O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in EC3 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 1 Lombard Street 1 Lombard Street, EC3V 9AA
O 37 Jewry Corney and Barrow 37 Jewry Street, EC3N 2EX
O Addendum City Litten [same site]; City Food and Ale House; City Ale and Wine House; Trinity Vaults Apex City of London Hotel, 1 Seething Lane, EC3N 4AX
O Adriatico 12-14 Mitre Street, EC3A 5BU
O Alchemist 6 Bevis Marks, EC3A 7BA
O Alice Alchemist; Barracuda; Springbok; Eastern Monk; Nag's Head [same site] 133 Houndsditch, EC3A 7BX
O All Bar One Broker 16 Byward Street, EC3R 5BA
O All Bar One Drum and Monkey [same site]; Gloucester Arms; Clanger; George and Dragon; George 106-107 Houndsditch, EC3A 7BD
D Alton Ale House 62 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
D Alton Ale House 11 Eastcheap, EC3M
D American Stores Horseshoe and Magpie [same site]; Victoria; Horseshoe and Magpie 54-55 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
D Anchor 16 America Square, EC3N
D Anchor and Hope Holland's Coffee House 54 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Angel 94 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
C Anokha 9-13 Fenchurch Buildings, EC3M 5HR
D Antigallican 5 Darkhouse Lane, EC3R
C Auberge 56 Mark Lane, EC3R 7NL
D Australian Tavern 64-65 St Mary Axe, EC3A
D Baker's Coffee House 1 Change Alley, EC3V
C Bangers Too 1 St Mary at Hill, EC3R 8EE
O Bar20 at Birley's First floor, Birley's, Pocket Park, 20 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 3BY
O Barcelona 24 Lime Street, EC3M 7HR
O Barcelona Unit 1 Beaufort House, 15 St Botolph Street, EC3A 7DT
C Be at One Slug and Lettuce; Parisa 100 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 5JD
D Bear and Wheatsheaf 71-72 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
O Bedales Wine Bar 55 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LT
D Bedford Hotel 7 Railway Place, EC3M
D Beehive Meat Market, 40 Leadenhall Market, EC3V
D Bell 2-3 Church Row, EC3A
D Bell 3 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Bell 40 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D Bell Inn 5-6 Bell Yard, EC3V
D Ben Jonson Ben Jonson's Head 95 Houndsditch, EC3A
D Bengal Arms Tavern 2-4 White Lion Court, EC3V
O Bierschenke Bavarian Beerhouse; Pitcher and Piano; McDaid's; Bulla; Savage Grill The Arches, 9 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AU
D Black Boy and Camel Blackamoor and Camel 9 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
D Blackwall Railway Tavern Blackwall Railway Hotel 7 London Street, EC3M
D Blue Anchor 1 Bell Court, 164 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
D Blue Anchor Tavern Coal Exchange Tavern; Blue Anchor 26 St Mary at Hill, EC3R
D Blue Boar 30 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
D Boar's Head Inn 34 Little Eastcheap, EC3M
O Bodean's Broker (FOB) 16 Byward Street, EC3R 5BA
C Bodega Cow and Calf 27-29 Eastcheap, EC3M 1DE
D Bodega 72 Mark Lane, EC3R
O Bootlegger 25-26 Lime Street, EC3M 7HR
O BrewDog Unit 3 The Minster Building, 21 Great Tower Street, EC3N 4DR
O Britannia 20 Monument Street, EC3R 8AJ
O Brokers Wine Bar 9 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
D Bull Inn Bull Inn Yard, 25 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
D Bull Inn 151 Leadenhall Street, EC3V
D Bull Tap Bull Inn Yard, 25 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
O Bunch of Grapes Grapes 14 Lime Street, EC3M 7AN
O Bury Court Balls Brothers 38 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8EX
D Cafe Royal 23 Aldgate, EC3N
