters Wine Bar (N7); Palace Gates (N22); Park Inn (N22); Step (N22); Yates's Wine Lodge (N22)
02-Sep-13 Changed Name Alexandra Palace Bar and Kitchen (N22, was Phoenix Bar and Kitchen); Shillibeer's (N7, was George Shillibeer)
02-Sep-13 Changed Photo Castle Bar (N7); Gate (N22); Shillibeer's (N7); Tommy Flynn's (N7)
30-Aug-13 Changed Photo Bistro de la Gare (N1)
30-Aug-13 Changed Status Ivy House (SE15, now open)
22-Aug-13 Changed Name Malt and Hops (SE4, was Albertine's)
19-Aug-13 Changed Status George Shillibeer (N7, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Rosie McCann's (N7, now closed)
12-Aug-13 Changed Name Beatrice (NW1, was Wheelbarrow)
12-Aug-13 Changed Status Corner Flag (N19, now closed); Plough (N19, now closed); Railway (N4, now closed)
09-Aug-13 ADDED PAGE UB11
09-Aug-13 Added Photo Angler's Retreat (UB7); Blues Bar (UB7); Brickmakers (UB7); Cat and Fiddle! (UB7); ClUB7 (UB7); Crown (High St UB7); Crown (Sipson Rd UB7); De Burgh Arms (UB7); Five Bells (UB7); Fox and Pheasant (UB7); George and Dragon (UB7); King's Arms (UB7); King's Head (UB7); King William (UB7); Nag's Head (UB7); Plough (UB7); Railway Arms (UB7); Red Cow (UB7); Six Bells (UB7); Sun Inn (UB7); White Horse (UB7)
09-Aug-13 Added Record Callaghan's (UB7)
09-Aug-13 Changed Name Brickmakers (UB7, was Brickmakers' Arms); Cat and Fiddle! (UB7, was Rowan Arms); King William (UB7, was King William IV)
09-Aug-13 Changed Status Plums Two (E14, now demolished); Swan (UB7, now demolished)
07-Aug-13 ADDED PAGE UB7
07-Aug-13 Changed Status Tommy Flynn's (UB10, now closed)
06-Aug-13 ADDED PAGE E14
05-Aug-13 Added Photo Carlton Lounge (NW9); Chequers (NW4); Claddagh Ring (NW4); Green Man (NW9); Greyhound (NW4); Kerrigan's (NW4); Kingsbury Tavern (NW9); Little House (NW4); Manning's (NW4); Masai Mara (NW9); Roisin Dubh (NW9)
05-Aug-13 Changed Name Carlton Lounge (NW9, was Jewel)
05-Aug-13 Changed Photo Fernandez (NW4); Raw Spice (NW9)
05-Aug-13 Changed Status Carlton Lounge (NW9, now open)
02-Aug-13 Added Record Brew by Numbers [SE16] (Breweries); Ellenberg's Brewery (Breweries); Strawman Brewery (Breweries)
02-Aug-13 Changed Name Fernandez (NW4, was incorrectly listed as Fernando's Chicken Grill and Bar); Kino (E9, was Artiflex); Tommy Flynn's (N7, was Hercules)
02-Aug-13 Changed Status Brew by Numbers [SE1] (Breweries, now closed); Kino (E9, now open)
29-Jul-13 Added Photo Heights (W1); Hennessy's (NW9); JJ Moon's (NW9)
29-Jul-13 Changed Name Masai Mara (NW9, was Clay Oven Lounge)
29-Jul-13 Changed Status Masai Mara (NW9, now closed); Mulligan's (W1, now closed); Star and Garter (SW18, now closed)
26-Jul-13 Added Record Heights (W1)
24-Jul-13 Added Record Picture (W1)
24-Jul-13 Changed Name Smokehouse (N1, was House)
23-Jul-13 Changed Status Bell (SE17, now closed); Bison (SE17, now closed); Duke of Sutherland (SE17, now closed)
22-Jul-13 Added Photo Autograf (N15); Bar N22 (N22); Jolly Anglers (N22); Lord Nelson (N22); Monaghan's Tavern (N22); New Moon (N17); O'Rafferty's (N22); Poacher's Rest (N22); Prince of Wales (N15); Skolar's (N22); Spouter's Corner (N22); Sugar Cane (N22); Victoria (N15); Welcome Inn (N22); Westbury (N22)
22-Jul-13 Added Record Port-Louis Bar (N15)
22-Jul-13 Changed Name Sugar Cane (N22, was Lordship); Wellington (N8, was Tee's Wine Bar)
22-Jul-13 Changed Photo Green Gate (N15); Nag's Head (N1); Wellington (N8)
22-Jul-13 Changed Status Nile Bar (N15, now open)
21-Jul-13 Changed Status White Swan (NW11, now closed)
18-Jul-13 Added Photo Horseshoe and Magpie (EC1)
18-Jul-13 Changed Photo Bear (EC1); Betsey Trotwood (EC1); Crown Tavern (EC1)
18-Jul-13 Changed Status No. 32 (EC1, now demolished)
16-Jul-13 Added Record Alexandra (N19); Foresters' Arms (N19); Nightingale (N19)
12-Jul-13 Added Photo Crowndale (NW1); Crown Hotel (N7); Quality Chop House (EC1); Rosebery Lounge (EC1); Vinoteca (Beak St W1)
12-Jul-13 Added Record Rosebery Lounge (EC1)
12-Jul-13 Changed Name Electric Flamingo (EC1, was Parker McMillan)
