O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in N1 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
O 100 Hoxton 100-102 Hoxton Street, N1 6SG
O 69 Colebrooke Row Colebrooke's 69 Colebrooke Row, N1 8AA
D Adam and Eve 71 Hoxton Street, N1
C Adelaide Adelaide Arms 385 Liverpool Road, N1 1NP
C Admiral Keppel 232 Hoxton Street, N1 5LX
D Admiral Napier 56 Chapel Street, N1
O Albion 10 Thornhill Road, N1 1HW
D Albion 88 East Road, N1
D Albion 22 Nelson Terrace, N1
D Albion York Road, N1
C All Bar One Powerhaus; Pied Bull 1 Liverpool Road, N1 0RP
O Alma 59 Newington Green Road, N1 4QU
O Alma 77-78 Chapel Market, N1 9EX
D Alma Tavern 29 Alma Street, N1
O Alwyne Castle Alwyne; Alwyne Castle 83 St Pauls Road, N1 2LY
C Ambassador 60 York Road, N1 9AB
C Anchor 39-41 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AL
O Angel 3-5 Islington High Street, N1 9LQ
C Angel Inn Angel Inn and Hotel; Sheepcote [same site] 1 Islington High Street, N1 9AH
O Angelic George IV; George Hotel 57 Liverpool Road, N1 0RJ
D Artful Dodger Lord Raglan 139 Southgate Road, N1
C Artist Marie Lloyd Marie Lloyd; Globe 24 Chart Street, N1 6DD
C Asorock Palace Super Green Eagle Bar Deco; King's Arms 295 Hoxton Street, N1 5JX
O Bar Pepito 3 Varnishers Yard, Regent Quarter, N1 9FD
O Bar and Block Waiting Room; Railway Tavern [same site] 26-30 York Way, N1 9AA
O Barge House Ribeira; Waterline 46a De Beauvoir Crescent, N1 5RY
O Baring Baring Arms 55 Baring Street, N1 3DS
D Barley Mow 31 Popham Road, N1
D Barley Mow 93 Hyde Road, N1
D Barnsbury Arms 24 Lofting Road, N1
O Barrio North Warwick; Bar Fusion 45 Essex Road, N1 2SF
C Bastille Centuria; New Crown 100 St Pauls Road, N1 2QP
D Baxter Arms 30 Baxter Road, N1
O Be at One Ruby Lounge; Malt and Hops; Albion 33 Caledonian Road, N1 9BU
O Be at One Kinky Mambo; Retreat; Murray's Bar 144-145 Upper Street, N1 1QY
D Beckford Arms 104 Hertford Road, N1
D Bedford Arms 47 Copenhagen Street, N1
O Beehive 36 New North Road, N1 7QR
D Beehive 9 Rushton Street, N1
D Beehive 22 Cynthia Street, N1
D Bell 26 Felton Street, N1
D Belmont Belmont Arms 88 York Way, N1
C Benyon Arms 155 De Beauvoir Road, N1 4DL
O Betjeman Arms Baby Betjeman [different site]; Shires Bar Unit 53 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
O Big Chill House Sahara Nights; Bell 257-259 Pentonville Road, N1 9NL
O Bill Murray Mucky Pup; Ram Bar; Ram and Teasel 39 Queens Head Street, N1 8NQ
D Birch Tree 50 Great James Street, N1
D Blakeney's Head 40 Ruffords Buildings, Islington High Street, N1
D Block Tap 28 Wenlock Road, N1
C Blockmakers' Arms Block Tavern; Blockmakers' Arms 133 Shepherdess Walk, N1 7QA
C Blue Cat Cally; Donnelly's; Traffic II; Sutton Arms 193 Caledonian Road, N1 0LS
D Blue Lion 15 Wynford Road, N1
C Bluu 1 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
D Bricklayers' Arms 128 New North Road, N1
D Bridge House 20 Wharf Road, N1
D Bridge House 55 Whitmore Road, N1
D Bridport Arms 67 Bridport Place, N1
C Britannia 91 Tottenham Road, N1 4EA
D Britannia 74 Britannia Row, N1
D Britannia Tavern Pimlico Tavern [same site] 117 Hoxton Street, N1
D British Lion 14 Cavendish Street, N1
D British Queen 98 Phillipp Street, N1
D British Queen 47 Halton Road, N1
