Pail and Puncheon

Status: Closed and demolished
Address: Bermondsey Street, SE1 (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
Note: The location on these maps is approximate.
London borough: Southwark
Historical parish: Bermondsey?
Dates open: [1792]-[1817]
Notes: Location on the map is a complete guess, as the only clue from the Sun Fire Office insurance records is that it was on the east side of Bermondsey St. As one of these records is for some properties near the intersection with Crucifix La, I've placed it on the map near there.
Sources: Dates: Archives
References: MS 11936/390/606313 (as "sign of the Pail")
MS 11936/397/618899 (as "Puncheon and Pail")
MS 11936/443/836752 (as "sign of the Pail")
MS 11936/476/931916 (as "Pail and Puncheon")
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