12-Jul-13 Changed Photo Bar Soho (W1); Electric Flamingo (EC1); Hoot 'n' Annie's (NW5); Islington (N1); Lion and Unicorn (NW5); Meat Lover (EC1)
10-Jul-13 Changed Name Piccadilly Institute (W1, was On Anon)
07-Jul-13 Changed Name Country House (SW18, was Fog); Leconfield (N16, was Oak Bar)
01-Jul-13 Added Photo Ahir Lorenzo's (N3); Alexandra (N2); Anchor (E16); Aqua (N2); Central Buffet (E16); Durham Arms (E16); Gallions Hotel (E16); Gertie Brownes (N2); Graving Dock Tavern (E16); Gulen's Bar (SE4); Guvnor (E16); Madden's Bar (N2); Marquis of Salisbury (E16); New Shakespeare's Head (E16); Paul's Head (E16); Pier One (E16); Princess Alexandra (E16); Rotary (EC1); Roundhouse (E16); Windsor Castle (N2)
01-Jul-13 Added Record Coya (W1); Gulen's Bar (SE4); Rotary (EC1)
01-Jul-13 Changed Name Dab (EC1, was Rouge); Guvnor (E16, was Ram); Infinity (N3, was Innisfree); Meat Lover (EC1, was Filthy MacNasty's); Mr Fogg's (W1, was Bruton's); Pier One (E16, was Dartmouth Arms)
01-Jul-13 Changed Photo Bird of Smithfield (EC1); Dab (EC1); Gertie Brownes (N3); Infinity (N3); Joiners' Arms (N3); Lyric (W1); Three Crowns (N1); Wenlock Arms (N1)
01-Jul-13 Changed Status 1949 Bar (NW1, now closed); Alexandra (N2, now closed); California (E16, now demolished); Cundy's (E16, now demolished); Dick Turpin (N2, now demolished); George's (N2, now demolished); Guvnor (E16, now open); Meat Lover (EC1, now open); Pitt's Head (E16, now demolished); Victoria (NW1, now closed)
20-Jun-13 Changed Status Hat and Feathers (EC1, now closed)
18-Jun-13 Changed Name De Beauvoir Arms (N1, was Northgate)
18-Jun-13 Changed Status Crown (N7, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Herbert Chapman (N7, now closed)
17-Jun-13 Added Photo G.N.H. Bar (N1)
16-Jun-13 Changed Name Buckley's (HA3, was Conways' 1); Crown and Pepper (BR2, was Tiger's Head); Lordship (N22, was incorrectly listed as Lordship Tavern); Mimosa (N12, was Mist); Purple Flame (HA7, was Symphonies)
16-Jun-13 Changed Status King George IV (HA5, now closed); Slug and Lettuce (BR1, now closed); Windmill (TW3, now closed)
12-Jun-13 Added Record Adam and Eve (NW1); [Beer house] (Henry St NW1)
11-Jun-13 Added Photo 366 (NW6); Bird in Hand (NW6); Carlton Tavern (NW6); Kilburn (NW6); Lately (NW6)
11-Jun-13 Changed Name Taproom (N1, was Real Ale Taproom)
11-Jun-13 Changed Photo Alliance (NW6); Betsy Smith (NW6); Duke (NW6); House of Wolf (N1); Love and Liquor (NW6); Railway (NW6); Taproom (N1)
11-Jun-13 Changed Status 366 (NW6, now closed); Ship of Fools (CR0, now closed)
10-Jun-13 Added Record Allied Breweries (Cannon Brewery) (Breweries); Combe & Co. (Wood Yard Brewery) (Breweries); Courage (Anchor Brewery) (Breweries); Duke of Edinburgh (HA3); Hackney Craft (Breweries); Iowa Tavern (HA3); Pressure Drop Brewing [E8] (Breweries); Samuel Allsopp & Sons (Wallington Brewery) (Breweries)
10-Jun-13 Changed Name Caravan (EC1, was Al's Bar Cafe)
10-Jun-13 Changed Status Caravan (EC1, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Central St. Bar (EC1, now demolished); Florence (N1, now closed); Horseshoe and Magpie (EC1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); LMNT II (EC1, now demolished); Pressure Drop Brewing [N16] (Breweries, now closed); Weald Stone Inn (HA3, now closed)
08-Jun-13 Changed Name Archway Tavern (N19, was Dusk Till Dawn); Hoot 'n' Annie's (NW5, was Annie's Bar); Islington (N1, was North One); Meltdown (N1, was Prince)
08-Jun-13 Changed Status $ Grills and Martinis (EC1, now closed); Archway Tavern (N19, now closed); Filthy MacNasty's (EC1, now closed); Islington (N1, now open, was incorrectly marked closed); Meltdown (N1, now open)
23-May-13 Changed Name Knights of St John (NW8, was Knights of St John's Tavern)
22-May-13 Added Record Quality Chop House (EC1)
22-May-13 Changed Name Bird of Smithfield (EC1, was 26 Smithfield); Libertine (W1, was Chinawhite)
21-May-13 Added Photo Churchill Bar and Terrace (W1); Empire Hotel (SE8); Imbiss (W1); Job Centre (SE8); Little Nan's Bar (SE8); Sugar Lounge (N4)