O Browns 7-9 Islington Green, N1 2XH
C Buffalo Bar 259 Upper Street, N1 1RU
C Builders' Arms 254 Pentonville Road, N1 9JY
C Builders' Arms 140 St Pauls Road, N1 2LP
D Builders' Arms 52 Dame Street, N1
O Bull Finnock and Firkin; Raleigh's; Sir Walter Raleigh; Pied Bull; Old Pied Bull 100 Upper Street, N1 0NP
D California Arms 46 Dorchester Street, N1
O Camden Head Camden's Head 2 Camden Walk, N1 8DY
C Canal 125 Babushka; Swan Tavern 125 Caledonian Road, N1 9RG
O Canonbury Tavern Canonbury; Canonbury Tavern 21 Canonbury Place, N1 2NS
D Canterbury Arms 6 Canterbury Terrace, N1
D Carvers' Arms 147 Bridport Place, N1
O Castle Pint Pot; Penton Arms 54 Pentonville Road, N1 9HF
C Castle Inn 27 Colebrooke Row, N1 8AF
O Cellars Edinburgh Cellars; Edinburgh 125 Newington Green Road, N1 4RA
O Central Station Prince Albert 37 Wharfdale Road, N1 9SD
D Champion Hope 97 Hyde Road, N1
D Champion 57 Essex Street, N1
O Chapel Bar Queen's Head; Queen's Arms 29a Penton Street, N1 9PX
D Chapel House 62 Chapel Market, N1 9EW
O Charles Lamb Prince Albert 16 Elia Street, N1 8DE
D Charlie Wright's International Bar Queen's Head 45 Pitfield Street, N1 6DA
C City of Bristol 241 Pentonville Road, N1 9NG
D City of Norwich 7 Maygood Street, N1
C Clothworkers' Arms 52 Arlington Avenue, N1 7AY
C Cloudesley Arms 34 Cloudesley Place, N1 0HZ
D Colebrooke Arms 1 Colebrooke Row, N1
O Commissary 49-50 Eagle Wharf Road, N1 7ED
O Compton Arms 2-4 Compton Avenue, N1 2XD
D Comus 102 Bemerton Street, N1
O Continental Bar Undercroft Bar Unit 31 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
D Coopers' Arms 32 Falkirk Street, N1
D Coopers' Arms 57 Hyde Road, N1
D Corley's Tavern Kenilworth Castle 286 New North Road, N1 8SU
O Craft Beer Co. Lord Wolseley 55 White Lion Street, N1 9PP
D Crooked Billet 93 Hoxton Street, N1
O Crown 116 Cloudesley Road, N1 0EB
D Crown 60 Killick Street, N1
D Crown 128a Pentonville Road, N1 9TT
D Crown 103 Copenhagen Street, N1 0JN
D Crown 38 Lynedoch Street, N1
C Crown and Anchor 43-45 Cross Street, N1 2BB
D Crown and Anchor 96 Britannia Walk, N1
D Crown and Sceptre 30 Britannia Walk, N1
D Crown and Sceptre 35 Ware Street, N1
C Cru 2-4 Rufus Street, N1 6PE
C Cuba Libre and Bar Havana 72 Upper Street, N1 0NY
O Cuckoo Huntingdon; Huntingdon Arms 115 Hemingford Road, N1 1BZ
O Cured Hop and Berry; Barnsbury; Hourican's; Windsor Castle 209-211 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX
O Curious Pig Unit 61 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
O De Beauvoir Arms Northgate; Dog and Dumplings; Jolly Farmers 113 Southgate Road, N1 3JS
O Dead Dolls House House of Wolf; Double Frank Bar; Albert and Pearl; Medicine Bar; Hare and Hounds 181 Upper Street, N1 1RQ
D Den Prince Arthur; Little Prince of Wales; Prince of Wales 157 Caledonian Road, N1 0SL
D Denison's Arms 1 Northampton Street, N1C
O Des Vins Units 12-14 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
D Devonshire Arms 1 Bristow Street, N1
O Dirty Martini XOXO; Green; Nic's; Overdraft 74 Upper Street, N1 0NY
C Disgraceland Bloom's; Leopold Bloom; Speculator; Jersey; Three Brewers 196 Essex Road, N1 8LZ
C Divas 22 Upper Street, N1 0PQ
C Dome Shakespeare 341-342 Upper Street, N1 0PB
