O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in NW1 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C 1949 Bar Fake Club; Royal Exchange 57 Hartland Road, NW1 8DB
O Abbey Tavern Abbey; Abbey Tavern 124 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9QB
D Adam and Eve 284-286 Euston Road, NW1
D Adam and Eve 1 Eves Terrace, Old St Pancras Road, NW1
D African Chief 69 Ossulston Street, NW1
C Albert Prince Albert 11 Princess Road, NW1 8JR
D Alfred's Head 75 Devonshire Street, NW1
C All Bar One One Euston Square, Euston Station Piazza, NW1 2FD
O Allsop Arms Allsop House 137-143 Gloucester Place, NW1 5AL
C Anchor 130 Chalton Street, NW1 1RX
D Anchor 83 Euston Street, NW1
D Ancient Briton 50 Augustus Street, NW1
D Angel 28 Great James Street, NW1
D Apollo 59 Jamestown Road, NW1
D Arlington Arms 42 Arlington Road, NW1
D Bakers' Arms 56 Euston Street, NW1
O Bar Gansa 2 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
O Bar Uno 4 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
O Bar Vinyl 6 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
C Bar Zaar Rattlers; Station Hotel 43-45 Camden Road, NW1 9LR
D Barley Mow 41 Harmood Street, NW1
O Be at One Beatrice; Wheelbarrow; Tommy Flynn's; Beatrix; O'Neill's; Princess Beatrice 55 Camden High Street, NW1 7JH
D Bedford Arms 80 Arlington Road, NW1
D Beehive 55 Brill Row, NW1
C Belgo 72 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN
O Bell Inn Sun Trap; Bell House; Constitution 91 Bell Street, NW1 6TL
D Bell and Crown 43 King Street, NW1
O Belushi's Wheatsheaf 48-50 Camden High Street, NW1 0LT
C Black Cap Mother Black Cap 171 Camden High Street, NW1 7JY
D Black Diamond 26 Cumberland Market, NW1
O Black Heart Camden Tup 2-3 Greenland Place, NW1 0AP
C Black Horse 313 Royal College Street, NW1 9QS
D Blandford Arms 53 Boston Place, NW1
O Bloc Bar Stillery; Record Club; Camden Rock; Bar Monsta; G Lounge; WKD 18 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9LJ
O Blues Kitchen Oh! Bar; Sports Dome; Bar Royale; Brighton; Stationers' Arms 111-113 Camden High Street, NW1 7JN
O Booking Office St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Road, NW1 2AR
D Boston Arms 33 Taunton Place, NW1
C Brazen Head 69 Lisson Street, NW1 5DA
D Bree Louise Jolly Gardeners 69 Cobourg Street, NW1 2HH
O BrewDog Bar 113; Laurel Tree 113 Bayham Street, NW1 0AG
D Brewers' Arms 151 Pancras Road, NW1
D Brewers' Hall 59 Charrington Street, NW1
D Bricklayers' Arms 22 Little Clarendon Street, NW1
D Brill 1 Brewer Street, NW1
C Britannia Britannia Hotel; Britannia 187 Camden High Street, NW1 7JY
D British Queen 32 Prince of Wales Crescent, NW1
D British Queen 44 Cumberland Market, NW1
O Buck's Head 202 Camden High Street, NW1 8QR
D Buffalo's Head 84 Marylebone Road, NW1
C Camden 55 Camden Street, NW1 0HG
O Camden Assembly Barfly; Monarch; Monarch Tavern 49 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN
O Camden Bar and Kitchen 102 Camden High Street, NW1 0LU
O Camden Eye Halfway House 2 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX
C Camden Falcon Falcon; Sussex Arms 234 Royal College Street, NW1 9NJ
O Camden Head Liberties; Camden Head 100 Camden High Street, NW1 0LU