21-May-13 Changed Photo Lord Palmerston (NW5); Star (N19)
21-May-13 Changed Status Sugar Lounge (N4, now closed)
20-May-13 ADDED PAGE NW7
20-May-13 Changed Name Artist Marie Lloyd (N1, was Marie Lloyd); Hoxton White Horse (N1, was White Horse); New Mitre (NW5, was Mitre)
20-May-13 Removed Record Grog Blossom (NW6, off licence)
17-May-13 Changed Name Who'd Have Thought It (IG11, was incorrectly listed as Anchor and Hope)
15-May-13 ADDED PAGE NW6
15-May-13 Changed Name R&R's (CR0, was Bar Red Square)
15-May-13 Changed Status R&R's (CR0, now open)
13-May-13 Changed Status Three Crowns (N1, now open)
10-May-13 Added Photo Bar Americain (W1)
10-May-13 Changed Name Bar Americain (W1, was Atlantic Bar and Grill)
10-May-13 Changed Photo Lyric (W1); Star by Hackney Downs (E5); Windsor Castle (E5)
10-May-13 Changed Status Bar Americain (W1, now open)
08-May-13 Changed Status Arundel Arms (N16, now demolished); Latin Corner (N7, now closed)
03-May-13 Changed Status Prince (N1, now closed)
02-May-13 Changed Status Windsor Castle (E5, now open)
30-Apr-13 Added Photo Clove Club (EC1)
30-Apr-13 Changed Name Avalon (W1, was Avenue); Blind Pig (W1, was Ukai); GNH Bar (N1, was Northern Bar); Torrington House (N12, was 3 Oceans Bar and Restaurant)
30-Apr-13 Changed Photo Angel (N1); Avalon (W1); B@1 (Be at One) (EC1); Bavarian Beerhouse (EC1); Blind Pig (W1); Monty's (W1); Torrington House (N12); Troy Bar (N1)
30-Apr-13 Changed Status Blind Pig (W1, now open); GNH Bar (N1, now open)
26-Apr-13 Changed Name Star by Hackney Downs (E5, was Three Sisters)
26-Apr-13 Changed Status Windsor Castle (E5, now closed)
25-Apr-13 ADDED PAGE NW2
25-Apr-13 Added Photo Barex (EC1); Medcalf (EC1)
25-Apr-13 Changed Name Monty's (W1, was Ryan's Bar)
25-Apr-13 Changed Status Lord Nelson (SE17, now closed); Monty's (W1, now open)
23-Apr-13 Changed Name Chandos Arms (NW9, was New Chandos)
23-Apr-13 Changed Status Chandos Arms (NW9, now open)
22-Apr-13 Added Photo Ambar (NW3); Bedlam (NW3); Castro's (NW3); City Arms (NW3); D'Den Legacy (NW3); Dome (NW3); Heath Street Bar (NW3); King of Bohemia (NW3); Kiss the Sky (NW3); Mojama (NW3); Old Orleans (NW3); Post House Hotel (NW3); Tabby Cat Lounge (NW3); 3one7 (NW3); Winchester Arms (NW3); Zamoyski (NW3)
22-Apr-13 Changed Name D'Den Legacy (NW3, was Establishment)
22-Apr-13 Changed Photo Birkbeck Tavern (N19); Dach and Sons (NW3); Duke's Head (N6); George (NW3); Magdala (NW3); Roebuck (NW3)
19-Apr-13 Changed Status Swiss Tavern (SE15, now demolished)
18-Apr-13 Added Photo Chancellors (W6); Crabtree (W6); Duke of Cornwall (W6); Idle Hour (W6); Old Suffolk Punch (W6); Pear Tree (W6); Southern Belle (W6)
18-Apr-13 Changed Photo Distillers (W6); Trout (W6)
18-Apr-13 Changed Status Anexo (EC1, now demolished); Turmills (EC1, now demolished)
17-Apr-13 Added Record Clove Club (EC1)
16-Apr-13 Added Photo Red Lion and French Horn (EC1); Windmill (EC1)
16-Apr-13 Changed Name Be at One (EC1, was Fluid)
16-Apr-13 Changed Photo Be at One (EC1); Blanca Bar (W1); Jewel (W1); Longroom (EC1)
15-Apr-13 Changed Name Continental Bar (N1, was Undercroft Bar)
15-Apr-13 Changed Photo Continental Bar (N1)
14-Apr-13 Changed Address Barnsbury Arms (Lofting Rd N1, was incorrectly listed as Lofting St)
03-Apr-13 Added Record Noah's Ark (EC1)
03-Apr-13 Changed Name Fonthill (N4, was N4)
03-Apr-13 Changed Status Bank (N11, now closed); Calf (E20, now closed); GKII (N12, now closed); LT's Bar (N18, now open)
02-Apr-13 Added Photo Britannia Tap (W14); Clarence (W14); Colton Arms (W14); Elm (W14); Old Oak (W14); Society (W14); Seven Stars (W14); Warwick Arms (W14)
02-Apr-13 Changed Photo Crescent (W14)
28-Mar-13 Changed Name Eagle (N7, was McLouchlin's); Lord Nelson (CR0, was Rose); Lord Palmerston (CR0, was Palmerston); North Pole (CR0, was Fox and Hounds); Old George (CR0, was George); Poppy (CR0, was Shirley Poppy)