C Dove Regent Angel Cafe Bar; Fallen Angel; Plums; Duke of Bridgewater 63-65 Graham Street, N1 8LA
C Downham Arms 158 Downham Road, N1 3HJ
O Drake & Morgan at King's Cross 6 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG
O Drapers' Arms Old Hungry Horse; Drapers' Arms 44 Barnsbury Street, N1 1ER
O Driver General Picton 2-4 Wharfdale Road, N1 9RY
O Duchess of Kent 72 Prebend Street, N1 8PR
C Duchess of Kent 40 Half Moon Crescent, N1 0TJ
O Duke of Cambridge 30 St Peters Street, N1 8JT
D Duke of Clarence 32 Pancras Road, N1C
C Duke of Clarence 140-142 Rotherfield Street, N1 3DA
D Duke of Edinburgh 6 White Lion Street, N1
D Duke of Gloucester 154 Pitfield Street, N1
C Duke of Sussex 106 Islington High Street, N1 8EG
O Duke of Wellington Wellington; Duke of Wellington 119 Balls Pond Road, N1 4BL
C Duke of Wellington 74 Richmond Avenue, N1 0NA
C Duke of Wellington 71 Nile Street, N1 7RD
D Duke of Wellington Duke of York 9 Wellington Street, N1
C Duke of York 24 Wenlock Street, N1 7NX
D Duke of York Cooper's; York Tavern; York Bar Platform 8, Kings Cross Station, York Way, N1C
O Duke's Brew and Que Duke of York 33 Downham Road, N1 5AA
D Dunstan Arms 50 East Road, N1
C EDVI King Edward VI 25 Bromfield Street, N1 0PZ
C EQ Y-Bar 142 Essex Road, N1 8LX
O Eagle Eagle Tavern; Shepherd and Shepherdess [same site] 2 Shepherdess Walk, N1 7LB
D Eaglet 41 Bridport Place, N1
D Earl Grey 96 New North Road, N1
D Earl Russell Olive Branch 2 Pancras Road, N1C
D Earl of Aberdeen 112 Bridport Place, N1
D Earl of Durham 32 Murray Grove, N1
D Earl of Durham 39 Havelock Street, N1
O Earl of Essex 25 Danbury Street, N1 8LE
C Earl of Radnor Radnor Arms 106 Mildmay Grove South, N1 4PJ
D Earl of Warwick 203 Copenhagen Street, N1
C Eclipse 164-166 Barnsbury Road, N1 0ER
C El Aguajal Salisbury; Brady's; Marquis of Salisbury 54 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AP
C Elbow Room 89-91 Chapel Market, N1 9EX
O Electricity Showrooms Cube and Star; Shoreditch Electricity Showrooms 39a Hoxton Square, N1 6NN
O Elk in the Woods 39 Camden Passage, Islington High Street, N1 8EA
C Embassy Old Thatched House; Thatched House 119 Essex Road, N1 2SN
O Famous Cock Hedgehog and Hogshead; Cock; Old Cock Tavern; Cock Tavern; Old Cock and Railway Tavern; Cock 259 Upper Street, N1 1RU
O Fellow Masque Bar; Masque Haunt; Offshore Bar; Duke of York 24 York Way, N1 9AA
D Filling Station Goods Way, N1C 4UR
D Flint House Flint Tavern 65 Hyde Road, N1
C Florence Florence Tavern 50 Florence Street, N1 2DU
D Forester's Emblem 10 Grimaldi Street, N1
D Foresters' Arms 8 South Place, N1
O Four Sisters 25 Canonbury Lane; Four Sisters 25 Canonbury Lane, N1 2AS
O Fox on the Green Slug and Lettuce; Fox 1 Islington Green, N1 2XH
D Freemasons' Arms 19 Suffolk Street West, N1C
D Friend at Hand 3 Platt Terrace, Old St Pancras Road, N1C
O G.N.H. Bar Northern Bar; Potters Bar Great Northern Hotel, Pancras Road, N1C 4TB
D Garibaldi 3 Ware Street, N1
D George IV (George the Fourth) 319 New North Road, N1
C George and Dragon 15 Hoxton Market, N1 6HG
O George and Vulture 63 Pitfield Street, N1 6BU
O German Gymnasium 1 Kings Boulevard, N1C 4BU
C Gerrard Arms 41 Gerrard Road, N1 8AX
C Glass Works Unit 5-6 N1 Centre, Parkfield Street, N1 0PS
