O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in W5 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 2NX 34 Haven Green, W5 2NX
C All Bar One 64-65 The Mall, W5 5LS
O Ashbourne Hunters Bar 1-2 Ashbourne Parade, Hanger Lane, W5 3QU
O Attic Wine Bar Bar de Luce 8 Hanger Green, W5 3EL
C Barracuda Bar Eight; Barracuda 8 The Mall, W5 2PJ
O BeerKat 38-39 The Broadway, W5 2NP
D Bricklayers' Arms The Broadway, W5
O Castle Inn 36 St Marys Road, W5 5EU
O Cavalieri 4 The Mall, W5 2PJ
C Chandler's Better Half 2-3 Central Buildings, The Broadway, W5 2NT
C Common Room 3-4 Grosvenor Parade, Uxbridge Road, W5 3NN
O Crispins Wine Bar 14 The Green, W5 5DA
O Drapers' Arms O'Neill's; Photographer and Firkin 24-25 High Street, W5 5DB
C Ealing Park Tavern Penny Flyer; Ealing Park Tavern 222 South Ealing Road, W5 4RL
C Fogo Bar and Grill 45 The Mall, W5 3TJ
D Forester Inn Foresters' Arms 10 Bakers Lane, W5
O Fox and Goose Hanger Lane, W5 1DP
C Front Room Muswell's Unit 20a Ealing Broadway Centre, 102 The Broadway, W5 5JY
O Grange Grange Tavern; Grange Hotel; Cricketers [same site] Warwick Road, W5 3XH
D Granville Granville Gardens, Uxbridge Road, W5 3PA
C Green Old Goa 9-10 The Green, W5 5DA
O Greystoke 7 Queens Parade, W5 3HU
O Grove Finnegan's Wake; Queen Victoria; Horse and Groom 1 Ealing Green, W5 5QX
C Haven Harvey Floorbanger 1a Haven Green, W5 2UU
O Haven Arms 33 Haven Lane, W5 2HZ
C Illusions Flava's; Ha! Ha! Bar and Canteen; Yates's 5 Mattock Lane, W5 5BG
O Jono's 13 Station Parade, Uxbridge Road, W5 3LD
O King's Arms King's Arms Hotel 55 The Grove, W5 5DX
O Lodge Tavern Bell; Bell Tavern 53 The Mall, W5 3TA
C Maggie's 39-41 New Broadway, W5 5AH
C Magnat Band at Rest; Ring; Joice's; Phae Tingo's; Park Royal Hotel Western Avenue, W5 3BQ
O New Inn 62 St Marys Road, W5 5EX
O No. 17 Dickens Yard Unit 17 Dickens Yard, Longfield Avenue, W5 2TD
O North Star 43 The Broadway, W5 5JN
C Old Orleans 28-42 Bond Street, W5 5AA
C Parkview Rat and Parrot; Three Pigeons 23 High Street, W5 5DB
O Plough Plough Inn; Plough 297 Northfield Avenue, W5 4XB
D Prince of Wales 16 Charles Street, W5
C Priory 17 The Mall, W5 2PJ
O Questor's Grapevine Bar 12 Mattock Lane, W5 5BQ
D Railway Hotel 46 High Street, W5
O Red Lion 13 St Marys Road, W5 5RA
O Roddy's Bar 4 The Quadrant, Little Ealing Lane, W5 4EE
O Rose and Crown 1 Church Place, St Marys Road, W5 4HN
D Royal Oak 67-68 The Broadway, W5
O Shanakee Doherty's 9-10 Central Buildings, The Broadway, W5 2NT
O Sir Michael Balcon Hog's Head 46-47 The Mall, W5 3TJ
O Star Bar 45 Haven Green, W5 2NX
O TJ Duffy Captain Wooducks 282 Northfield Avenue, W5 4UB
C Town House Feathers; Feathers Hotel; Feathers The Broadway, W5 2PH
C Tuk Cho Broadway Bar; Edwards; Fiddlers Three 28-30 New Broadway, W5 2XA
O Village Inn Duffy's 124 Pitshanger Lane, W5 1QP
O West 5 Flying Piano; Gunnersbury Tavern 25 Popes Lane, W5 4NB
O Wheatsheaf Wheatsheaf Hotel; Wheatsheaf 41 Haven Lane, W5 2HZ

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