27-Mar-13 Changed Name Cavendish Hotel (CR0, was Horse Shoe); Eagle Brewery Tap (CR0, was Albion Tap); Foresters' Arms (CR0, was Woodman); Four in Hand (CR0, was incorrectly listed as Foreign Land)
27-Mar-13 Removed Record Hope (CR0, same as Duppas Hill Hotel)
26-Mar-13 Added Name Dairy (24 St James's Rd CR0)
26-Mar-13 ADDED PAGE N22
26-Mar-13 Added Photo Bad Apple (CR0); Old Suffolk Punch (N4); Zig Zag (N4)
26-Mar-13 Changed Name Bricklayers' Arms (CR0, was Prince of Wales)
26-Mar-13 Changed Photo Garden Ladder (N4)
25-Mar-13 Changed Name Longroom (EC1, was Gate)
21-Mar-13 Added Name Waterman's Arms (44 Muriel St N1)
21-Mar-13 Changed Status Den (N1, now demolished)
18-Mar-13 Changed Status Dach and Sons (NW3, now closed)
15-Mar-13 Changed Photo Camden Head (N1); Fallen Angel (N1); Hops and Glory (N1)
14-Mar-13 Added Record Bricklayers' Arms (N11); Little Nan's Bar (SE8)
12-Mar-13 Changed Name Noir Bar (W1, was Flute)
12-Mar-13 Changed Photo All Bar One (Regent St W1); Noir Bar (W1)
11-Mar-13 ADDED PAGE N15; N17
11-Mar-13 Changed Status Walpole (SE14, now demolished)
07-Mar-13 Added Record Bitter Sweet (W1); Central & Co. (W1)
07-Mar-13 Removed Record Miranda Club (W1, private club)
04-Mar-13 Added Photo Bull (N18); Cart (N9); Cock (N9); Crown and Anchor (N18); Crown and Horseshoes (N9); Exhibition (N9); Gilpin's Bell (N18); Golden Fleece (N9); Horseshoes (N18); Hyde Arms (N9); King William IV (N9); Lamb (N9); LT's (N9); LT's Bar (N18); Masons' Arms (N9); Pymmes Park Inn (N9); Railway Tavern (N9); Rising Sun (N9); Rising Sun (N18); Rosie's (N9); Three Crowns (N18); White Horse (N18)
04-Mar-13 Changed Name LT's Bar (N18, was incorrectly listed as LT's)
04-Mar-13 Changed Status Exhibition (N9, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Inn on the Green (N9, now demolished); Three Crowns (N18, now closed)
01-Mar-13 Changed Status Castle (NW11, now closed); Walkabout (NW3, now closed)
28-Feb-13 Added Photo Earl Haig Hall (N8); Kassaba (N8); Magdala (NW3); Music Palace (N8); Wellington (N8)
28-Feb-13 Changed Name Changa Bar (N8, was Sips); Kassaba (N8, was incorrectly listed as Kassabar)
28-Feb-13 Changed Photo Changa Bar (N8); Henry Reader (N8); La Vina (W1); O'Neill's (Gt Marlborough St W1); 6 Nations (N8)
28-Feb-13 Changed Status Kassaba (N8, now closed)
26-Feb-13 Changed Status Glyn Arms (E5, now open, was possibly incorrectly marked closed); Old Oak (NW3, now open)
22-Feb-13 Changed Photo Fallen Angel (N1)
21-Feb-13 Added Record Puza Bar (W12)
20-Feb-13 Added Record Mark's (W1)
19-Feb-13 Added Photo Duke of York (Harrowby St W1); Stag (W1); This Is a Bar (W1); Victory (W1)
19-Feb-13 Changed Photo Larrik (W1); Lord Wargrave (W1)
19-Feb-13 Changed Status Goldhawk (W12, now closed); Honey Pot (W1, now closed); This Is a Bar (W1, now closed)
18-Feb-13 Added Photo Albion (W14); Beaconsfield (W14); Jameson (W14); Jam Tree (W14); Kelly's Shenanigans (SW9); Old Parr's Head (W14)
18-Feb-13 Changed Photo Bird in Hand (W14); Forty Dean Street (W1)
18-Feb-13 Changed Status No. 1 Cocktail Bar (SW9, now closed)
15-Feb-13 Changed Status Rose (W1, now open, was incorrectly marked as closed); Ukai (W1, now closed)
14-Feb-13 Added Photo Nightjar (EC1)
14-Feb-13 Changed Photo Horns (EC1)
13-Feb-13 Added Record Bad Apple (CR0)
13-Feb-13 Changed Name Hungry Horse (CR0, was Propeller); Phoenix (SW9, was Circle); Powerhaus (N4, was Robey); QH 144 (SW9, was Queen's Head)
13-Feb-13 Changed Status Bird in Hand (W14, now open); Dabsy's (CR0, now closed); Flying Dutchman (SE5, now closed); Folly (CR2, now closed); Green Room (SE13, now closed); Hallsville Tavern (E16, now closed); Jam Circus (SE4, now closed); Monarch (N1, now demolished); Murphis Bar (EC1, now closed); No. 32 (EC1, now closed); Ordnance Arms (E16, now closed); 6 Nations (N8, now closed); Woodman (SE13, now closed)
12-Feb-13 Changed Name McLouchlin's (N7, was possibly incorrectly listed as Eagle); Resham (N12, was La'Zeez)
12-Feb-13 Changed Photo Resham (N12)
