O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in SE16 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 73 Enid Street 73 Enid Street, SE16 3RA
D Acorn 339 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Admiral Hawke 191 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Admiral Tyrrell 86 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
O Affinity Brew Co. Tasting Room 7 Almond Road, SE16 3LR
C Albion 20 Albion Street, SE16 7JQ
D Anchor 85 Lower Road, SE16
D Anchor and Hope George Row, SE16
O Ancient Foresters 282 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2HB
O Angel Salutation 101 Bermondsey Wall East, SE16 4NB
D Apples and Pears 301 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 3HA
D Barkworth Arms 63 Barkworth Road, SE16
D Barley Mow Paradise Tavern; Barley Mow 67-69 Paradise Street, SE16
C Baron's Arms 122 Oldfield Grove, SE16 2NE
O Basecamp Taproom Fourpure Brewing Taproom Unit 25 Bermondsey Trading Estate, Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 3LL
D Battle of the Nile 39 Ainsty Street, SE16
D Bell 194 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Bell Blue Bells 12 St Marychurch Street, SE16
O Bianca Road Brew Co. Taproom 83 Enid Street, SE16 3RA
D Black Bull 12 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Black Horse 38 Odessa Street, SE16
O Blacksmiths' Arms 257 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5EJ
O Blue Anchor 251 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3TS
D Boatman Royal George 234 Jamaica Road, SE16 4BD
C Bramcote Arms 58 Bramcote Grove, SE16 3BW
O Brew by Numbers Tap Room 79 Enid Street, SE16 3RA
D Bricklayers' Arms 37 Brunel Road, SE16
D Britannia 49-51 Marine Street, SE16
D Britannia 29 Neptune Street, SE16
O Brunel Adam and Eve 47 Swan Road, SE16 4JN
D Bunch of Grapes 40 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
D Cherry Tree 50 Cherry Garden Street, SE16
C China Hall 141 Lower Road, SE16 2XL
D Clarence 150 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Cliftonville Tavern 128 Ilderton Road, SE16 3JY
C Clipper Ship; Ship Tavern 562 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5EX
D Cock and Monkey Princess Alexandra 86 Neptune Street, SE16 7AT
D Colchester Arms 60 Salisbury Street, SE16
C Colleen Bawn 196 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3RP
D Commercial Dock Tavern 101 Plough Way, SE16
C Coopers Enterprise; Half Moon and Bull's Head 238 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5QS
D Crown 440 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2EW
D Crown 112 Spa Road, SE16
D Crown and Anchor 77 Jamaica Road, SE16
C Crystal Tavern 32 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 2AD
D Dog and Duck Commercial Dock Passage, SE16
D Dover Castle 39 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Drummond Arms 297 Southwark Park Road, SE16
D Duke of Clarence 186 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Duke of Edinburgh 1 Forsyth Street, SE16
C Duke of Suffolk 59 Hawkstone Road, SE16 2PE
D Duke of York 62 Swan Lane, SE16
D Duke's Head 268 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Earl of Beaconsfield 30 Alpine Road, SE16 2RE
O Eebria Taproom 15 Almond Road, SE16 3LR
D Empress of India 285 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16
D Europa 9 St Marychurch Street, SE16
D First Surrey Light Horse 166 Drummond Road, SE16
O Frankie and Benny's The Mast Leisure Park, Surrey Quays Road, SE16 2XU
D General Garibaldi 51 Southwark Park Road, SE16
D George 19 George Row, SE16
D George 41 West Lane, SE16
D Globe 213 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Golden Fleece 28 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
C Golden Lion Tropics; EJ's; Victory 264 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 3EP
D Grapes 94 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Great Bull's Head Bull's Head; Old Bull's Head; Bull's Head 228 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Green Man Green Man and French Horn 83 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
O Gregorian Gregorian Arms 96 Jamaica Road, SE16 4SQ
D Halfway House 229 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16
D Hanover Arms 11 Neckinger, SE16
D Havelock Arms 95 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Hilmerton Arms 34 Keetons Road, SE16
D Holly Tree 349 Southwark Park Road, SE16
O Hollywood Bowl Bar Bar Original; Original Brewing Company Surrey Quays 3a Teredo Street, SE16 7LW
D Horns 255 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D India Arms 642 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D India House 17 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Jamaica Tavern New Jamaica; Jamaica Tavern; Jamaica House 495 Southwark Park Road, SE16
D John Bull 287 Southwark Park Road, SE16
C Jolly Gardeners Gardeners; Jolly Gardeners 187 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16 2BE
D Jolly Sailor 91 Lower Road, SE16
D Jolly Waterman 51 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
C Kernel Brewery Bar Arch 11 Dockley Road Industrial Estate, Dockley Road, SE16 3SF
D King and Queen 179 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D King and Queen Dock House 282 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D King's Arms 42 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
O Leadbelly's Unit C, Montreal House, Deal Porter Square, Surrey Quays Road, SE16 7AQ
D Lifeboat 6 Derrick Street, SE16
C Lilliput Hall 9 Old Jamaica Road, SE16 4TE
D Lion Spa Road, SE16 3SG
D Lion and Castle 2 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
C Little Crown 56 Albion Street, SE16 7JQ
O London Calling Sweden 72 Enid Street, SE16 3RA