C Golden Cross 95 Essex Road, N1 2SJ
D Golden Fleece 216 Essex Road, N1
D Golden Lion 57 Charlotte Street, N1
D Golden Lion 221 Copenhagen Street, N1
D Goldsmiths' Arms 34 Wynford Road, N1
D Graham Arms 103 Graham Street, N1
D Great Northern 54 Collier Street, N1
C Green Man 257 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG
O Green Man Old Green Man; Green Man 144a Essex Road, N1 8LX
C Greyhound 72 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AJ
D Grove Tavern 19 Wall Street, N1
O Halliford House Oxford Arms 21 Halliford Street, N1 3HB
O Hanbury Arms Social; H; Hanbury Arms 33 Linton Street, N1 7DU
D Hanbury Arms 59 Felton Street, N1
O Happiness Forgets Basement, 8-9 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
C Hare 150 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH
O Hemingford Arms 158 Hemingford Road, N1 1DF
O Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar Hen and Chickens 109 St Pauls Road, N1 2NA
C Hop Pole 32 Pitfield Street, N1 6HD
O Hope and Anchor 207 Upper Street, N1 1RL
O Hops and Glory George Orwell; Orwell; Light House Bar; Norfolk Arms 382 Essex Road, N1 3PF
D Horse and Groom 87 Bridport Place, N1
O Howl at the Moon Queen's Head; Queen's; Randall's; Queen's Head; Maidenhead 178 Hoxton Street, N1 5LH
O Hoxley and Porter Grand Union; Jorene Celeste; Murray's; Royal Mail 153 Upper Street, N1 1RA
D Hoxton Brewery Tap Hoxton Brewery, 2 Bacchus Walk, N1
O Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen 2-4 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
O Hunter S Perseverance; Perseverance Tavern 194 Southgate Road, N1 3HT
O Iambic Bar Bowling Green Walk, 40 Pitfield Street, N1 6EU
D Independent 1-2 Naish Court, 65 Bingfield Street, N1 0BH
O Island Queen 87 Noel Road, N1 8HD
O Islington North One; Grande; North One; Silver Spoon 1 Tolpuddle Street, N1 0XT
O Islington Town House 'Round Midnight; Agricultural; Market Bar; Agricultural Hotel 13 Liverpool Road, N1 0RW
D Ivy House Old Ivy House 204 Pitfield Street, N1
D Jack Beard's Victory 24 Murray Grove, N1 7NN
C Jay's Green Man 53 Mildmay Street, N1 4AB
O John Salt Keston Lodge; All Bar One 131 Upper Street, N1 1QP
D Joiners' Arms 18 Winchester Street, N1
O Joker of Penton Street Hundred Crows Rising; Compass; Salmon and Compass; Salmon and Compasses 58 Penton Street, N1 9PZ
C Jubilee Arms 352 Upper Street, N1 0PD
O Kennedy's Edinburgh Castle 297 Caledonian Road, N1 1EG
O King Charles I Craic House; Charles I; King Charles I 55-57 Northdown Street, N1 9BL
C King Edward VII King's Arms 64 Barnsbury Road, N1 0ES
C King of Denmark 7-9 Cloudesley Road, N1 0EJ
C King of Prussia 21 Bevenden Street, N1 6BH
D King of Prussia 111 Hoxton Street, N1
C King's Arms 264 Liverpool Road, N1 1LQ
D King's Arms 39 Brunswick Place, N1
O King's Head Old King's Head; King's Head 115 Upper Street, N1 1QN
D King's Head 6 King Street, N1
O Kings King's Head; Kings; King's Head 59 Essex Road, N1 2SF
O Lady Mildmay Dissenting Academy; Clarendon; Nobody Inn; Palms and Liszt; Clarendon; Clarendon Hotel 92 Mildmay Park, N1 4PR
C Lady Mildmay 29 Wolsey Road, N1 4QG
O Ladybird Ruby in the Dusk 70 Upper Street, N1 0NY
C Lansdowne Arms Painted Red Lion; Red Lion 10-12 Islington Green, N1 2XH