12-Feb-13 Changed Status Cafe Cairo (SW9, now open); Grand Union (W12, now closed); Green Room (W12, now closed); Queen Adelaide (SE20, now closed); Resham (N12, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
11-Feb-13 Added Record Real Ale Taproom (N1)
08-Feb-13 Changed Status Tangeir (SW9, now closed)
07-Feb-13 Added Photo Soulful Cellar (CR0)
07-Feb-13 Added Record Buffalo American Bar and Grill (CR0)
07-Feb-13 Changed Name Archer Street (W1, was Barcode); Cantina (CR0, was Hub)
07-Feb-13 Changed Photo Archer Street (W1); Cantina (CR0); Karpo (NW1); Square Tavern (NW1)
07-Feb-13 Changed Status Archer Street (W1, now open); Babylon Inn (CR0, now closed); Cantina (CR0, now open)
06-Feb-13 Changed Name Bell House (NW1, was Constitution); Fallen Angel (N1, was Hobgoblin)
06-Feb-13 Changed Status Adelaide (NW3, now closed); Fallen Angel (N1, now open); Haverstock Arms (NW3, now closed); Kiss the Sky (NW3, now closed); Lyndhurst (NW8, now closed); New Red Lion (EC1, now closed); North One (N1, now closed); Queen's No. 1 (NW1, now closed); Rosslyn Arms (NW3, now closed); Royal Oak (NW11, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Sols Arms (NW1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
05-Feb-13 Added Record Davy's at White City (W12); Experimental Cocktail Club (W1); Michael Nadra Restaurant, Martini Bar and Garden (NW1); Novikov Restaurant and Bar (W1); Tempus Bar (CR2)
05-Feb-13 Changed Status Artisan (E4, now closed)
04-Feb-13 Added Photo Alexandra Arms (N10); Cafe Loco (N10); Elementz (N10); Famous Royal Oak (N10); Fishmongers' Arms (N14); Hill (N10); Keenan's (N10); Maid of Muswell (N10); Maze Inn (N14); Minstrel Boy (N10); New Crown (N14); Osidge Arms (N14); Rendezvous (N10); Roseview Hotel (N10); Royal Oak (N10); S3 Bar (N11); Waggon (N14); White Hart (N14); Wishing Well (N14)
04-Feb-13 Changed Name Blanca Bar (W1, was incorrectly listed as Bar Blanca); Festac (N7, was KC's)
04-Feb-13 Changed Photo Blanca Bar (W1); Festac (N7); Green Man (Riding House St W1); Woodman (N6)
04-Feb-13 Changed Status Devonshire Arms (Denman St W1, now closed); Elementz (N10, now closed); Kites Nightclub (N11, now demolished); Maze Inn (N14, now open, was possibly incorrectly marked closed)
31-Jan-13 Added Record Moriarty's (NW1)
31-Jan-13 Changed Status Crowndale (NW1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished); Prince of Wales (NW5, now closed)
28-Jan-13 Changed Status Red Cow (SE15, now open)
22-Jan-13 Added Record Highbury Sluice House Tavern (N4)
21-Jan-13 Changed Name Lord Wargrave (W1, was Wargrave Arms)
21-Jan-13 Changed Photo Prince Regent (W1)
21-Jan-13 Changed Status Robin Hood (SE20, now demolished, was incorrectly marked open)
17-Jan-13 Added Record Earl Haig Hall (N8); Job Centre (SE8)
16-Jan-13 ADDED PAGE N4
16-Jan-13 Added Record Gangsters Wine Bar (N7)
16-Jan-13 Changed Status Pitcher and Piano (N1, now closed)
14-Jan-13 Added Record Duke of York (N1); Marquee (N1); Pipe of Port (N1); Northern Bar (N1)
14-Jan-13 Changed Status Central Buffet (E16, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
09-Jan-13 ADDED PAGE N2; N3
09-Jan-13 Changed Name Hops and Glory (N1, was George Orwell)
08-Jan-13 Changed Status Hooper's (SE5, now closed)
07-Jan-13 Added Record Old Brown Jug (N18)
07-Jan-13 Changed Photo Winchester (N6, was incorrect)
06-Jan-13 Added Record Grapes (N11); 24 Station Road (N11)
06-Jan-13 Changed Name Eastbournia Arms (N9, was incorrectly listed as Eastbourne Arms)
04-Jan-13 ADDED PAGE N9; N13; N14; N18; N21
03-Jan-13 Added Photo 127 (SE24); Birkbeck Tavern (SE21); Hamilton Arms (SE24); Oval Lounge (SW9); Russell Hotel (SW9)
03-Jan-13 Changed Name Kaff (SW9, was La Lupa); La'Pearl (SE24, was Harmony)
03-Jan-13 Changed Photo Gantry (SE4); Rye (SE15)
03-Jan-13 Changed Photo Canterbury Arms (SW9); Craft Beer Co. (SW9); Kaff (SW9); La'Pearl (SE24)
03-Jan-13 Changed Status La'Pearl (SE24, now closed)
28-Dec-12 ADDED PAGE W4
28-Dec-12 Changed Name Melrose (W12, was Vandella)
28-Dec-12 Changed Status Duke of Edinburgh (W12, now closed)