D Camden Rock Cafe Caernarfon; Caernarvon Castle; Fusilier and Firkin; Carnarvon Castle; Pickford Arms 7-8 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AA
D Camden Stores 50 Victoria Road, NW1
O Canalside Bar 38 Middle Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AF
D Cavali Cape of Good Hope 78 Albany Street, NW1 4EE
C Chalk Farm Tavern Pub Lotus; Chalk Farm Tavern; Stag and Hounds [same site]; Crown; White House (or Chalk House Farm) 89 Regents Park Road, NW1 8UY
D Chalton Arms 82 Chalton Street, NW1
O Chapel Pontefract Castle 48 Chapel Street, NW1 5DP
D Cheshire Cheese 20 Phillips Buildings, NW1
C Chester Arms Chester's; Chester Arms 87 Albany Street, NW1 4BT
O Chicago Ribshack Bar and Kitchen Market Bar; Bar Risa 38 Middle Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AB
C Clarence 99 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB
D Clarendon Arms 16 1/2 Clarendon Square, NW1
D Coachmakers' Arms 12 York Street, NW1
O Cobden Cobden Arms 28-30 Camden High Street, NW1 0JH
D Cock 2 Diana Place, NW1 3AN
O Cock Tavern Cock 23 Phoenix Road, NW1 1HB
D College Arms Slugger O'Toole's; College Arms 1 Royal College Street, NW1 0RU
O Colonel Fawcett Camden Arms; Camden Brewing Co.; Camden Arms 1 Randolph Street, NW1 0SS
C Constitution 42 St Pancras Way, NW1 0QT
D Coopers' Arms 28 Hampden Street, NW1
D Cornish Arms 14-16 Carlisle Street, NW1
D Coronation 83 Seymour Street, NW1
O Cotton's 55 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AN
C Crescent Winnicott; Etrusco Bar; Charlotte; San Marco [restaurant]; Zodiac 1 Hurdwick Place, NW1 2JE
D Crown 179 Pancras Road, NW1
O Crown 5 Clarence Gardens, NW1
O Crown and Anchor 137 Drummond Street, NW1 2HL
D Crown and Anchor 188 Albany Street, NW1
D Crown and Anchor 96 Euston Road, NW1
D Crown and Anchor 2 West Street, NW1
D Crown and Goose Crown 100 Arlington Road, NW1 7HP
D Crown and Sceptre 47 Edward Street, NW1
C Crowndale Purple Turtle 61-65 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TN
C Crowndale Jolly Butchers 10 Ferdinand Street, NW1 8ER
D Cumberland Arms 56 Camden Street, NW1
C Davy's Unit 2 Euston Tower, Regent's Place, NW1 3DP
C Delancy 99 Arlington Road, NW1 7NH
O Devonshire Arms Hobgoblin; Devonshire Arms 33 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NL
D Devonshire Arms 30 Carlisle Street, NW1
C Dome 18 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AG
O Doric Arch Head of Steam; Plasterers' Arms [nearby site] 1 Eversholt Street, NW1 2DN
O Draft House Grand Union; Mac Bar; Rosie O'Grady's; Eagle Tavern 102-104 Camden Road, NW1 9EA
D Dreadnought 1 Middlesex Street, NW1
D Drummond Hotel Drummond Arms 54 Drummond Street, NW1
O Dublin Castle 94 Parkway, NW1 7AN
D Duke of Bedford 204 Eversholt Street, NW1
D Duke of Clarence 98 Osnaburgh Street, NW1
D Duke of Cornwall 3 Sherborne Place, NW1
C Duke of Edinburgh 138 Drummond Street, NW1 2PA
D Duke of Grafton 278 Euston Road, NW1
D Duke of York 22 Phoenix Street, NW1
D Duke of York 59 Osnaburgh Street, NW1
D Eagle 38 Augustus Street, NW1
D Earl Cathcart 39 Osnaburgh Street, NW1
O Earl of Camden Hog's Head 55 Parkway, NW1 7PN