C Lord Nelson 68 Canon Beck Road, SE16 6DF
D Lord Palmerston 47 Lucey Road, SE16
D Manor Tavern 78 Galleywall Road, SE16 3PB
O Mayflower Spread Eagle; Spread Eagle and Crown; Ship (or Shippe Inn) [same site] 117 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 4NF
O Moby Dick 6 Russell Place, SE16 7PL
O Moor Vaults 71 Enid Street, SE16 3RA
D Neptune 17 Rupack Street, SE16 4JA
C New Concord 96 Webster Road, SE16 4DQ
D New Dock Inn 40 St Marychurch Street, SE16
D Noah's Ark 380 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Northumberland Arms 109 Southwark Park Road, SE16
O Old Bank 239 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3TT
D Old Horns 215 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Old Margate Town 43 George Row, SE16
O Orange Bull Aardvark; Fitchett's; Surrey Commercial Dock Tavern 351 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5LJ
O Partizan Brewing Bar 34 Raymouth Road, SE16 2DB
C Pizza Lounge Compass; Deal Porter; Three Compasses; Ye Old Compasses; Three Compasses 346-352 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5EF
D Platform Coffee House 390 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Plough 103 Plough Way, SE16
D Prince Alfred 59 Drummond Road, SE16
D Prince Imperial 426 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16
C Prince of Orange 118 Lower Road, SE16 2UB
C Prince of Wales 19 Plough Way, SE16 2LS
C Prince of Wales Scott Lidgett Crescent, SE16 4XF
D Prince of Wales 18 Bevington Street, SE16
D Princess Victoria Victoria 9 Lower Road, SE16
C Quebec Curve 100 Redriff Road, SE16 7LH
D Queen Charlotte 210 Jamaica Road, SE16
O Queen Victoria 148 Southwark Park Road, SE16 3RP
C Queen's Arms 78 Spa Road, SE16 3QT
D Queen's Head 33 Paradise Street, SE16
D Queen's Head King's Head 243 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Railway Tavern 51 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Railway Tavern 117 St James Road, SE16
C Raymouth Tavern 302 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2HA
D Red Lion 36-38 Paradise Street, SE16
D Rising Sun 72-74 Old Jamaica Road, SE16 4TF
D Rising Sun 90 Spa Road, SE16 3QT
D Rodney's Head 206 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
C Rose and Crown 68 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2EG
D Rose and Crown Salisbury Lane, SE16
D Rose and Lily 155 Drummond Road, SE16
D Rose and Rummer 88 Paradise Street, SE16
D Rosedale 2 Roseberry Street, SE16
D Rouel Tavern 70 Rouel Road, SE16
D Royal George 449 Rotherhithe New Road, SE16
D Royal Oak 110 Union Road, SE16
D Royal Standard Standard 166 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Royal William 15 St Helena Place, SE16
D Salisbury Arms 30 Salisbury Street, SE16
O Salt Quay Old Salt Quay; Spice Island 163 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5QU
O Ship Ship and Bells 39-47 St Marychurch Street, SE16 4JE
D Ship 194 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Ship Argo 312 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
C Ship York York 375 Rotherhithe Street, SE16 5LJ
D Ship and Pilot 114 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
O Ship and Whale 2 Gulliver Street, SE16 7LT
D Ship in Distress Ship 16 Marigold Street, SE16
D Sir Garnet Wolseley 6 Warndon Street, SE16
D Sir M.I. Brunel 339 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Sir William Gomm 44 Abbeyfield Road, SE16
D Six Bells 13 Paradise Street, SE16
D Smiths' Arms 40 Llewellyn Street, SE16
C Southwark Park Tavern Green Man [possibly] 395 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2JH
D Spa Tavern 126 Spa Road, SE16
O Spartan Brewery Taproom Partizan Brewing Bar 8 Almond Road, SE16 3LR
D St George's Tavern 63 Camilla Road, SE16 3NL
D St Helena Tavern 23 St Helena Road, SE16
O St James of Bermondsey St James Tavern 72 St James Road, SE16 4QZ
O Stanley Arms 418 Southwark Park Road, SE16 2ET
D Star and Garter 67 Lower Road, SE16
D Surrey Dock Tavern Waterman's Arms 163 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
O Surrey Docks 185 Lower Road, SE16 2LW
D Swallow Galley 446 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Swan 176 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Thames Jamaica 158 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Three Compasses 23 Salisbury Street, SE16
D Three Mariners 26 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
D Torbay 91 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Turk's Head 3 Southwark Park Road, SE16
C Two Brewers 35 West Lane, SE16 4PA
O UBREW Taproom Arches 29-30, 24 Old Jamaica Road, SE16 4AW
D Warrior 209 Lower Road, SE16
D Waterman's Arms 43 Swan Lane, SE16
D Waterman's Arms 8 Bermondsey Wall, SE16
D Waterman's Arms 182 Jamaica Road, SE16
D Waterman's Arms 11 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Wheatsheaf 88 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D Wheatsheaf 344 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
O Whelan's Jolly Waggoner's 11 Rotherhithe Old Road, SE16 2PP
D White Hart 283 Plough Road, SE16
D White Hart 72 George Row, SE16
D White Horse Yorkshire Grey 297 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D White Lion 85 Rotherhithe Street, SE16
D White Swan 1 Slippers Place, SE16
C Wibbley Wobbley Greenland Dock (off Rope Street), SE16 7SZ
D Windsor Castle 61-62 Enid Street, SE16
C Winnicott Old Justice 94 Bermondsey Wall East, SE16 4TY
O Yellow House Caulkers; New Jolly Caulkers; Jolly Caulkers 126 Lower Road, SE16 2UE
D Young Prince 275 Southwark Park Road, SE16
D [Beer house] 28 Derrick Street, SE16
D [Beer house] 656 Rotherhithe Street, SE16

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