O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in N7 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Adam and Eve 489 Liverpool Road, N7 8NS
C Admiral Mann 9 Hargrave Place, N7 0BP
C Albion 102 Blundell Street, N7 9BL
D Alfred Tavern 47 Roman Way, N7
O Arda 2 156a Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PL
O Arkstar Arch 1, 303 Holloway Road, N7 8HS
C Arundel Arms 14 Westbourne Road, N7 8AU
C Bailey Castle 81 Holloway Road, N7 8LT
D Barley Mow 22 Hornsey Road, N7
D Barnsbury Castle 22 St Clements Street, N7
D Bedford Arms 238 Holloway Road, N7
D Bedford Arms 93 Andover Road, N7
O Bedford Tavern Bedford Arms; Bedford Tavern; Bedford Arms 160 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PT
D Beehive Eden Grove, N7
C Benwell Arms Montague Arms 40 Benwell Road, N7 7BA
O Big Red Bar Latina; Hog's Head 385 Holloway Road, N7 0RY
D Black Bull South-West Gate, Metropolitan Cattle Market, N7
D Brandon Arms 2 Brandon Road, N7
D Bricklayers' Arms 94 Victor Road, N7
C Butchers' Arms 256 York Way, N7 9PQ
C Caledonian Arms 419 Caledonian Road, N7 9BQ
O Cally Eagle; McLouchlin's; Balmoral Castle 427 Caledonian Road, N7 9BG
O Castle Bar Holloway Castle 392 Camden Road, N7 0SJ
O Che El Comandante; Lord Palmerston 10 Annette Road, N7 6ET
D City Arms Metropolitan Cattle Market, North Road, N7
D City of London City of London Tavern 107 York Way, N7 9QE
D Clancy's Liar Maguire; Queen's Arms 1 Queensland Road, N7 7AH
D Club Imperial Red Rose 129 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7QG
D Coach and Horses 214 Holloway Road, N7
D Copenhagen House 374 York Way, N7
O Coronet 338-346 Holloway Road, N7 6NJ
C Crown Crown Hotel; Crown Tavern 13 Albert Terrace, York Road, N7 9LG
O Crown Bar and Cafe 261 Holloway Road, N7 8HG
O Depot Shillibeer's; George Shillibeer; Woodstore Bar and Grill; Shillibeer's 1 Carpenters Mews, 41 North Road, N7 9EF
D Derby Arms 182 Holloway Road, N7
C Devonshire Castle Tonic; Devonshire Castle 67 Axminster Road, N7 6BP
D Dorset Arms 1 Dorinda Street, N7
O Doyle's Tavern Pride of the West; Tirconail Bar; Prince Arthur 379 Caledonian Road, N7 9DQ
O Duchess of Kent Fox and Fiddle; Duchess of Kent 441 Liverpool Road, N7 8PR
D Duke of Wellington 82 Lough Road, N7
O Eaglet Swann and Lambe; Eaglet 124 Seven Sisters Road, N7 6AE
D Enfield Arms 39 Georges Road, N7
O Enkel Arms 34-36 Seven Sisters Road, N7 6AA
C Fat Harry's Earl Russell; Russell Arms; Earl Russell 60 Isledon Road, N7 7LD
D Favourite Volunteer; Favourite 7-13 Queensland Road, N7 7AH
O Festac KC's 148 Holloway Road, N7 8DD
D Fortune of War 184 York Way, N7 9AU
D Franchise 90 Andover Road, N7
C Gaff Old King's Head; Head; King's Head 382 Holloway Road, N7 6PN
D Gallagher's Albion 412 Liverpool Road, N7
C Gangsters Wine Bar 488 Caledonian Road, N7 9RP
C George 9 Eden Grove, N7 8EE
C Gin Palace White Horse; White Horse Hotel; White Horse Inn 36 Market Road, N7 9PW
D Globe Globe Hotel; Globe 107 Tollington Road, N7 7JH
D Globe 103 St James's Road, N7
O Halfway House 74 Seven Sisters Road, N7 6AE
O Hammerton Brewery Taproom Units 8-9 Roman Way Industrial Estate, 149 Roman Way, N7 8XH
D Hare and Hounds 2 Francis Place, Holloway Road, N7
D Havelock General Havelock 292 Hornsey Road, N7
C Holloway Litten Tree 341-343 Holloway Road, N7 0RN
D Hope and Anchor 42 Barnsbury Grove, N7
O Horatia Ashburton; Lord Nelson 100-102 Holloway Road, N7 8JE