C Eastnor Castle 145 Chalton Street, NW1 1NR
O Edinboro Castle Edinburgh Castle 57 Mornington Terrace, NW1 7RU
D Elephant and Castle George and Falcon 1 Kings Road, NW1
O Elephant's Head Elephant 224 Camden High Street, NW1 8QR
D Eliza Doolittle Somers Arms Hotel; Somers Arms 1-3 Ossulston Street, NW1 1NP
O Engineer Engineers' Tavern; Engineer 65 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8JH
D Engineer 44 Ferdinand Street, NW1
D Enterprise 106-108 Ossulston Street, NW1
O Escape JD Young Sportsbar; Russell Arms 2 Lidlington Place, NW1 2JU
D Euston Arms 33 Melton Street, NW1
O Euston Flyer 83-87 Euston Road, NW1 2RA
O Euston Tap Glass Bar West Lodge, 190 Euston Road, NW1 2EF
O Exmouth Arms 1 Starcross Street, NW1 2HR
O Fifty-Five Lush; Blake's; Engine Room; Locomotive 31 Jamestown Road, NW1 7DB
D Fitzroy Arms 163 Arlington Road, NW1
D Fitzroy Arms 42 Cardington Street, NW1
D Fortune of War 51 Kings Road, NW1
O Foundry Caponata 3-7 Delancey Street, NW1 7NL
O Gabeto Cuban Unit 23 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH
D Gate House 149-151 Hampstead Road, NW1
D George IV 28 Redhill Street, NW1
O Gilbert Scott St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, Euston Road, NW1 2AR
D Gladstone 81-83 Hampstead Road, NW1
D Globe Globe Tavern 25 Eversholt Street, NW1
O Globe 43-47 Marylebone Road, NW1 5JY
O Globe Globe Tavern 47 Lisson Grove, NW1 6UB
C Gloucester Arms 5 Ivor Place, NW1 6DY
C Goat and Compasses 341 Euston Road, NW1 3AD
D Goat in Boots Goat and Boots 201 Drummond Street, NW1 3HN
C Golden Key 19 Bell Street, NW1 5BY
O Golden Lion 88 Royal College Street, NW1 0TH
O Good Mixer Cricketers [same site] 30 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
D Granby Arms 25-26 Granby Street, NW1
O Great Central Bar and Restaurant twotwentytwo (222); Cellars Landmark Hotel, 222 Marylebone Road, NW1 6JQ
O Greene Man Green Man; Portland's; Green Man 383 Euston Road, NW1 3AU
D Hampden Arms 21 Hampden Street, NW1
C Harmood Arms 59 Harmood Street, NW1 8DT
D Hawk 69 Drummond Street, NW1
O Hawley Arms 2 Castlehaven Road, NW1 8QU
D Hen and Chickens 15 Stanhope Street, NW1
C Henry J. Bean's Ha! Ha! Bar and Canteen; Cafe Toto 273-275 Camden High Street, NW1 7BX
D Hercules 14-15 Ashmill Street, NW1
C Heroes Flower Pot; Bullet Bar; Verge; Castle 147 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8PB
D Hit or Miss 18 Wellesley Street, NW1
D Hope 26 New Street, NW1
D Hope 28 Stephen Street, NW1
D Hope Tavern 179 Stanhope Street, NW1
C Hope and Anchor Clutterbucks; Hope and Anchor 74 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TP
D Hope and Anchor 14 Hereford Street, NW1
D Horse and Groom 37 William Street, NW1
O Ibis Bar Ibis Hotel, 3 Cardington Street, NW1 2LW
O Ice Wharf Units 1-2 Suffolk Wharf, 28 Jamestown Road, NW1 7BY
D Independent 24-25 Brewer Street, NW1
D Jew's Harp 1 Redhill Street, NW1
O Joe's Bartok; Engine Room; Belmont 78-79 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AR
D Jolly Farmers 64 Cumberland Market, NW1
C Jubilee Tavern 16 Polygon Road, NW1 1QD
O Karpo Megaro Bar Megaro Hotel, 23-27 Euston Road, NW1 2SD
D King Alfred 28 Lisson Grove, NW1
D King's Arms 22-23 Plender Street, NW1