D Lark in the Park George IV 60 Copenhagen Street, N1 0JW
O Lexington Clockwork; Sazerac; Belvidere; La Finca; Belvidere Tavern 96-98 Pentonville Road, N1 9HS
O Library Cedar Room; Lush Bar; Angel and Crown; Independence; Tut n' Shive; Angel and Crown 235 Upper Street, N1 1RU
O Lighterman 3 Granary Square, N1C 4BH
O Lincoln Lounge Lincoln Arms 52 York Way, N1 9AB
C Lion and Lamb 46 Fanshaw Street, N1 6LG
O Little Bat Public House 54 Islington Park Street, N1 1PX
O London Cocktail Club Purple Turtle; Cheers 108 Essex Road, N1 8LX
O Lord Clyde Kenrick's; Lord Clyde 340-342 Essex Road, N1 3PB
D Lord Clyde 116 Copenhagen Street, N1
D Lord Clyde 12 Pentonville Road, N1
D Lord High Admiral 1 Salisbury Street, N1C
D Lord John Russell 15 Queensbury Street, N1
C Lord Nelson 105-107 Copenhagen Street, N1 0SB
D Lord Vernon Arms Vernon Arms; Lord Vernon Arms 188 Pentonville Road, N1
O Lucky Voice Bierodrome 173-174 Upper Street, N1 1RG
O Macbeth Hoxton Distillery; Macbeth; White Hart 70 Hoxton Street, N1 6LP
C Macondo 8-9 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
D Market Tavern 144 York Way, N1
C Marlborough Head 19 Upper Street, N1 0PJ
D Marquee No. 3; Nevada Bar; Giles 13 Prebend Street, N1
O Marquess Tavern 32 Canonbury Street, N1 2TB
D Marquis of Cornwallis Marquis Cornwallis 23 Collier Street, N1
D Marquis of Salisbury [or Marquess of Salisbury] 64 Freeling Street, N1 0BD
O Meat House London Bistro de la Gare; Long Hope; King's Crown; Shaw's 184-186 Pentonville Road, N1 9JP
O Meltdown Prince; Kink; Islington; Ralph's; Prince of Wales 342 Caledonian Road, N1 1BB
C Metro Bar and Grill 270 Upper Street, N1 2UQ
D Metropolitan 9 Downham Road, N1
C Mildmay Tavern Mildmay Park Tavern; Mildmay Tavern 130 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AD
C Milford Haven Arms 214 Caledonian Road, N1 0NG
O Miller's Dun-a-Ri Bar; Queen's Arms 19 Caledonian Road, N1 9DX
C Mitre 130 Upper Street, N1 1QP
C Mitre 181-183 Copenhagen Street, N1 0SR
C Mitre Tavern 71 Downham Road, N1 5AF
D Monarch Merry Monarch 2 Cropley Street, N1 7PT
D Moneyer's Arms 106 Provost Street, N1
D Monmouth Arms 30 Haberdasher Street, N1
D Mortimer Arms 22 Mortimer Road, N1
D Moulder's Arms 29 Canal Road, N1
O Myddleton Arms 52 Canonbury Road, N1 2HS
O Nag's Head 12 Upper Street, N1 0PQ
D Napoleon III 42 Shepherdess Walk, N1
O Narrow Boat Star 119 St Peters Street, N1 8PZ
D New Blue Coat Boy 18 Liverpool Road, N1
D New Prince Regent Prince Regent 111 East Road, N1
O New Rose Half Moon 84-86 Essex Road, N1 8LU
D Norfolk Arms 13 Melville Street, N1
D Norfolk Arms 32 Half Moon Crescent, N1
D North Briton 10 New North Road, N1
O North by Northwest North Pole; North Star; Babushka; Puzzle; King and Bishop; Mulligan's; North Pole 188-190 New North Road, N1 7BJ
D Northampton Arms 279 Essex Road, N1
O Notes 1 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG
D Nottingham Castle 22 Pancras Road, N1C
O Number 177 Made in the Shade; Bacchus Pub and Kitchen; Bacchus 177 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ
C Offord Arms 388 Caledonian Road, N1 1DN
D Old Anglers Anglers 2 Frog Lane, N1
D Old Brewery Tap 37 Bevenden Street, N1
C Old Ivy House 32 Hertford Road, N1 5SH
