O= open
C= closed
D = demolished

Pubs in CR0 (view them on a map):

NameFormer name(s)Address
D Admiral Napier 9 [?] Market Street, CR0
O Aerodrome Hotel 680 Purley Way, CR9 4LT
O Alchemy Victoria Island; Taberner's Bar; CR0; Wig and Pen 28-30 St Georges Walk, CR0 1YJ
D Alhambra 25 Wellesley Road, CR0
O Alma Tavern 127-129 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6PU
O Anspach and Hobday Tap Room Unit 11 Valley Point Industrial Estate, Beddington Farm Road, CR0 4WP
O Apple Tree Goat; Sir Robert Peel 13 Broom Road, CR0 8NG
O Art and Craft CR0 46 Surrey Street, CR0 1RJ
C Bad Apple Pop World; Reflex; Flares; Bar Coast 3-7 Park Street, CR0 1YD
C Banana Joe's Bar One 92 One; Greyhound Hotel [same site] 19-21 High Street, CR0 1QB
O Bangkok Inn Keg and Grill; Edge; Corner House; O'Neill's; Blacksmith's Arms 1 South End, CR0 1BE
C Bar HQ 222 London Road, CR0 2TF
C Bar Latino King's Cellars; Kaiser Bill; Goody's (or Goodies); King's Cellars; King's Arms 48 Park Street, CR0 1YF
C Bar Med Unit 2, 8 Park Lane, CR0 1JA
C Bar Monaco 12 High Street, CR0 1YA
O Beach Road Cafe Bar Tenpin Croydon, 23 Hesterman Way, CR0 4YA
O BeatBox BoxBar Units 22-26 BoxPark Croydon, 99 George Street, CR0 1LD
O Bedford Tavern Bedford Hotel 16 Sydenham Road, CR0 2EF
D Bell Bell Yard, CR0
C Big Mamma's Gun; Gun Tavern; Gun Inn 83 Church Street, CR0 1RN
C Bird Bird in Hand 291 Sydenham Road, CR0 2EL
O Bishops Wine Bar Bishops Court, Unit 1129 Whitgift Centre, CR0 1UZ
D Black Boy 2 Mitcham Road, CR0
C Black Horse Black Horse Inn 335 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6RF
C Black Sheep Bar Green Dragon [same site] 68 High Street, CR0 1NA
D Brewers' Arms 33 West Street, CR0
D Bricklayers' Arms Prince of Wales 47 Handcroft Road, CR0
C Brief Old Brief 48-50 George Street, CR0 1PD
O Broad Green Tavern Star; Star Hotel 296 London Road, CR0 2TG
C Buffalo American Bar and Grill 91-101 High Street, CR0 1QF
O Builders' Arms 65 Leslie Park Road, CR0 6TP
O Bull's Head 39 Laud Street, CR0 1SX
C Cactus Jack's Duke's Head; Fiddler and Firkin; Duke's Head 14 South End, CR0 1DL
D Cannon 55 Handcroft Road, CR0
C Carbon 90 High Street, CR0 1ND
D Cavendish Hotel American Stores; Horseshoe (or Three Horseshoes) 135 High Street, CR0
O Che Hut; Fisherman's Arms; Ye Olde Fisherman's Arms; Fishmonger's Arms 78 Windmill Road, CR0 2XP
C Chilli Room Elephant Bar; Larry's Diner 24-26 South End, CR0 1DN
C City Limits The Colonnades, 619 Purley Way, CR0 4RQ
O Claret and Ale Claret; Claret Wine Bar 5a Bingham Corner, Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 7AA
D Coach and Horses 27 Lower Church Street, CR0
D Cock Barley Mow; Duke of Wellington; Crystal Palace 2 Market Place, CR0
C Conchitas 25-29 South End, CR0 1BE
O Coombe Lodge 104 Coombe Road, CR0 5RB
C Crescent Arms 323 Whitehorse Road, CR0 2HR
O Cricketers Miss P's; Cricketers; Queen 107 Addiscombe Road, CR0 6SG