O Caffe Vergnano 1882 Unit 1, 70 Mark Lane, EC3R 7NQ
O Camino 15 Mincing Lane, EC3R 7BD
D Canterbury Arms 20 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
D Cape of Good Hope 7 Lime Street, EC3M
O Caravaggio 107-112 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 4DP
D Castle Tavern 31 Mark Lane, EC3R
O Chamberlain 132-135 Minories, EC3N 1NT
C Charlie's 9 Crosswall, EC3N 2JY
O Cheese at Leadenhall 4-5 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
O Cheshire Cheese 48 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AP
D Citizen Fleur-de-Lis 70 Houndsditch, EC3A
D City Arms 31 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D City Arms Tavern George 2 St Mary Axe, EC3A
D City Arms Tavern 3-5 Popes Head Alley, EC3V
O City Bar and Lounge Isis Bar and Lounge Leonardo Royal Hotel London City, 8-14 Coopers Row, EC3N 2BQ
C City FOB Lower Thames Street, EC3R 6DJ
D City Flogger Fen Court, 120 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 5BA
O City Flogger Ruskin's 60 Mark Lane, EC3R 7NE
C City Sports Pub and Grill 5 Minories, EC3N 1BJ
D City Tavern and Dining Rooms 51 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
D Coach and Horses 56a Minories, EC3N
D Cock Tavern New York Coffee House; William's Coffee House; New York Tavern; Cock and Lion 2 St Michaels Alley, EC3V
O Cock and Woolpack 6 Finch Lane, EC3V 3NA
D Colin Campbell 4 Postern Row, EC3N
D Colonial Tavern 20 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
D Coopers' Arms 46 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Coopers' Arms 24-25 Trinity Square, EC3N
O Corn Exchange Balls Brothers 2 Minster Court, Mark Lane, EC3R 7BB
O Counting House 50 Cornhill, EC3V 3PD
O Craft Beer Co. Trident 29-31 Mitre Street, EC3A 5BU
O Crafty Fellas 29-30 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
D Cross Keys Inn 16 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
O Crosse Keys 9 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0DR
O Crosswall Jamie's 119-121 Minories, EC3N 1DR
D Crown 1 St Dunstans Alley, EC3R
D Crown and Anchor Syren and Shipping; Garland's; Crown and Anchor 42-43 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
D Crown and Magpie 22 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
D Crown and Shears 83-84 Minories, EC3N
D Crown and Thistle 11 Billiter Street, EC3M
O Crutched Friar 39-41 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2AE
D Czar's Head 48 Great Tower Street, EC3R
O Dabbers Zebrano in the City; Duke's; T Bar; Duke's of Houndsditch; Blarney Rock Bars 18-22 Houndsditch, EC3A 7DB
O Davy's Unit 8 Plantation Place, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7BD
C Dion 52-56 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 2BJ
C Dirty Martini Clause; Fountains in the City; Sibill's 1 Lovat Lane, EC3R 8DT
O Dirty Martini Mary Jane's; Fine Line 124-127 Minories, EC3N 1NT
O Draft House Assembly 14-15 Seething Lane, EC3N 4AX
O East India Arms West India Arms 67 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 4BR
C Elephant 119 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 5BA
C Emperor 35 Vine Street, EC3N 2PX
D Essex Coffee House Essex Tavern; Essex Coffee House 41 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
C FT's 26 Savage Gardens, EC3N 2AR
O Factory House Basement, Unit 10 Lime Street, EC3M 7AH
O Fen Raven; City Bar Fenchurch Street Station, EC3M 4AJ
D Fishmongers' Arms 4 St James Place, EC3A
O Folly 41 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0BT
O Forge Abacus 24 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND
D Fountain 17 Minories, EC3N
