O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in E7 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Albion Albion Hotel 141 Boleyn Road, E7 9QF
C Bar Monastery Princess Alice 329 Romford Road, E7 9HA
D Builders' Arms 47 Station Road, E7
O Burgess and Hall Wines Arch 353 Winchelsea Road, E7 0AQ
D Camden Arms 70 Field Road, E7 9DL
C Duke of Fife 350 Katherine Road, E7 8NW
C Eagle Eagle and Child; Eagle and Child Hotel; Eagle and Child 112 Woodgrange Road, E7 0EW
C Earl of Derby 16 Station Road, E7 0ER
O Forest Gate Hotel 105 Godwin Road, E7 0LW
C Forest Glen 39 Dames Road, E7 0DR
O Forest Tavern Railway Tavern; Railway Hotel; Railway Tavern 173 Forest Lane, E7 9BB
D Foresters' Arms Forest Gate, E7
O Fox and Hounds 178 Forest Lane, E7 9BB
C Gatsby Mickey Finn's 76 Woodgrange Road, E7 0EN
D Golden Horse 111 Forest Lane, E7
C Hawkes Urban Orchard Cider House Arch 361 Winchelsea Road, E7 0AQ
O Holly Tree 141 Dames Road, E7 0DZ
O Hudson Bay 1-5 Upton Lane, E7 9PA
D Jolly Smiths 16 Field Road, E7
D King Harry 1 King Harry Row, Red Post Lane, E7
C Live and Let Live 264 Romford Road, E7 9HZ
C Mo's Bar Terry Spinks MBE; White Hart 249-251 Green Street, E7 8LJ
D Odessa Arms 53 Odessa Road, E7 9BQ
C Old Spotted Dog Spotted Dog; Dog 212 Upton Lane, E7 9NP
D Parliament House 1 Parliament Place, E7
D Plough 55 Field Road, E7
O Pretty Decent Beer Co. Taproom Arch 338 Sheridan Road, E7 9EF
D Prince of Wales 58 Forest Street, E7
C Railway Bell 129 Forest Lane, E7 9BB
O Rising Sun 528 Romford Road, E7 8AF
C Simpson's La Luna; Freemasons' Tavern; Freemasons' Hotel 342 Romford Road, E7 8BS
C Tower Arms Tower's; Tower Hamlets Arms 83 Tower Hamlets Road, E7 9DD
C Travellers' Rest 12 Cemetery Road, E7 9DG
D Victory 52 Forest Street, E7
C Waggon and Horses 392 Romford Road, E7 8DF
O Wanstead Tap Arch 352 Winchelsea Road, E7 0AQ
D [Beer house] 45 Forest Street, E7

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