C Old Parr's Head Parr's Head 66 Cross Street, N1 2BA
O Old Queen's Head Queen's Head 44 Essex Road, N1 8LN
D Old Whitmore Head Old Whitmore's Head; Whitmore's Head 298 Pitfield Street, N1
D Olive Branch 29 Branch Place, N1
C Ones Southgate Arms 1 Southgate Road, N1 3JP
D Oxford Oxford Arms 75 Bridport Place, N1
O Parcel Yard Unit 8 Shared Service Yard, Kings Cross Station, Goods Way, N1C 4AH
C Peacock Peacock Tavern 11 Islington High Street, N1 9LQ
D Pembroke Castle 46 Bingfield Street, N1
C Penny Farthing White Conduit House 14 Barnsbury Road, N1 0HB
D Perseverance 9-10 Weston Street, N1C
D Perseverance 21 Britannia Street, N1
D Pickering Arms 21 Pickering Street, N1
O Pig and Butcher Islington Tap; Islington Tup; Minogue's Bar; White Horse; White Horse Hotel 80 Liverpool Road, N1 0QD
D Pimlico Bar Haberdashers' Arms [same site]; Swan 112-114 Pitfield Street, N1
D Pipe of Port Champagne Charlie's 325 Essex Road, N1
O Pisco Embassy 176 Upper Street, N1 1RG
C Pitcher and Piano 68-69 Upper Street, N1 0NY
O Plaquemine Lock Prince of Wales 1a Sudeley Street, N1 8HP
C Playtime OQO 4-6 Islington Green, N1 2XA
D Plough 201 Hoxton Street, N1
C Porter's Store 314 Essex Road, N1 3PB
D Portsmouth Arms 141-143 Pentonville Road, N1
O Prague Sequence; Cosmo Lounge 43 Essex Road, N1 2SF
C Prince Albert 29 Elmore Street, N1 3AJ
D Prince Albert Hoxton Coffee House George Square, N1
D Prince Albert 70 Provost Street, N1
C Prince Alfred 38 Offord Road, N1 1DL
O Prince Arthur 49 Brunswick Place, N1 6EB
D Prince of Brunswick 127 Barnsbury Road, N1
D Prince of Prussia 13 Payne Street, N1
C Prince of Wales 16 Northdown Street, N1 9BG
C Prince of Wales 13 Felton Street, N1 5NA
D Prince of Wales 74 East Road, N1
D Prince of Wales 55 Wall Street, N1
D Prince of Wales William the Fourth 287-289 New North Road, N1
C Prince of Wales 71 Barnsbury Street, N1 1EJ
D Prince of Wales 268 Hoxton Street, N1
D Prince of Wales 84 Phillipp Street, N1
D Prince of Wales 66 Tottenham Road, N1
D Princess Alexandra 25 Copenhagen Street, N1
D Princess Alexandra 20 Phillipp Street, N1
D Princess Alice 13 Murray Grove, N1
D Princess of Wales 1 Bridport Place, N1
O Project A Unit B, Gainsborough Studios West, 1 Poole Street, N1 5EA
O Proud Archivist 2-10 Hertford Road, N1 5ET
C Queen Adelaide 54 Ivy Street, N1 5JE
D Queen Victoria 62 Wharfdale Road, N1
D Queen's Head 15 Wharf Road, N1
O Radicals and Victuallers O'Neill's 59 Upper Street, N1 0NY
C Rainbow 200 Liverpool Road, N1 1LF
C Rattlesnake Walkabout; Outback Inn; Solomon Grundy's; Harvey Floorbangers Bar; Three Wheatsheaves 56 Upper Street, N1 0NY
D Red Cow 20 Hoxton Street, N1
O Red Lion 41 Hoxton Street, N1 6NH
D Red Lion Red Lyon and Rising Sun [same site] 82 Hoxton Street, N1
D Red Lion 48 Poole Street, N1
O Regent Prince Regent; Stone Bar; Nolias Gallery; Prince Regent 201-203 Liverpool Road, N1 1LX
C Rising Sun 55 Brooksby Street, N1 1EX
D Robin Hood 61 Calshot Street, N1
D Robin Hood and Little John Robin Hood 256 Pitfield Street, N1
D Rodney's Head 22 Rodney Street, N1
D Rose Old Rose; Rose 15 Popham Road, N1
D Rose and Thistle 231 Balls Pond Road, N1
O Rosemary Branch Rosemary Branch Tavern 2 Shepperton Road, N1 3DT