D French Horn 26 Crutched Friars, EC3N
D George 6 Billingsgate Market, Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D George Old George 31-32 Trinity Square, EC3N
D George and Gate 15 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
O George and Vulture 3 Castle Court, EC3V 9DL
D Globe 33 Crutched Friars, EC3N
D Globe 4 Globe Court, 22 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
D Golden Anchor 105 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
D Golden Axe Blue Pig 56 St Mary Axe, EC3A
D Grapes 13 Church Row, EC3A
D Grapes Bunch of Grapes 5 India Street, EC3N
D Grapes 40 Houndsditch, EC3A
D Grasshopper Tavern 13 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
C Green Dragon 4 Bulls Head Passage, EC3V 1LU
D Green Dragon 2 Botolph Alley, EC3R
D Green Lattice 5 Billingsgate Market, Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Green Man and Bell 16 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Grubser's Bar Steam Packet Tavern 22 Fish Street Hill, EC3R 6DB
D Guy Earl of Warwick 3 Cross Lane, EC3R
O Habit Friary Court, 65 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2NP
D Hambro Tavern Hambro Hotel and Coffee House; Hamburgh Hotel 6-7 Water Lane, EC3R
D Harp 13 Harp Lane, EC3R
C Hemingway's White's 19 Bevis Marks, EC3A 7JB
D Hercules Tavern 119 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
D Hermann's Exchange Tavern Exchange Tavern 2 Change Alley, EC3V
O Hoop and Grapes 47 Aldgate High Street, EC3N 1AL
D Hope 13 Jewry Street, EC3N
D Horse and Trumpeter 1 Crutched Friars, EC3N
D Hotel Central Aldgate Hotel; Baverstock's Commercial Hotel 77 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
O Hung Drawn and Quartered 26-27 Great Tower Street, EC3R 5AQ
O Hydrant Fine Line Equitable House, 1 Monument Street, EC3R 8BG
D II AD Departure; Market Bar; Lamb and Flag [same site] 2 Crutched Friars, EC3N 2HT
C Il Locale Tike; Valente's 5 Fenchurch Place, EC3M 4AJ
D India Arms 44 Lime Street, EC3M
D Ipswich Arms 4 Cullum Street, EC3M
D Jack's Coffee House 53 Mark Lane, EC3R
O Jamaica Wine House Jamaica Coffee House; Pasqua Rosee's Head 12 St Michaels Alley, EC3V 9DS
O Jamie's Balls Brothers 2 St Mary at Hill, EC3R 8EE
C Jamie's 13 Philpot Lane, EC3M 8AA
D Jerusalem Jerusalem Coffee House Cowpers Court, EC3V
C Just Gladwins 1 Minster Pavement, EC3R 7AA
O Keepers Elements; Pepys Bar Hotel Novotel London Tower Bridge, 10 Pepys Street, EC3N 2NR
D King's Arms 141 Houndsditch, EC3A
D King's Arms 61 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D King's Arms Inn 122 Leadenhall Street, EC3V
D King's Head 12 Pudding Lane, EC3R
D King's Head and Mermaid 116 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
O Lamb Tavern 10-12 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
D Langbourn Coffee House Ball Alley, EC3V
O Laurel Lounge Harpers; Gilt; Prima; Fenchurch Colony 14 New London Street, EC3R 7NA
O Liberty Bounds 15 Trinity Square, EC3N 4AA
O Lime Street Exchange Balls Brothers 52-54 Lime Street, EC3M 7BS
O Lion White Horse; O'Neill's; Red Lion 31-36 Houndsditch, EC3A 7BD
D Lion and Key 55 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
O London Cocktail Club Corney and Barrow; Monument Tavern [same site] 2b Eastcheap, EC3M 1AB
D London Tavern King's Head Tavern [same site]; Queen's Head; King's Head 53-55 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
O MBER Feng Shui; Fuego Bar and Tapas 1a Pudding Lane, EC3R 8AB
D Mail Coach 1 Camomile Street, EC3A 7BH
D Margate Hoy 19 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
D Marquis of Granby 51 Minories, EC3N