D King's Arms 24 Longford Street, NW1
D King's Head 56 Middlesex Street, NW1
D King's Head 7 Varndell Street, NW1 3RG
O Ladies and Gentlemen Camden Road, NW1 9NL
O Lansdowne Lansdowne Arms 90 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8HX
C Lion and Lamb 2 Doric Way, NW1 1LX
O Lock Tavern Railway Tavern; Wellington Arms 35 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AJ
O Lockside Lockside Lounge 78-89 West Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AF
D Lord Clyde 25 Phoenix Street, NW1
D Lord Mayor 118 Seymour Street, NW1
C Lord Palmerston 60 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PY
D Lord Portman 14 Upper Dorchester Place, NW1
D Lord Somers' Arms 115 Chalton Street, NW1 1SP
O Lord Stanley 51 Camden Park Road, NW1 9BH
O Lyttelton Arms Crescent; Edwards; Southampton Arms 1 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE
O Made in Brasil 12 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
O Made in Camden Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8EH
D Magpie and Stump 107 Robert Street, NW1
O Mango Room 10-12 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9NX
C Mango Shack 47-49 Camden Road, NW1 9LS
C Marquis of Anglesey Marquis of Anglesea 77 Ashmill Street, NW1 6RA
D Marquis of Camden 83 Camden Street, NW1
D Marquis of Hastings [or Marquess of Hastings] 147-149 Ossulston Street, NW1
D Masons' Arms 26 West Street, NW1
O Metropolitan Bar 7 Station Approach, NW1 5LD
O Michael Nadra Restaurant, Martini Bar and Garden 42 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8JD
C Monarch Misty Moon; Man in the Moon 40-42 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8BG
C Moriarty's Baker Street Station, NW1 5LA
C Murray Murray Arms 25 Agar Grove, NW1 9SL
O N Restaurant and Bar Nelson; Lord Nelson 48 Stanhope Street, NW1 3EX
C N.W.1 Parkway Bar; Windsor Castle 32 Parkway, NW1 7AH
D Nag's Head 114 Kentish Town Road, NW1
O Near and Far Made in Brasil Boteco; CocoBamboo; Zorya; Flesh 48 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AJ
D Nelson 83 Castlehaven Road, NW1
C Neptune 51 Werrington Street, NW1 1QN
D New Stag Stag 2 Cumberland Market, NW1
D North Western 27 Ferdinand Street, NW1
O O'Neill's Drummond's; Euston Tavern; Euston Road Tavern 73-77 Euston Road, NW1 2QS
O Old Eagle 251 Royal College Street, NW1 9LU
D Old King's Head King's Head; Old King's Head 282 Euston Road, NW1
D Orange Tree 234 Euston Road, NW1
O Other Euston Tap Euston Cider Tap East Lodge, 188 Euston Road, NW1 2EF
O Oxford Arms 265 Camden High Street, NW1 7BU
D Oxford and Cambridge 61 Chalk Farm Road, NW1
O Pack and Carriage Elixir Bar; Rowley's; Carriage's; Seymour Arms 162 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BL
C Parr's Head 73 Plender Street, NW1 0LB
C Peachykeen 112 Kentish Town Road, NW1 9PX
O Pembroke Castle Pembroke; Pembroke Castle 150 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8JA
C Perseverance 11-12 Shroton Street, NW1 6UG
D Perseverance 20 Netley Street, NW1
O Phoenix 6 Daventry Street, NW1 5NX
D Phoenix 408 Euston Road, NW1
D Phoenix 43 William Street, NW1
D Portman Arms 117 Marylebone Road, NW1
