Anchor Tap

Status: Open
Address: 28 Horselydown Lane, SE1 2LN (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Southwark
Former name(s): Anchor
Cod Smack
Former address: [also listed as 26 Horselydown Lane (1841)]
Historical parish: Southwark St John Horselydown
Dates open: [1767]-
Good Beer Guide: 1988, 1991-1992, 2002
Owner: Samuel Smith's
Courage (former)
Notes: Originally the brewery tap for the formerly adjoining Anchor brewery. Insurance office records around the early-19th century refer variously to both the "Anchor Tap" and a pub called the "Cod Smack" (or "Codsmack") on this street, and as the same person is named at both in 1823, it may have been an alternative or earlier name for this pub (or it may have been another pub nearby).
Photo taken in December 2008
Sources: Open date/Owner: Archives
OS 1875/1896/1919/1952/1970
PO 1839 (as "Anchor")/1841 (as "Anchor")/1856/1869/1882/1895/1915 (all as "Anchor Tap" except where noted)
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