O Cricketers 47 Shirley Road, CR0 7ER
O Cricketers Addington Village Inn; Cricketers Inn; Three Lions 36 Addington Village Road, CR0 5AQ
C Cricketers' Arms 23 Southbridge Place, CR0 4HA
O Cronx Bar Units R03-R04 BoxPark Croydon, 99 George Street, CR0 1LD
O Crown Crown Inn 28 Wickham Road, CR0 8BA
C Crown 90 Stanley Road, CR0 3QB
D Crown Hotel Crown Inn 1 North End, CR0
O Crown and Pepper/Aja Lounge Crown and Pepper; Catherine Wheel; Bricklayers' Arms [same site] 242 High Street, CR0 1NF
D Crown and Sceptre 2 Union Road, CR0
D Croydon Hotel 37 High Street, CR0
D Cunningham Addington Hotel Parkway, CR0 0JA
C Dabsy's CR0 Bar; Litten Tree Grosvenor House, 125 High Street, CR0 0XJ
D Dairy 24 St James's Road, CR0
O Dice Bar Sport; S99; Mojama; Babushka; Town House; Tavern in the Town 36 High Street, CR0 1YB
O Dog and Bull Black Bull (?) [same site] 24 Surrey Street, CR0 1RG
C Drum and Monkey Gloucester Arms 7 Gloucester Road, CR0 2DH
D Duke of Cambridge Windsor Castle 7 Holmesdale Road, CR0 2LR
C Duke of Cornwall 62 London Road, CR0 2TE
D Duke of Gloucester 258 Sydenham Road, CR0 2EB
C Duke of York 50 Canterbury Road, CR0 3PU
D Duppas Hill Hotel Hope 32 Duppas Hill Lane, CR0
C Eagle 52 Tamworth Road, CR0 1XW
D Eagle Brewery Tap Albion Tap Southbridge Row, CR0
D Earl Russell 109 Gloucester Road, CR0
C Fairfield Tavern Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, CR9 1DG
O Forestdale Arms Dale's; Forestdale Arms Forestdale Centre, Featherbed Lane, CR0 9AS
D Foresters' Arms Woodman Duppas Hill Lane, CR0
D Four in Hand 44-46 Queens Road, CR0
C Fox Under the Hill 2 Lamberts Place, CR0 2BR
O Frankie and Benny's Valley Leisure Park, Purley Way, CR0 4XP
C G's Bar Old Derby; Paddock; Derby Arms 44 Pitlake, CR0 3RA
D Gardener's Arms 79 Handcroft Road, CR0
C George 132 Canterbury Road, CR0 3HD
O George 17-21 George Street, CR0 1LA
D George IV 94 George Street, CR0
C Gipsy Moth Unit 7 The Colonnades, 619 Purley Way, CR0 4RJ
C Gladstone Tavern 118 Pawsons Road, CR0 2QF
C Glamorgan Grouse and Claret; Horse and Groom 81 Cherry Orchard Road, CR0 6BE
D Globe 36 Old Town, CR0
D Gloucester Gloucester Tavern 111 Whitehorse Road, CR0 2JJ
O Golden Lion 144 Stanley Road, CR0 3QB
D Goose and Carrot Horse and Jockey; Bridge Hotel 128 Wellesley Road, CR0 2AH
O Green Dragon Hog's Head 58-60 High Street, CR0 1NA
D Half Moon Half Moon Inn 303 London Road, CR0 3PA
O Hare and Hounds 325 Purley Way, CR0 4NU
D Harp Brewer's Arms 97-99 Parsons Mead, CR0 3SL
O Harvest Home Harvest House 27 Beddington Lane, CR0 4TG
C Heroes Bar Blue Orchid; Cafe Moonshine; Greyhound 22-24 Park Lane, CR0 1JA
D Horn and Trumpet 44 Surrey Street, CR0
D Hungry Horse Propeller 451 Purley Way, CR0
D Jolly Bleachers 99 Union Street, CR0
D Jolly Gardeners Mitcham Road, CR0 3AF
D King's Arms Hotel 4 Katharine Street, CR0
C Leslie Arms Sergeant Pepper's; Leslie Arms Hotel 62 Lower Addiscombe Road, CR0 6AB
O Lion Inn 182 Pawsons Road, CR0 2QD
