Lyons Corner

Status: Closed
Address: 121 Bethnal Green Road, E2 7DG (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Tower Hamlets
Former name(s): Van Tromp
Former address: 53 Church Street (1869)
Cock Lane (1788)
Historical parish: Bethnal Green
Dates open: by 1788-1990
Owner: Charrington (former)
Notes: Renamed as "Lyons Corner" in 1986. Later a shop, now a cafe.
Photo taken in May 2010
Sources: Open date: Archives
Close date/Renaming: Pub Wiki
OS 1876/1896/1907/1948 (as "Van Tromp")/1963
PO 1839/1856/1869/1882/1895 (as "Von Tromp")/1899/1915 (all as "Van Tromp" except where noted)
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