O Minories 64-73 Minories, EC3N 1JL
O Minster Court Minster Exchange; Minster; Balls Brothers Minster Court, Mincing Lane, EC3R 7PP
O Missouri Angel Mr Micawber; Angel 14 Crosswall, EC3N 2LJ
D Mitre 3 Mitre Street, EC3A
D Mitre Tavern 38 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
O Moniker Corney and Barrow 25 Fenchurch Avenue, EC3M 7DQ
O Monument Hog's Head 18 Fish Street Hill, EC3R 6DB
D Nag's Head 15 George Street, EC3N
D New Corn Exchange Tavern Corn Exchange Tavern New Corn Exchange, 58 Mark Lane, EC3R
D New Grapes 82 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
O New Moon Half Moon Tavern 88 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 0DN
D Norfolk Hotel Monument Hotel 48 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
O Number 25 25 Birchin Lane, EC3V 9DJ
C Number 49 49 Aldgate High Street, EC3N 1AL
D Old Buck's Head 81 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Old King's Head King's Head 50 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D Old Ship Ship Tavern 6 Beer Lane, EC3R
O Old Tea Warehouse 4-8 Creechurch Lane, EC3A 5AY
O Old Tom's Bar 10-12 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
O One Under Lime Corney and Barrow 1 Leadenhall Place, EC3M 7DX
D Oriental 12 Rood Lane, EC3M
C Orpheus 26a Savage Gardens, EC3N 2AR
C Ortega 27 Leadenhall Market, EC3V 1LR
O Patch Pause; Old Monk; Bull's Head [same site] 80-84 Leadenhall Street, EC3A 3DH
C Peacock 41 Minories, EC3N 1DT
O Perkin Reveller The Wharf, The Tower of London, EC3N 4AB
D Pewter Platter 86 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
O Pitcher and Piano Bar Excellence 28-31 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND
O Planet of the Grapes Wraps 9-10 Bulls Head Passage, EC3V 1LU
D Pompion 21 Seething Lane, EC3N
D Poulterers' Arms Poultry Market, Leadenhall Market, EC3V
D Prince Albert Tackle Porters 11 Coopers Row, EC3N
D Prince Arthur's Palace India House Tavern; Grapes 125 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
O Prism 147 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 4QT
D Pumphouse George 86 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 4BY
D Queen's Head 19 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D Queen's Head 6 Darkhouse Lane, EC3R
D Queen's Head Three Herrings 3 Creechurch Lane, EC3A
D Railroad Tavern Camel 107 Minories, EC3N
D Railway Tavern 125 Fenchurch Street, EC3M
D Ram's Head Brewers Quay, Petty Wales, Lower Thames Street, EC3R
C Red Lion 8 Lombard Court, EC3V 9BJ
O Revolution Slug and Lettuce; Hog's Head 1 America Square, EC3N 2LS
O Revolution 140-144 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 4QT
D Roebuck 9 Duke Street, EC3A
D Rose and Crown 8-9 Ship Tavern Passage, EC3V
C Rose and Crown 78 Aldgate High Street, EC3N 1BJ
D Rose and Crown 17 Love Lane, EC3R
D Rose and Crown Mecca; Phoenix; Rose and Crown 22-23 Cullum Street, EC3V
D Rose and Crown 56 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
O Royal Exchange Grand Cafe and Bar The Courtyard, Royal Exchange, EC3V 3LR
D Royal Oak 9 St Mary Axe, EC3A
C Runner Bar 14 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND
D Salisbury Salisbury Arms 22-23 Camomile Street, EC3A
D Sam's Coffee House 9 King Street, EC3A
D Saracen's Head 7 Camomile Street, EC3A
D Saracen's Head Inn Saracen's Head and Bell 5 Aldgate, EC3N
D Saracen's Head Inn Coach and Horses 9 Northumberland Alley, EC3N
D Scotch Stores White Horse 16 Rood Lane, EC3M
O Ship Ship Tavern 11 Talbot Court, EC3V 0BP
O Ship 3 Hart Street, EC3R 7NB
D Ship 61 Minories, EC3N