20-Dec-12 ADDED PAGE IG11
17-Dec-12 Added Photo Allen Arms (N16); Bar 23 (N16); Barden's Boudoir (N16); Caledonian Tavern (N16); Firefly Rhum Shack (N16); Free Trade (N16); Maggie's Bar (N16); Mascara Bar (N16); New Pegasus (N16); North Star (N16); Others (N16); Rising Sun (CR0); Ro Bar (N16); Stack Rock (N16); Sutton Arms (N16); Weavers' Arms (N16); White Rabbit (N16); Woodman (N16); 61 Stoke Newington Church St (N16)
17-Dec-12 Added Record Birthdays (N16); Dalston Social (N16)
17-Dec-12 Changed Name White Rabbit (N16, was Baby Bathhouse)
17-Dec-12 Changed Photo babble.jar (N16); Jolly Butchers (N16); Palatine (N16)
17-Dec-12 Changed Status Chesham Arms (E9, now closed)
08-Dec-12 Added Photo Atlas (N16)
07-Dec-12 Changed Photo Spice of Life (W1)
06-Dec-12 ADDED PAGE N16
06-Dec-12 Added Photo babble.jar (N16)
06-Dec-12 Added Record Luggage Room (W1)
06-Dec-12 Changed Name babble.jar (N16, was La Sera)
05-Dec-12 Changed Name Big Mamma (CR0, was Gun)
03-Dec-12 Added Name Flower Pot (Wellington Rd N TW4)
03-Dec-12 Removed Record Richmond Stores (47 Bynes Rd CR2, off licence); 59 Sanderstead Rd (CR2, off licence)
02-Dec-12 Added Name White Hart (Surrey St CR0)
02-Dec-12 Added Photo Coach and Horses (E17); Councillor's Arms (E17); Courtenay Stores (E17); Dog and Duck (E17); East (E17); JD's (E17); Lord Hartington (E17); Lord Palmerston (E17); New Angel (E17); Pretoria Stores (E17); Prince of Wales (E17); Warrant Officer (E17); Woodman (E17)
02-Dec-12 Changed Name Courtenay Stores (E17, was incorrectly listed as Courtney Stores); Lord Hartington (E17, was incorrectly listed as Lord Harlington)
02-Dec-12 Changed Photo Bell (E17); Queen's Arms (E17)
01-Dec-12 Added Name Coach and Horses (Lower Church St CR0); Southbridge Arms (South End CR0); Stanley Arms (Stanley Rd CR0); Surprise (Gloucester Rd CR0)
01-Dec-12 Added Record Duke of Cornwall (CR0)
01-Dec-12 Changed Status Rising Sun (CR0, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
01-Dec-12 Removed Record 198 Mitcham Rd (CR0, off licence)
30-Nov-12 Added Name Forester (High St BR1)
30-Nov-12 Added Record Prince of Wales (BR1)
30-Nov-12 Merged Records 171 High St (BR1) with Bromley's (BR1)
29-Nov-12 Added Name Coach and Horses (Kensington High St W8)
29-Nov-12 Added Photo Rev. JW Simpson (W1); Salters' Arms (W1)
29-Nov-12 Changed Name Cavendish Club at No. 5 (W1, was No. 5); Foley's Lounge Bar (W1, was Vino Latino's Wine Bar)
29-Nov-12 Changed Photo Newman Street Tavern (W1)
29-Nov-12 Changed Status Walkabout (W1, now closed)
28-Nov-12 Added Record Gatton Arms (SE15)
28-Nov-12 Changed Status Sun of Camberwell (SE5, now open)
27-Nov-12 Added Name Masons' Arms (Cleveland St W1); Prince of Wales (Bolsover St W1)
26-Nov-12 Added Name Stag (Whitfield St W1)
26-Nov-12 Added Photo 36 Goodge St (W1)
26-Nov-12 Added Record 28 Tottenham St (W1)
26-Nov-12 Changed Name Salters' Arms (W1, was incorrectly listed as Wood Yard)
26-Nov-12 Changed Status Salters' Arms (W1, now closed, was incorrectly marked demolished)
25-Nov-12 Added Name Marylebone Stores (Paradise St W1)
25-Nov-12 Added Photo Andover Arms (W6); Be at One (W6); Black Lion (W6); Bradmore (W6); Carpenters' Arms (W6); Cross Keys (W6); Dartmouth Castle (W6); Eagle Arms (W6); Egerton (W6); El Metro (W6); Greyhound (W12); Grove (W6); Hope (W6); Number One (W6); Old Ship (W6); Olive Tree (W6); Orchard Tavern (W12); Pavilion (W12); Queen's Head (W6); Richmond (W6); Rising Sun (W6); Royal Oak (W6); Smuts Bar (W12); Springbok (W12); Stonemasons Arms (W6); Thatched House (W6)
25-Nov-12 Added Record Lord Nelson (SW18); Nightjar (EC1)
25-Nov-12 Changed Name Chillax (W6, was Potions); Hart (W6, was incorrectly listed as White Hart); Smuts Bar (W12, was Marine's)
25-Nov-12 Changed Photo Belushi's (W6); Chillax (W6); Hampshire Hog (W6); Lala (W6); Laurie Arms (Hammersmith W6)
25-Nov-12 Changed Status Hart (W6, now closed)
24-Nov-12 Added Record Rev. JW Simpson (W1)
