Railway Hotel

Status: Closed and demolished
Address: 118 East Street, IG11 (streetmap) (osm) (gmap) (bingmap) (streetview)
London borough: Barking and Dagenham
Former name(s): Peto Arms
Historical parish: Barking
Dates open: by 1855-c1906
demolished 1906
Sources: Dates/Renaming: Pub Wiki
Census 1861 [J Bailey] (as "Peto Arms")/1871 [J Bailey] (as "Peto Arms")/1881 [M Bailey] (as "Peto Arms")/1891 [J Tracey] (as "Peto Arms")/1901 [J Lewis] (as "Railway Hotel")
OS 1864/1897
PO 1862 (as "Peto Arms")/1863 (as "Peto Arms")/1867 (as "Peto Arms")/1871 (as "Peto Arms")/1874 (as "Peto Arms")/1878 (as "Peto Arms")/1882 (as "Peto Arms")/1886 (as "Peto Arms")/1895 (as "Peto Arms")/1899 (as "Railway Hotel")/1902 (as "Railway Hotel")/1906 (as "Railway Hotel")/1908 (as "Railway Hotel")/1910 (as "Railway Hotel")
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