C Primrose Tavern 75 Regents Park Road, NW1 8UY
O Prince Albert 163 Royal College Street, NW1 0SG
D Prince Albert 1 Sherborne Street, NW1
D Prince Alfred 17 Goldington Crescent, NW1 1UA
O Prince Arthur 80-82 Eversholt Street, NW1 1BX
D Prince George 30 Bell Street, NW1
C Prince of Wales 4 Carol Street, NW1 0HU
D Prince of Wales 23 St Pancras Way, NW1
D Prince of Wales 108 William Street, NW1
D Prince of Wales 174 Seymour Street, NW1
D Prince of Wales 24 Chapel Street, NW1
D Prince of Wales 131 Euston Road, NW1
D Princess Victoria 55 Robert Street, NW1
O Princess of Wales Swans at Coole; Princess of Wales 22 Chalcot Road, NW1 8LL
O Proud Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH
C Puccino's 11-13 Euston Station Colonnade, NW1 2DY
O Queen's Queen's Hotel 49 Regents Park Road, NW1 8XD
D Queen's Arms 66 Euston Road, NW1
D Queen's Arms 1a Chapel Street, NW1
O Queen's Head and Artichoke Queen's Head 30-32 Albany Street, NW1 4EA
C Queen's No. 1 Queen's Bar; Queen's Tavern 1 Edis Street, NW1 8LG
O Quinn's Duck Inn; Moreton Arms 65 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NY
D Railway Tavern 5 Drummond Street, NW1
C Rat and Parrot Camden Stores 25 Parkway, NW1 7PG
D Red Lion 23 Little James Street, NW1
D Red Lion 50 College Street West, NW1
O Refinery 5 Brock Street, NW1 3FG
D Regalia 11 Augustus Square, NW1
D Regent's Arms 50 York Terrace, NW1
O Regent's Bar and Kitchen Inner Circle, Regents Park, NW1 4NU
D Regent's Park Hotel 35 Allsop Terrace, New Road, NW1
C Reid's Prince George of Cumberland 195 Albany Street, NW1 4AR
D Rock 110 Lisson Grove, NW1
O Rocket Friar and Firkin; Rising Sun 120 Euston Road, NW1 2AL
D Rose and Crown Burne's Arms 30 Burne Street, NW1
D Rose and Crown Noah's Ark 39 Lisson Street, NW1
C Rose and Crown 114 Drummond Street, NW1 2HN
O Royal George Royal George Hotel; Royal George 8-14 Eversholt Street, NW1 1DG
D Royal Standard 25 William Road, NW1
D Royal Standard 7 Underhill Street, NW1
D Rutland Arms 9 Rutland Street, NW1
O Savannah Wesley Hotel, 81-103 Euston Street, NW1 2EZ
C Shaker and Company Positively 4th Street; Prince of Wales 119 Hampstead Road, NW1 3EE
O Sheephaven Bay Mornington Arms 2-3 Mornington Street, NW1 7QD
D Shepherd and Shepherdess 53 Aldenham Street, NW1
O Signal Box Britannia [same site]; Upstairs Bar; Cooper's Unit 53 Euston Station, NW1 2DU
O Simmons 7 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE
O Simmons 7-9 Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NH
O Sir John Balcombe Wood Marylebone; Hobgoblin; Hennelly's; Portman Arms 21 Balcombe Street, NW1 6HE
O Slattery's 3 Lions; Father Ted's 69 Camden Road, NW1 9EU
C Sloe Bar Cafe opposite Platform 1, Station Concourse, Euston Station, NW1 2HS
D Sol's Arms 65-68 Hampstead Road, NW1 2PL
O Solo 20 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
O Somers Town Coffee House 60 Chalton Street, NW1 1HS
D Southampton Arms 20 Cardington Street, NW1
D Southampton Arms 350 Euston Road, NW1
D Sovereign 61 Osnaburgh Street, NW1
D Sovereign 1 Taunton Place, Park Road, NW1
O Spiritual Caipirinha Bar 4 Ferdinand Street, NW1 8ER
O Sports Bar and Grill Melcombe Place, Marylebone Station, NW1 6JJ