23-Nov-12 Added Photo Holly Tree (SE13); Merry Cricketers (SE8); Station Hotel (SE13)
23-Nov-12 Changed Name Hope Fitzrovia (W1, was Hope); Station Hotel (SE13, was Station)
23-Nov-12 Changed Photo Green Room (SE13); Hope Fitzrovia (W1); Queen's Arms (SE13)
23-Nov-12 Changed Status Old Oak (NW3, now closed)
22-Nov-12 Added Photo Pregnant Man (W1)
22-Nov-12 Added Record Player (W1)
22-Nov-12 Changed Photo B-Soho (W1); Green Man (Berwick St W1); Lab (W1); Miabella (W1); Roxy (W1)
19-Nov-12 Added Record 71 Dulwich Rd (SE24); Rose and Thistle (SW9)
18-Nov-12 Added Map Info Roman Eagle (SE8)
18-Nov-12 Added Name British Queen (East St SE17); Queen's Head (Kinglake St SE17)
18-Nov-12 Added Photo Karpo (NW1); Puccino's (NW1); Sun Drove (N1); 110 Essex Rd (N1)
18-Nov-12 Changed Name Dissenting Academy (N1, was incorrectly listed as Dissenting Assembly); Karpo (NW1, was Megaro Bar)
18-Nov-12 Changed Photo Alma (Newington Green Rd N1); Barnsbury (N1); Craft Beer Co. (N1); Dissenting Academy (N1); Driver (N1); Duke's Brew and Que (N1); Earl of Essex (N1); Flying Scotsman (N1); Hunter S (N1); John Salt (N1); Lord Clyde (N1); Pig and Butcher (N1); Regent (N1); Talbot (N1)
18-Nov-12 Changed Status EDVI (N1, now closed); Embassy (N1, now closed)
17-Nov-12 Added Record Anchor and Hope (SE17); Coopers' Arms (SE17); Sun (SE17)
16-Nov-12 Added Name Albion (East St SE17); Brewers' Arms (Barlow St SE17); Portland Arms (Morecambe St SE17)
16-Nov-12 Changed Status Craft Beer Co. (N1, now open)
15-Nov-12 Added Name Crown (Walworth Rd SE17); Endeavour (Amelia St SE17); Lion (Lion St SE17); Roebuck (Peacock St SE17); Tiger (Walworth Rd SE17); Zoological Arms (Amelia St SE17)
14-Nov-12 Added Name Joiners' Arms (East St SE17); Royal George (East St SE17)
14-Nov-12 Changed Name Dover Castle (SE17, was incorrectly listed as Devon Castle)
14-Nov-12 Merged Records Manchester Arms (SE17) with 13 Kingston St (SE17)
13-Nov-12 Added Map Info Duke of York (SE15); King's Head (SE15); 849 Old Kent Rd (SE15)
13-Nov-12 Added Name Queen's Arms (Meeting House La SE15); Times (Surrey Gr SE17)
12-Nov-12 Added Name Durham Castle (Camden Gr North SE15)
12-Nov-12 Added Photo Bar Med (CR0); Blue Orchid (CR0); Manhattan (CR0)
12-Nov-12 Changed Name Newman Street Tavern (W1, was Cambridge Arms)
12-Nov-12 Changed Photo Victoria Island (CR0)
12-Nov-12 Merged Records Eagle (SE15) with Eagle (SE15)
11-Nov-12 Added Record Firemans' Arms (SE14)
11-Nov-12 Changed Name Victoria Island (CR0, was Taberner's Bar)
10-Nov-12 Added Record Viceroy of Egypt (SE8); 21 Trundleys Road (SE8)
09-Nov-12 Added Name Masons' Arms (Besson St SE14)
09-Nov-12 Added Record Old Foresters' Arms (SE14)
08-Nov-12 Added Name Wellington Arms (Walpole Rd SE14)
08-Nov-12 Added Record Admiral Benham (SE8); Carlton Arms (SE14); Empire Hotel (SE8); Queen's Head (SE14); Victoria Tavern (SE14); 32 Achilles St (SE14); 24 Comet St (SE8)
08-Nov-12 Changed Name Coach and Horses (SE14, was Weiser Tavern); Prince of Wales (SE14, was Prince of Orange)
08-Nov-12 Changed Status Wine Vaults (CR0, now closed)
06-Nov-12 Added Map Info Bell (SE8); Freemasons' Arms (Mill La SE8); Robin Hood (SE8)
06-Nov-12 Added Record Duke of Sussex (SE8); Mitre (Mill La SE8)
04-Nov-12 Added Name Hope and Anchor (Earl St NW8); Sawyers' Arms (Salisbury St NW8); Wyndham Arms (SE5)
04-Nov-12 Added Record Olive Branch (SE5); 4 Addington Sq (SE5)
04-Nov-12 Merged Records Osborne Arms (SE8) with 24 New King St (SE8)
02-Nov-12 Added Name Warden Arms (Warden Rd NW5)
01-Nov-12 Added Name Camden Stores (Victoria Rd NW1); Hen and Chickens (Stanhope St NW1); Royal Standard (Underhill St NW1)
01-Nov-12 Added Record Churchill Bar and Terrace (W1); 52 Little George St (NW1)
01-Nov-12 Merged Records Swan and Edgar (NW1) with 35 Edward St (NW1)
31-Oct-12 Added Name Lord Mayor (Seymour St NW1)
31-Oct-12 Added Photo Cafe Bar Mediterranee (NW11); Duke of Cambridge (NW5); Lansdowne Arms (N1); Mama Nilssa (N7); Prince of Wales (Seymour St NW1); Shebeen (NW5)