D Horse and Groom 14 Holloway Road, N7
O House of Hammerton Wig and Gown; Li'l Red; Wig and Gown 97-99 Holloway Road, N7 8LT
D Hungerford Arms Hungerford Hotel 145 Hungerford Road, N7
O Indiebeer 322 Holloway Road, N7 6NJ
D Ingleby Arms 36 Tollington Way, N7
O Islington Sports Bar and Grill Filthy's; Herbert Chapman; Study; Hobgoblin; Prince of Wales 274-276 Holloway Road, N7 6NE
O Jdeo's 357 Caledonian Road, N7 9DQ
C Jolly Roger 122 Seven Sisters Road, N7 6AE
O Jolly Sisters New Queen's Head 95 Bride Street, N7 8AX
C Jug o' Punch City of Rome; Barnsbury Station Hotel; City of Rome Tavern 114 Roman Way, N7 8XJ
D King's Arms 71 Durham Road, N7
O Lamb Barcosa; Tank; Beer House; Flounder and Firkin; Lamb; Highbury Brewery Tap 54 Holloway Road, N7 8JL
C Lamb Lamb Tavern; Lamb Hotel and Tavern 46 North Road, N7 9DP
D Latin Corner Copenhagen 283 Camden Road, N7 0JN
C Leighton Leighton Arms 101 Brecknock Road, N7 0DA
C Lion Beer Engine; Lion Hotel; Lion Tavern 98 North Road, N7 9EA
O Mama Nilssa 237 Holloway Road, N7 8HG
D Marquis of Salisbury [or Marquess of Salisbury] 101 Queensland Road, N7
C Medina Medina Tavern 172 Seven Sisters Road, N7 7PX
D Metro Spoofers Bar; Tappit Hen; Holloway; Holloway Station Hotel 295 Holloway Road, N7 8HS
D Middlesex Tavern 79 Westbourne Road, N7
D Monarch 88 Hornsey Road, N7
D Montrose Tavern Montrose; Montrose Tavern 30 Mackenzie Road, N7
C Moray Arms 94 Durham Road, N7 7DT
C Moynihan Arms Royal Victory 83-91 Georges Road, N7 8HD
O Nambucca Swagman's; BJ Sports Bar; Cock Tavern; Cock 596 Holloway Road, N7 6LR
O Newmarket Ale House Newmarket Arms; New Market Inn 17 York Way, N7 9QG
D Norfolk Arms 100 Georges Road, N7
C O'Neill's Nag's Head 456 Holloway Road, N7 6QA
D Old Pied Bull Pied Bull 188 Holloway Road, N7
O Owl and Hitchhiker Edward Lear; Quays; Burke and Sons; Half Moon 471 Holloway Road, N7 6LE
C Pocock Arms 468 Caledonian Road, N7 8TB
D Prince Albert 11 Hollingsworth Street, N7
O Prince Edward 38 Parkhurst Road, N7 0SF
D Prince of Wales 144 Mackenzie Road, N7
D Queen's Arms Metropolitan Cattle Market, North Road, N7
C Railway Tavern 10 Roman Way, N7 8XE
D Red Lion Rising Sun 12 Durham Road, N7
D Reform Tavern 34a Alsen Road, N7
D Richmond Arms 51 Blundell Street, N7
O Rocket 166-220 Holloway Road, N7 8DB
C Rosie McCann's New Copenhagen; Cope 244 York Way, N7 9AG
C Sussex Arms 119 Tollington Way, N7 6RE
O Swimmer at the Grafton Arms Grafton Arms 13 Eburne Road, N7 6AR
O Tollington Tollington Arms 115 Hornsey Road, N7 6DN
O Tommy Flynn's Hercules; Hercules Tavern 504 Holloway Road, N7 6JA
O Tufnell Park Tavern Tufnell's; Progress Bar; Tufnell Park Tavern; Tufnell Park Hotel; Tufnell Arms 162 Tufnell Park Road, N7 0EE
O Two Brewers Blogg's Brewery Tap; West's Brewery Tap 109-110 Roman Way, N7 8UR
O Two Tribes Taproom Tileyard Studios, Tileyard Road, N7 9AH
D Victoria 35 Chalfont Road, N7
O Victoria Tavern Liquor Works; Beer Kat; 12 Bar Club; Phibbers; Tommy Flynn's; Victoria; Victoria Tavern; Victoria 203 Holloway Road, N7 8DL
D Victory 68 Andover Road, N7
D Volunteer 73 Frederica Street, N7
D Walmer Castle 15 Seven Sisters Road, N7
D Waterloo 20 Lough Road, N7
D White Hart 8 Georges Road, N7
D White Swan 18 Bride Street, N7
O Zubi HG Bar and Restaurant 144 Holloway Road, N7 8DD
D [Beer house] 90 Georges Road, N7
D [Beer house] 39 Hornsey Road, N7

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