O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in TW3 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
C Bar Bhangra Earl Russell 274 Hanworth Road, TW3 3TY
C Bar TW3 Edwards 1-5 Staines Road, TW3 3HH
O Bell 2 Staines Road, TW3 3JS
D Big Hen Mow's Tankerville; Tankerville Arms 2 Hanworth Road, TW3 1UA
O Black Horse 203 Lampton Road, TW3 4EZ
C Blue Ginger Bar South Western 156-158 Whitton Road, TW3 2EP
D Builders' Arms 8 Derby Road, TW3
O Bulstrode Bulstrode Hotel 55 Lampton Road, TW3 1JG
O Coach and Horses Barnaby's Carvery; Coach and Horses 684 London Road, TW3 1PG
D County Arms 67 Pears Road, TW3
O Cross Lances 236 Hanworth Road, TW3 3TU
D Crown and Cushion 84 High Street, TW3
D Duke of Cambridge 117 High Street, TW3
C Duke of Cambridge 1 Kingsley Road, TW3 1PA
D Eagle Tavern 57 Whitton Road, TW3
O Gio's Bar Bar 113; Rose; Larkin's Cellar Bar; Larkin Inn; Muswell's; Palio; Noble Half; Harveys in the Town; Larkin Inn; Royal George Hotel [same site]; George Hotel [same site] 113 High Street, TW3 1QT
D Gladstone 75 Hibernia Road, TW3
D Jolly Blacksmith 29 Vine Place, TW3
C Jolly Farmer 177 Lampton Road, TW3 4EZ
D Lion and Lamb 160 High Street, TW3
O Lord Clyde 77 Inwood Road, TW3 1XH
D Lord Clyde 106 High Street, TW3
C Lord Palmerston Pickled Newt; Lord Palmerston 112 Staines Road, TW3 3LH
O Manzil Lounge Windmill 45 Bell Road, TW3 3NX
D Marquis of Granby 72 High Street, TW3
O Moon Under Water 84-88 Staines Road, TW3 3LF
D Nag's Head 174 High Street, TW3
D Old Mail Coach 143 High Street, TW3
D Old Ship Inn Ship 168 High Street, TW3
O Oliver Cromwell Snug; Tommy Flynn's; Wishing Well; Friend in Hand 66 Staines Road, TW3 3LF
C Platform 3 North Star; Railway Inn; North Star; Railway Inn 69 Whitton Road, TW3 2DG
D Prince Regent 102 High Street, TW3
D Queen Victoria Victoria Inn 121 Bath Road, TW3
D Queen's Arms Greyhound 223 Hanworth Road, TW3
D Red Lion Hotel Red Lion 210 High Street, TW3
C Rifleman 50 Hanworth Road, TW3 1UF
D Rose and Crown Inn 108 High Street, TW3
O Royal Albion Jalandhar Junction; Royal Albion 58 Hibernia Road, TW3 3KP
D Shannon's Chariot; King's Arms [same site] 32-34 High Street, TW3 1NW
C Shire Horse Railway Hotel; Railway Inn 82 Whitton Road, TW3 2DD
O Sun Rising Sun (?); Sun Brewery 148 Hanworth Road, TW3 1UG
O White Bear 198 Kingsley Road, TW3 4AR
D White Bear Inn London Road, TW3
D Windsor Castle Friend in Hand (?); Windsor Castle Inn 152 Bath Road, TW3 3ET
C Yates's 1-3 Bath Road, TW3 3BJ

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