O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in RM1 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 80-84 Market Place Retailery; Hush; Edge; Pacific Edge; Pals Bar 80-84 Market Place, RM1 3ER
C Amalia's Inner Secrets; Woolpack 48 High Street, RM1 1JL
D Asylum 66 Iced Tea Bar 166 South Street, RM1 1SX
C Bitter End Ford; Ford and Firkin; Clutterbucks; Hart's; White Hart 15 High Street, RM1 1JU
C Bradwell's Bentley's Bar; Trax; Freddie Whale's Bar; Temptations 137-141 South Street, RM1 1PL
C Brickyard Bar and Grill Giorgio's 222 South Street, RM1 2AD
O Bull 74-76 Market Place, RM1 3AB
O Caraway Lounge Parkside; Squire; Parkside; Parkside Hotel 290 North Street, RM1 4QA
C Cellar Bar Charrmers 27 North Street, RM1 1BA
C Club Ciroc Brannigan's 64 South Street, RM1 1RB
D Coach and Bell 38 High Street, RM1 1JL
C Cock and Bell Chequers 15 Market Place, RM1 3AB
D Colors Liberty's; Birdcage; King's Head 26 The Liberty, Mercury Gardens, RM1 3RL
D Dolphin Market Place, RM1 3AB
D Dolphin Bar Dolphin Centre, 2 Main Road, RM1 3BD
D Duke of Wellington Blucher's Head 44 Market Place, RM1
C Durham Arms 101 Brentwood Road, RM1 2EH
D Fox and Hounds 1 South Street, RM1
O Frankie and Benny's Unit FR2 The Brewery, Brewery Walk, Waterloo Road, RM1 1AU
O Golden Lion Golden Lion Hotel; Red Lion; Lion 2 High Street, RM1 1HR
O Goose Morland Arms; Rising Sun 143 South Street, RM1 1PL
D King's Arms Market Place, RM1 3ER
C King's Head 30 Market Place, RM1 3ER
O Kosho Custom House; Bar Mango; Connex Cafe Bar 72-74 South Street, RM1 1RX
O Lamb Mulligan's; Lamb 5 Market Place, RM1 3AB
O Liberty Bell Mercury Gardens, RM1 3EN
D McClusky's 2 Market Link, RM1 1XJ
O Moon and Stars 99-103 South Street, RM1 1NX
D Northern Star North Street, RM1
O Number Ten Namco, First Floor, The Brewery, Brewery Walk, Waterloo Road, RM1 1AU
C Oak Havering Oak; Old Oak 279 South Street, RM1 2BB
D Pig in the Pound Queen and Crown 55-57 Market Place, RM1
D Red House High Street, RM1
D Romford Arms 64 High Street, RM1
D Royal Oak 90 Victoria Road, RM1
D Ship High Street, RM1
O Slug and Lettuce Missoula; Lakota; Edwards 105-111 South Street, RM1 1NX
D Star Hotel Star South Street, RM1
O Toby Carvery Ground Floor, The Brewery, Brewery Walk, Waterloo Road, RM1 1AU
O Victoria 122 Victoria Road, RM1 2PA
O Voodoo One Three One; Life Bar; Jumpin' Jaks 131 South Street, RM1 1NJ
O Wheatsheaf 45 Wheatsheaf Road, RM1 2HD
D White Hart Tap High Street, RM1
D White Swan Swan Hotel; Swan; White Swan 50-52 Market Place, RM1 3ER
D Windmill and Bells Old Windmill and Bells Market Place, RM1
O World's Inn Place; Bar:me; Hog's Head 113-117 South Street, RM1 1NX
O Yates's 87-89 South Street, RM1 1PA

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