D Rothbury Arms 16-18 Matilda Street, N1
C Rotherfield Arms 38 Shepperton Road, N1 3DQ
O Rotunda Bar and Restaurant Kings Place, 90 York Way, N1 9AG
C Royal George 412 Essex Road, N1 3PJ
C Royal Oak 140 Offord Road, N1 1PF
D Royal Oak 72 Pitfield Street, N1
D Royal Oak 15 Suffolk Street West, N1C
D Royal Oak 61 Windsor Street, N1
D Royal Oak 83 St Johns Road, N1
C Royal Standard 106 Shepherdess Walk, N1 7JN
D Royal Standard 7 Flemming Street, N1
D Royal William 434 Essex Road, N1
D Royal York 19 Weston Place, Old St Pancras Road, N1C
D Rushton Arms 67 Rushton Street, N1
C Rushton's Campbell's; Carpenters' Arms 21 Bridport Place, N1 5DX
D Russell Arms 193 Copenhagen Street, N1
C Rydon's Rydon Arms 225 New North Road, N1 7BG
D Salisbury Arms Iron Duke 14-15 Weston Place, Old St Pancras Road, N1C
O Scolt Head Sussex; Sussex Arms Hotel; Sussex Arms 107a Culford Road, N1 4HJ
D Scotch Stores 32 Chapel Street, N1
O Scottish Stores Flying Scotsman; Scottish Stores 2-4 Caledonian Road, N1 9DU
C Shade Hog's Head 77-78 Upper Street, N1 0NU
D Shaftesbury Arms Shaftesbury; Shaftesbury Arms 38 Shaftesbury Street, N1 7EH
C Shakespeare 19 Wharfdale Road, N1 9SB
D Shakespeare Camel 16 Phillipp Street, N1
D Ship 16 Camden Street, N1
O Simmons 32 Caledonian Road, N1 9DT
D Sir John Falstaff 2 Cross Street, N1
D Sir John Franklin 45 Bridport Place, N1
D Sir Robert Peel 29 Eagle Wharf Road, N1 7EH
O Slim Jim's Liquor Store Matt and Matt 112 Upper Street, N1 1QN
O Smokehouse House; Belinda Castle; Castle 63-69 Canonbury Road, N1 2DG
O Sourced Market St Pancras International Station, Pancras Road, N1C 4QP
D Spanish Patriots 14 White Conduit Street, N1
O St Pancras Champagne Bar Unit 62 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
O St Pancras Grand Brasserie Unit 58 St Pancras International Station, Euston Road, N1C 4QL
O Stag's Head 55 Orsman Road, N1 5RA
C Star and Garter 70 Caledonian Road, N1 9DP
O Star of Kings Cross Kings; Backpacker; City of York Tavern 126 York Way, N1 0AX
O Steam Passage Tavern Passage; Champion; Star and Garter 44-45 Upper Street, N1 0PN
C Sturt Arms 55 New North Road, N1 6JB
D Suffolk Arms New White Conduit House 10 Cloudesley Road, N1
C Sun Drove 300 [?] Upper Street, N1 2XX
O Surya George IV [same site] 156 Pentonville Road, N1 9JL
D Swan 52 Provost Street, N1
D Talbot 97 Caledonian Road, N1 9BT
O Talbot 109 Mortimer Road, N1 4JY
D Talbot Inn Cambridge Street, N1C
O Taproom Real Ale Taproom 163 Upper Street, N1 1RE
O Tarmon Duke of Richmond 270 Caledonian Road, N1 1BA
O Thornhill Arms 148 Caledonian Road, N1 9RD
O Three Crowns Hill and Szrok; Three Crowns 8 East Road, N1 6AD
D Three Crowns 44 Westmoreland Place, N1
D Three Hats 19 Islington High Street, N1
O Three Johns Fallen Angel; Hobgoblin; Jay Cubed; Three Johns; Hope 73 White Lion Street, N1 9PF
C Tibberton Arms 6-8 Greenman Street, N1 8SB
D Tiger 14 Avebury Street, N1
C Trafalgar 17 Remington Street, N1 8DH
D Trafalgar Tavern 45 Southgate Road, N1
D Trinity Arms 20 Trinity Street, N1
C Trolley Stop Pier 39; De Beauvoir Arms; Beauvoir Arms 28 Stamford Road, N1 4JL
O Troy Bar 10 Hoxton Street, N1 6NG
D Two Brewers 50 White Lion Street, N1
D Twyford Arms 26 Twyford Street, N1
C Unicorn 202 Hoxton Street, N1 5LH
