O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in N20 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
D Black Bull Bull 1446 High Road, N20 9BS
D Blue Anchor Anchor; Blue Anchor 1432 High Road, N20
D Bricklayers' Arms High Road, N20
O Cavalier 67 Russell Lane, N20 0BB
C Green Man Red Lion [same site]; Lion 1308 High Road, N20 9HJ
O Griffin Scruffy Murphy's; Griffin 1262 High Road, N20 9HH
D Hand and Flower 1250 High Road, N20
O Haven 1363 High Road, N20 9LN
D Jo Jo Balou's 1267 High Road, N20 0HS
O N20 1111 High Road, N20 0PT
O Orange Tree 7 Totteridge Village, N20 8NX
C Sapphire Lounge Rising Sun 248 Oakleigh Road North, N20 0BU
C Sequoia Stone Marquee; iBar; Real Music Club; New Bull and Butcher; Bull and Butcher Hotel; Bull and Butcher; Butcher and Conjuror [same site] 1277 High Road, N20 9HS
D Swan with Two Necks Swan 1147 High Road, N20
O Three Horseshoes 1166-1168 High Road, N20 0RA
D Woodman Woodland Cottage 418 Oakleigh Road North, N20 0RZ
O York Arms 310 Oakleigh Road North, N20 0DH

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