D Lord Nelson 26 Leighton Street East, CR0
D Lord Nelson Rose 16 Market Street, CR0
D Lord Palmerston 48 Pawsons Road, CR0
C Luna Reflex; Edwards Grants Building, 18 High Street, CR0 1YA
O Man on the Moon 112 Headley Drive, CR0 0QF
C Manhattan Latino's; Brannigan's 57 High Street, CR0 1QD
O Market Tavern Goose on the Market Surrey House, 1 Surrey Street, CR0 1RG
D Mason's Arms 132 High Street, CR0
C Matthews Yard 1 Mathews Yard, CR0 1FF
O Memory Box Hub; Svelte; Escapade; McCluskey's 80-88 High Street, CR0 1NA
D Merchant's Arms Forum Whitgift Centre, CR0 1LP
O Milan Bar Ground floor, Grants Building, 14-32 High Street, CR0 1YA
D Mitre 47 Canterbury Road, CR0 3PY
O Mr Fox Thirty Four; We'reHouse; SLVR; Rehab; Jim Thompson's; Vintage; Red Peppers; Britannia; Black Lion 34 Surrey Street, CR0 1RJ
C Mullin's Bar 23 Hesterman Way, CR0 4YA
D Nag's Head 78 Cherry Orchard Road, CR0
D New Inn Blarney Stone; Wellington 148 Mitcham Road, CR0 3JE
D New Inn 2 South End, CR0
C Newton Arms 175-177 Queens Road, CR0 2PX
D North Pole Fox and Hounds 43 Cross Road, CR0
C Nowhere Inn Particular Canterbury Arms 78 Sumner Road, CR0 3LJ
C Oakfield Oakfield Tavern 166 St James's Road, CR0 2UZ
C Obia 49c South End, CR0 1BF
D Odd Shoe Windy City; Jodie's Flat; Stop; Rat and Parrot; Croydon 24 Park Street, CR0 1YE
D Oddfellows' Arms 30-31 Waddon New Road, CR0
D Oddfellows' Arms 97 North End, CR0
O Old Fox and Hounds Fox and Hounds 1 London Road, CR0 2RE
D Old George George 62 Old Town, CR0
D Old King's Head King's Head 51 Surrey Street, CR0
O Orchard Cherry Orchard 112 Cherry Orchard Road, CR0 6BA
O Orchard 116 Orchard Way, CR0 7NN
O Oval Tavern Sheffield Arms; Oval Tavern 131 Oval Road, CR0 6BR
O Overproof Croydon Babylon Inn; Arkwright's Wheel 151 North End, CR0 1TN
C Pals 10-14 Norfolk House, Wellesley Road, CR0 1LH
O Pawson's Arms 69 Pawsons Road, CR0 2QA
O Phoenix Gypsy Tavern; Gipsy Tavern 12a Station Road, CR0 2RB
C Pitlake Arms 73 Waddon New Road, CR0 1XD
O Plough Plough Inn The Broadway, Croydon Road, CR0 4QR
C Poppy Papavero's; Shirley Poppy 518-522 Wickham Road, CR0 8DN
O Porter and Sorter Station Hotel Station Road, CR0 6BT
D Prince of Wales Black Bear 9 Market Street, CR0
D Princess Arms Princes Arms; Princess Arms 66 Queens Road, CR0
C Princess Royal 22 Longley Road, CR0 3LH
D Queen Addiscombe Road, CR0
D Queen Victoria Club Pup; Prohibition; Prince Albert 98 Mitcham Road, CR0 3RJ
D Queen's Arms 95 Windmill Road, CR0
D Queen's Head 15 Princess Road, CR0
D Queen's Head 94 Church Street, CR0
C R&R's La Rochelle [restaurant]; Bar Red Square; Pane and Table 63-67 High Street, CR0 1QE
D Railway Arms 135 North End, CR0
C Railway Bell 149 North End, CR0 1TN
D Railway Hotel Railway Tavern 130 George Street, CR0
O Randall Tavern Cedar House Wayside, Fieldway, CR0 9DX
C Rising Sun 89 North End, CR0 1TJ
C Rockwell's Diner Crazy H 48-50 South End, CR0 1DP
D Roebuck 82 Old Town, CR0