O Spread Eagle 141 Albert Street, NW1 7NB
O Square Tavern Tom Tiddler's Tavern 26 Tolmers Square, NW1 2PE
C St Martin's Tavern 35 Pratt Street, NW1 0BG
C Stag's Head 35 Hawley Road, NW1 8RW
D Stanhope Arms 20 Oval Road, NW1
D Star 10 Goldington Street, NW1
C Studio 88 Camden Blue Bar; Lounge Bar 88-89 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AR
D Sultan 130 Hampstead Road, NW1
D Sun 38 Chapel Street, NW1
C Sun 57-59 Lisson Street, NW1 5DA
C Swan and Edgar Feathers 43 Linhope Street, NW1 6HL
O T.E. Dingwall Building Lock 17 11 East Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AL
O Tapping the Admiral Tavern Inn the Town; Fuzzock and Firkin; Trafalgar Tavern 77 Castle Road, NW1 8SU
D Tavistock Arms 196 Chalton Street, NW1
O Terrace Bar 38 Middle Yard, Camden Lock, NW1 8AB
D Triumph 36 Skinner Street, NW1
O Trufflesecco 11 Camden High Street, NW1 7JE
O Underworld 174 Camden High Street, NW1 0NE
O Unicorn Pickled Newt; Unicorn; Brecknock; Brecknock Arms 227 Camden Road, NW1 9AA
O Union 11 Triton Street, NW1 3BF
C Victoria 37 Chalton Street, NW1 1JD
C Victoria 2 Mornington Terrace, NW1 7RR
O Victoria and Albert Marylebone Station, NW1 6JJ
C Victory 41 Clarence Way, NW1 8RJ
D Victory 150-152 Albany Street, NW1 4BX
O Volunteer 245-247 Baker Street, NW1 6XE
D Wheatsheaf 23 Church Row, Old St Pancras Road, NW1
D White Hart 45 Euston Road, NW1
O White Mustache Sovereign 7a Stanhope Parade, Stanhope Street, NW1 3RD
D William IV 26 Edward Street, NW1
D William the Fourth (William IV) 41 Boston Street, NW1
O Windsor Castle 98 Park Road, NW1 4SH
D Windsor Castle 122 Albany Street, NW1
C Wine Press White House Hotel, Osnaburgh Street, NW1 3UP
O World's End Mother Red Cap; Ye Olde Mother Red Cap; Mother Red Cap 174 Camden High Street, NW1 0NE
D Wrotham Arms 32 Wrotham Road, NW1
O York and Albany York and Albany Hotel; York and Albany Tavern 127-129 Parkway, NW1 7PS
D Yorkshire Stingo 183 Marylebone Road, NW1
O Zen Sai 16 Inverness Street, NW1 7HJ
O Zone One Euston Square Hotel, 152-156 North Gower Street, NW1 2LU
D [Beer house] 52 Little George Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 107 Aldenham Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 26 Chapel Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 22 Little Randolph Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 77 Ossulston Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 165-167 Ossulston Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 40 Robert Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 186 Seymour Street, NW1
C [Beer house] 57 Bell Street, NW1 5BU
D [Beer house] 29 Boston Place, NW1
D [Beer house] 46 Stafford Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 42 Brill Row, NW1
D [Beer house] 38 Henry Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 61 Stibbington Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 99 College Place, NW1
D [Beer house] 11 Kentish Town Road, NW1
D [Beer house] 23 Great James Street, NW1
D [Beer house] 4 Lisson Grove, NW1
D [Beer house] 10 Park Road, NW1
D [Public house] 3 Wellington Street, NW1
D [Public house] 126 Ossulston Street, NW1

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