O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in N19 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Angie's VII Marlborough; Marlborough Tavern 710 Holloway Road, N19 3NH
C Archway Tavern Intrepid Fox; Archway Tavern; Dusk Till Dawn; Archway; Archway Tavern 1 Archway Close, Archway Road, N19 3TD
C Birkbeck Tavern Birkbeck Arms 119 Elthorne Road, N19 3GG
C Black Horse 37 Wedmore Street, N19 4RU
C Blenheim Arms 1 Smiths Terrace, Hornsey Road, N19 4DX
O Boston Arms Boston Hotel; Boston Arms 178-180 Junction Road, N19 5QQ
D Bricklayers' Arms 1 Anns Place, Hornsey Road, N19
D Brookfield Brookfield Tavern 117-119 Dartmouth Park Hill, N19
D Brunswick Arms 44a-46 Macdonald Road, N19
O Charlotte Despard Settle Inn; Dog; Marler's Bar 17-19 Archway Road, N19 3TX
D Cordwainers' Arms 53 Elthorne Road, N19
O Corner Flag Blarney Stone; Salt Bar; All Points West; Railway Hotel 472 Hornsey Road, N19 4EF
D Cottenham Arms 160 Sussex Way, N19
O Crown New Crown; Crown 622 Holloway Road, N19 3PA
D Crown 202-204 Sussex Way, N19
D Dickinson's Arms 1 Comus Road, N19
D Duchess of Sutherland 66 Hazellville Road, N19
D Favourite 23 Hornsey Rise, N19 3SF
O Floirin Bailey's Corner; Mulberry Tree 563 Holloway Road, N19 4DQ
D Foresters' Arms 437 Hornsey Road, N19
C Forks and Corks 2 Archway Mall, N19 5RG
D Fox Fox and Hounds 56 Ashbrook Road, N19
C Fox and Hounds 492 Hornsey Road, N19 4EF
D Gladstone 398 Hornsey Road, N19
D Good Intent Steam House; Good Intent 52 Wedmore Street, N19 4RQ
C Hanley Arms 440 Hornsey Road, N19 4EB
O House Centurion; New Brunswick; Pickled Newt; New Brunswick 128 Dartmouth Park Hill, N19 5HT
O Landseer Arms Landseer; JJ Moon's; Stanley Arms 37 Landseer Road, N19 4JU
C Lion Red Lion; O'Mara's; Sweeney's; Lion 1 Junction Road, N19 5QT
D Lord Hampden 71 Hampden Road, N19
C Magnet Last Resort 23 Archway Road, N19 3TU
C Mall 10b Archway Mall, N19 5RG
O Mother Red Cap 665 Holloway Road, N19 5SE
D Napier's Cabin 16 Archway Place, Highgate Hill, N19
D Nightingale Hornsey Road, N19
C Norfolk Arms 557 Holloway Road, N19 4BT
D Norfolk Hero 81 Cottenham Road, N19
O North Nineteen Pink Chameleon; Enterprise 194-196 Sussex Way, N19 4HZ
O Northern Soul Hideaway 114 Junction Road, N19 5LB
O Oak and Pastor Drum and Monkey; Junction Arms 86 Junction Road, N19 5QZ
C Plough 354 Hornsey Road, N19 4HT
C Prince of Denmark 151 Junction Road, N19 5PZ
O Royal Oak 250 St Johns Way, N19 3RJ
D Royal Oak 54 Hampden Road, N19
D Royal Oak 1 Rochester Place, Highgate Hill, N19
O Shaftesbury Tavern Shaftesbury; Shaftesbury Hotel; Shaftesbury Tavern 534 Hornsey Road, N19 3QN
D Shakespeare 579 Holloway Road, N19
O Smyth Arms Prince Alfred 139 Marlborough Road, N19 4NU
D St John's Distillery Horse and Groom 637 Holloway Road, N19
O St John's Tavern St John's; St John's Tavern 91 Junction Road, N19 5QU
O Star Holly Lodge; Totnes Castle 47 Chester Road, N19 5DF
O Tourian Lounge Old Crown; Ye Old Crown; Old Crown Inn 90 Highgate Hill, N19 5NQ
O Whittington Stone 53 Highgate Hill, N19 5NE
C Whittington and Cat 89 Highgate Hill, N19 5NE

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