O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in N15 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O Autograf 488 West Green Road, N15 3DA
O Balabam Crowe Bar; Moll; Moll Cutpurse 58-60 High Road, N15 6JU
C Black Grape Range; Black Boy 268 West Green Road, N15 3QR
O Bongo Bar and Restaurant 65-67 Broad Lane, N15 4DJ
C Botany Bay Hobson's Choice; Greyhound 143 Philip Lane, N15 4HQ
D Connaught Tavern Bull 278 High Road, N15 4AJ
D Dagmar Arms 36 Cornwall Road, N15 5AR
O Dutch House 148 High Road, N15 6UJ
D Emerald Flower Pot 19-23 St Anns Road, N15
O Five Miles 39b Markfield Road, N15 4QA
O Fountain 125-127 West Green Road, N15 5DE
C Goat 414-416 West Green Road, N15 3PU
O Golden Sands Bar Nile; Nile Bar; Duke; Amigos; Duke of Cambridge 433-435 West Green Road, N15 3PJ
C Golden Stool Mitre 89 High Road, N15 6DL
O Green Gate 492 West Green Road, N15 3DA
D JJ Moon's Ye Olde Seven Sisters; Old Seven Sisters; Seven Sisters 11 Markfield Road, N15 4QA
O K.K. McCool's 265 West Green Road, N15 3BH
D Live and Let Live 9 Markfield Road, N15
D Lord Clyde 189 Clyde Road, N15
O Lord Palmerston 197 Philip Lane, N15 4HQ
C Mango Bar and Restaurant 263 High Road, N15 4RR
O Mannion's Prince Arthur Prince Arthur 158 Broad Lane, N15 4QJ
O No. 8 Woodberry Tavern; Woodberry Hotel 618 Seven Sisters Road, N15 6JH
O Port-Louis Bar 422 West Green Road, N15 3PU
C Prince of Wales 100 Cornwall Road, N15 5AT
D Rose and Crown Charlie Brown's; Robert E. Lee; Rose and Crown 344 High Road, N15 4BN
C Seven Sisters Broads; Seven Sisters; New Seven Sisters 37 Broad Lane, N15 4DJ
C Silver Lady Fox 384-386 West Green Road, N15 3QL
O True Craft West Green; West Green Tavern; Railway Tavern 68 West Green Road, N15 5NR
C Victoria 170 St Anns Road, N15 5NR
D [Beer house] 2 Moreton Road, N15

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