31-Oct-12 Added Record Mama Nilssa (N7); Queen's Arms (NW1); Shebeen (NW5)
31-Oct-12 Changed Name Cafe Bar Mediterranee (NW11, was Bar Med)
31-Oct-12 Changed Photo Angie's VII (N19); Gloucester Arms (NW5); Grafton (NW5); Lamb (N7)
30-Oct-12 Added Record 32 Brill Row (NW1); 42 Brill Row (NW1)
30-Oct-12 Changed Address Duke of York (Phoenix St NW1, was listed as Brill Cres)
29-Oct-12 Added Name British Queen (Cumberland Mkt NW1); Granville Arms (Myron Pl SE13); Railway Tavern (Drummond St NW1); Red Lion (College St West NW1)
29-Oct-12 Changed Status Two 8 Six (SE13, now closed)
29-Oct-12 Merged Records Granville Arms (Myron Pl SE13) with Granville Arms (Granville Mews SE13)
27-Oct-12 Added Name Arlington Arms (Arlington Rd NW1)
25-Oct-12 Added Name Apollo (Jamestown Rd NW1); Dickinson's Arms (Milton Gr N19); Horse and Groom (William St NW1); Nottingham Castle (Pancras Rd NW1)
25-Oct-12 Added Record Angel (NW1); Red Lion (NW1)
24-Oct-12 Added Name Bedford Arms (Holloway Rd N7); Enfield Arms (Georges Rd N7); Joiners' Arms (Winchester St N1); White Horse (Collier St N1)
24-Oct-12 Added Record Pregnant Man (W1)
23-Oct-12 Added Name Forester's Emblem (Grimaldi St N1)
23-Oct-12 Added Record Moneyer's Arms (N1); Prince Albert (Provost St N1)
22-Oct-12 Added Name Beehive (Cynthia St N1)
22-Oct-12 Changed Status Molly's Bar (N11, now open, was incorrectly marked closed)
21-Oct-12 Added Name Champion (Hyde Rd N1); Golden Cross (Essex Rd N1); Lord Clyde (Copenhagen St N1); Moulder's Arms (Canal Rd N1); Old Brewery Tap (Bevenden St N1)
21-Oct-12 Added Record 110 Essex Rd (N1)
20-Oct-12 Added Name Porter's Store (Essex Rd N1)
19-Oct-12 Added Name Crown and Anchor (Britannia Wk N1); Portsmouth Arms (Pentonville Rd N1)
19-Oct-12 Added Record Hoxton Brewery Tap (N1)
18-Oct-12 Added Name Norfolk Arms (Melville St N1)
18-Oct-12 Added Photo College Arms (E17); Duke's Head (E17); Flower Pot (E17); Lord Brooke (E17); Lord Raglan (E17); Pig and Whistle (E17); RS Lounge (E17); Soul (E17); Victoria (E17); Ye Olde Rose and Crown (E17)
18-Oct-12 Added Record Newcastle Arms (W1)
18-Oct-12 Changed Name John Salt (N1, was Keston Lodge)
18-Oct-12 Merged Records Duke's Head (BR1) with 36 Market Sq
18-Oct-12 Removed Record 250 Carr Rd (E17, off licence)
17-Oct-12 Added Photo Arubar Lounge (E17); Bell (E17); Curran's (E17); Greenleaf Arms (E17); Grove Tavern (E17); Lord Roberts (E17); Lorne Arms (E17); Plough (E17); So Nice (E17); Waltham Oak (E17); White Swan (E17); Windmill (E17); 74 St Mary Rd (E17); 75 Barclay Rd (E17)
17-Oct-12 Changed Photo Castle (E17); Goose (E17)
17-Oct-12 Changed Status Waltham Oak (E17, now closed)
15-Oct-12 Added Photo Golden Bee (EC1); Stream (EC1)
15-Oct-12 Changed Photo Central City Bar (EC1); Grill on the Market (EC1)
14-Oct-12 Added Name Sir Robert Peel (Victoria Dock Rd E16)
14-Oct-12 Added Record King's Head (E16); Melbourne Arms (E16)
13-Oct-12 Added Name Colchester Arms (Edwin St E16); Robert Stephenson (Dock Rd E16)
13-Oct-12 Merged Records Duke of Clarence (E16) with 30 Barking Rd; Hit or Miss (E16) with 63 Dock Rd; Robert Stephenson (E16) with 17 Dock Rd; 120 Adamson Rd (E16) with 50-52 Butchers Rd
12-Oct-12 Added Name Royal Standard (Wetherell Rd E9); Swiss Cottage (Lauriston Rd E9)
11-Oct-12 Added Name Cobden Arms (Digby Rd E9); Little Wonder (Lambs Bldgs EC1); Lord Nelson (Well St E9); Queen of England (Well St E9); Sessions House Hotel (Clerkenwell Green EC1); Sir John Russell (Morning La E9)
11-Oct-12 Added Record Queen Victoria (EC1)
10-Oct-12 Added Map Info General Graham (EC1); Spencers' Arms (EC1)
10-Oct-12 Added Name Champion Arms (Garnault Pl EC1); Hatfield Arms (Baltic St EC1)
10-Oct-12 Added Photo Britannia (NW1); Cuban (NW1); Proud (NW1)
10-Oct-12 Changed Photo Hundred Crows Rising (N1)
09-Oct-12 Added Name Crown (Rosoman St EC1); George (Fosters Bldgs EC1); Norfolk Arms (Skinner St EC1); Plough (Featherstone St EC1); Prince of Wales (Sans Walk EC1)
09-Oct-12 Added Record General Graham (EC1); Spencers' Arms (EC1)