C Rose and Crown 124 Church Street, CR0 1RF
D Royal Oak 43 Surrey Street, CR0
O Royal Standard 1 Sheldon Street, CR0 1SS
D Running Horse 143 Old Town, CR0
C Sahara 42 South End, CR0 1DP
O Saints and Sinners Castle 482 London Road, CR0 2SS
C Sandrock Sandrock Hotel 152 Upper Shirley Road, CR0 5HA
C Scream Lounge E Bar; Lauren's 20 South End, CR0 1DN
D Shakespeare 121 Handcroft Road, CR0
D Sheldon Arms 3 Whitgift Street, CR0
O Ship Ship Inn 47 High Street, CR0 1QD
C Ship of Fools 9-11 London Road, CR0 2RE
O Shirley Inn 158 Wickham Road, CR0 8DF
C Shooshh... Loop Lounge 12 Crown Hill, CR0 1RZ
D Sir Robert Peel 82 Tamworth Road, CR0
D Six Bells 15 Handcroft Road, CR0
O Skylark 34-36 South End, CR0 1DP
O Slug and Lettuce Bar Ten; All Bar One 10 Park Lane, CR0 1JA
O Soulful Cellar 90b High Street, CR0 1ND
C South Beats Half and Half; Beer Circus; Oasis; Grain and Grapes; Duck; Kember's; West Side 282 High Street, CR0 1NG
D Southbridge Arms 62 South End, CR0
D Spread Eagle 34 Mitcham Road, CR0
O Spreadeagle 39-41 Katharine Street, CR0 1NX
D Stanley Arms 73 Stanley Road, CR0
C Star 101 Southbridge Road, CR0 1AJ
O Store Joker;Txt Bar; Bar R; Bar Rendezvous; JT's Bar Cafe 73 South End, CR0 1BF
D Sun Rising Sun 304 London Road, CR0 2TJ
O Surprise Surprise Inn 107 Upper Shirley Road, CR0 5HF
D Surprise 174 Gloucester Road, CR0
D Surrey Arms 118 Cherry Orchard Road, CR0
O Surrey Cricketers 22-23 West Street, CR0 1DJ
D Swan 108 North End, CR0
C Tabu Lounge Club; Cartoon; Cool Rooms; Cartoon 179-183 London Road, CR0 2RJ
C Tamworth Arms 62 Tamworth Road, CR0 1XW
D Telegraph 107 Gloucester Road, CR0
D Telegraph 65 North End, CR0
D Three Tuns 2 Surrey Street, CR0
C Tiger Tiger Grants Building, 16 High Street, CR0 1GT
O Tree House Blue Anchor; Anchor 78 South End, CR0 1DP
O Two Brewers 221 Gloucester Road, CR0 2DW
O Urban Xchange Lansdowne Lounge Bar; Phibber's Lansdowne Hotel, 1 Lansdowne Road, CR9 2BN
O Veeno 46 George Street, CR0 1PB
D Victoria Pitlake, CR0
D Victory 17 Church Street, CR0
C Vineyard 59 London Road, CR0 2RF
D Volunteer Inn 1 Cairo Road, CR0
O Waddon Waddon Hotel 2 Stafford Road, CR0 4NL
C Walkabout 12-18 Crown Hill, CR0 1RZ
O Wandle Arms 90 Waddon New Road, CR0 4JB
D Warehouse Cafe Bar Warehouse Theatre, 62 Dingwall Road, CR0 2NF
D Wellington 45 George Street, CR0
C Wheelwright's Pig and Whistle; Wheelwright's Arms 126 Southbridge Road, CR0 1AJ
O Whistlers Bar Croydon Park Hotel, 7 Altyre Road, CR9 5AA
D White Hart 9 Surrey Street, CR0
D Whitgift Arms 27 Church Road, CR0
O Windmill 224 St James's Road, CR0 2BW
C Wine Vaults 122 North End, CR0 1UD
C Woolpack 152-154 Gloucester Road, CR0 2DQ
C Yates's 3-11 High Street, CR0 1QA
O Ye Olde Clocktower Old Mail Coach; Mail Coach 35 Whitehorse Road, CR0 2JG
D [Unknown] 3 Lower Coombe Street, CR0
D [Unknown] 96 Sumner Road, CR0
D [Unknown] 53 Waddon Road, CR0

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