O VOC Cellar N1 2 Varnishers Yard, Regent Quarter, N1 9AW
C Victoria Hotel Maidenhead 301-302 Pentonville Road, N1 9XD
D Victory 27 Edmund Street, N1C
D Victory 23 Tottenham Road, N1
D Victory 34 Newington Green Road, N1
O Vineyard Garden; Moon Under Water; 179 Upper Street 179 Upper Street, N1 1RG
O Vinoteca 1 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG
D Waggon and Horses 81 Hertford Road, N1
O Waitrose Wine Bar Midlands Good Shed, Granary Square, N1C 4BZ
D Waterman's Arms 44 Muriel Street, N1
D Waterside Inn 82 York Way, N1 9AG
O Weavers' Arms Ye Olde Weavers' Arms; Weavers' Arms 98 Newington Green Road, N1 4RG
C Weavers' Arms 26 Drysdale Street, N1 6LS
C Welch Bull 120 Pentonville Road, N1 9JN
D Wellington Arms 6 Wellington Street, N1
O Wenlock Arms 26 Wenlock Road, N1 7TA
O Wenlock and Essex Living Room Suncourt House, 18-26 Essex Road, N1 8LN
D Westmoreland Arms 41 Westland Place, N1
D White Horse 10 Collier Street, N1
D White Horse 20 Pitfield Street, N1
D White Horse 11 White Lion Street, N1
C White Lion 23-25 Islington High Street, N1 9LQ
O White Lyan Hoxton White Horse; White Horse 153-155 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ
O White Swan Club Union House, 255-256 Upper Street, N1 1RY
D White Swan 42 Islington High Street, N1
O William IV 7 Shepherdess Walk, N1 7QE
D William IV (William the Fourth) 84 Thornhill Road, N1
C Willow Tree 22 Balls Pond Road, N1 4AU
O Winchester Bar and Dining House; Finnegan's Wake; Market Tavern; Carved Red Lion 2 Essex Road, N1 8LN
D Windsor Castle 31 Windsor Street, N1
O Wine Stores Backpackers Bar 6-8 Caledonian Road, N1 9DT
C Woodville Arms 86 Mildmay Road, N1 4NG
O Work Anam 3 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ
D Wynford Arms 75 Wynford Road, N1
O York York Hotel [same site] 82 Islington High Street, N1 8EQ
D York Arms 12 Weston Place, Old St Pancras Road, N1C
C Zenith Bar Zenith Wine Bar; As Good as It Gets; Packington Arms 125 Packington Street, N1 7EA
O Zigfrid von Underbelly 11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU
C [Beer house] 110 Essex Road, N1 8LX
D [Beer house] 137 Hoxton Street, N1
D [Beer house] 172 Hoxton Street, N1
D [Beer house] 41 Liverpool Road, N1
D [Beer house] 9 Regent Street, N1
D [Beer house] 35 Wharf Road, N1
D [Beer house] 158 Hoxton Street, N1
D [Beer house] 6 Provost Street, N1
D [Beer house] 2 Weston Street, N1C
D [Beer house] 18 Upper Cambridge Street, N1C
C [Beer house] 42 Cloudesley Road, N1 0EB
D [Beer house] 36 Swanley Street, N1
C [Beer house] 17 Camden Passage, Islington High Street, N1 8EA
D [Beer house] 11 Little Cross Street, N1
D [Beer house] 12 Morton Road, N1
D [Beer house] 149 Shepperton Road, N1
D [Beer house] 22 Orchard Street, N1
D [Beer house] 36 Greenman Street, N1
D [Beer house] 7 Britannia Row, N1
D [Beer house] 53 Graham Street, N1
D [Beer house] 26 Popham Road, N1
D [Beer house] 62 South Street, N1
D [Beer house] 2 Sturt Street, N1
D [Beer house] 7 Charles Place, N1
D [Beer house] 8 Mill Row, N1
D [Beer house] 11 St Johns Road, N1
D [Public house] 194 Pitfield Street, N1
D [Public house] 104 Essex Road, N1
D [Public house] 36 Charles Square, N1

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