D Ship Afloat 52 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
C Ship Tavern 27 Lime Street, EC3M 7HR
D Ship Tavern 101 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D Sieve 3 Church Street, EC3N
O Silk and Grain Door; Green Door 33 Cornhill, EC3V 3ND
O Simmons 35 Eastcheap, EC3M 1DE
O Simpson's Simpson's Tavern and Hotel Ball Court, 38 Cornhill, EC3V 9DR
D Sir John Falstaff 45-46 Houndsditch, EC3A
C Sir John Falstaff Discerning Draughstman; Falstaff; King's Head [same site] 17 Eastcheap, EC3M 8AA
O Slug and Lettuce Hog's Head 25 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8AA
O Slug and Lettuce Abbey; Bar 38 St Clare House, 30-33 Minories, EC3N 1DD
D Spread Eagle 84 Gracechurch Street, EC3V
D Square Mile Vine; Vino Veritas; Ship and Turtle Tavern 122 Leadenhall Street, EC3V 4PT
D St James Tavern 35 Creechurch Lane, EC3A
D Star 4 Nags Head Court, EC3V
D Star 19-20 Finch Lane, EC3V
D Steam Boat 35 St Mary at Hill, EC3R
O Steam Wine Bar Illusions; Bill Bentley's 1 St Georges Lane, EC3R 8DJ
O Sterling 30 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8BF
D Sugar Loaf Tavern 1 St Mary Axe, EC3A
D Sun and Anchor 27 St Dunstans Hill, EC3R
D Sussex Sussex Tavern; Cock 51 Leadenhall Street, EC3A
O Swan Tavern Ship Tavern Passage, 78-80 Gracechurch Street, EC3V 1LY
D Swan Tavern 25 Fish Street Hill, EC3R
C TK's Restaurant and Bar 31 Lovat Lane, EC3R 8EB
O Tank and Paddle Agenda; Bar Med Minster Court, 3 Mincing Lane, EC3R 7AA
C Tanner's Hall 12 Philpot Lane, EC3M 8AA
D Three Kingdoms Custom House Stores; Custom House Tavern 79 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
O Three Lords 27 Minories, EC3N 1DD
D Three Nuns Three Nuns Hotel; Three Nuns Inn 10-13 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
O Three Tuns Hennessy's; Three Tuns 36 Jewry Street, EC3N 2ET
D Three Tuns 8 Billingsgate Market, Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Tiger Tavern 1 Tower Place, EC3N
D Tilt Boat 4 Darkhouse Lane, EC3R
D Tom's Chop House Tom's Coffee House Cowpers Court, EC3V
D Tower 8 Postern Row, EC3N
D Tower Shades 35 Terrace, Trinity Square, EC3N
O Trinity Bell Creechurch Pub and Bar; Jamie's; Lowlander; Christopher's Bar and Grill; Poet; Poet's Corner; City Arms [same site] 18-20 Creechurch Lane, EC3A 5AY
D Turk's Head 71 Aldgate High Street, EC3N
C Underwriter Grapes [same site] 15 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8AH
D Vine 25 Minories, EC3N
D Virginia Tavern Virginia Coffee House 4 Newmans Court, EC3V
D Walker's of Fenchurch Street Ship and Compass 18 London Street, EC3R 7JP
O Walrus and the Carpenter Cock 45 Monument Street, EC3R 8BU
D Wellington 54-55 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D Wellington Tavern 7 Finch Lane, EC3V
D White Hart 6 Bell Yard, EC3V
D White Hart 27 Botolph Lane, EC3R
D White Hart 75 Great Tower Street, EC3R
D White Lion 1 Talbot Court, EC3V
O Willy's Wine Bar 107 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 5JF
O Windsor Goose at Fenchurch; City of London Yeoman; Railway Tavern [same site] 2 New London Street, EC3R 7NA
O Wine Lodge Chapman's Wine Lodge; Wine Lodge; Red Lion [same site] Sackville House, 145 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 6BL
D Woolpack 94 Minories, EC3N
D Woolpack Tavern Sun and Plough [same site] 6 St Peters Alley, EC3V
D Yarmouth Arms 88 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D Ye Olde Crutched Friars Kroll's Hotel 15a Crosswall, EC3N
D Yorkshire Grey 53 Lower Thames Street, EC3R
D [Beer house] 10 Talbot Court, EC3V
D [Unknown] 9 Vine Street, EC3N

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